Comparing Pueblo and Navajo Indians

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Rapoport proposed that regardless of the limited materials, or the climate of the place, it does not determine the form of the dwelling of the Indian. Thus, Rapoport suggests that some other factor determines the way of dwelling other than the material, climate, situations, and technology. Rapoport addresses his proposal by looking into the Pueblo and the Navajo Indians. The Pueblo and the Navajo Indians contain differences and the similarities in their way of dwellings, the culture, as well as the social organization. The Pueblo, which means town in Spanish, describes the Hopi, Zuni, Tewa and others who dwell in cliffs and mesa tops. Pit houses were the earliest type of house before the Pueblo classic multistory building. The multistory buildings consist of hundreds of rooms, made out of mud or stone, and are closely built. This type dwelling suggests a high social life community. The plaza is an essential part of Pueblo dwelling its an open space for dances, and ceremonies. Another significant part of Pueblo are the Kivas, these are the sacred rooms for religious practices. Kivas are formed like a pit house where people enter by a ladder. Kivas now, are structured to be either rectangular or round and are above ground. When the Spaniards came, Pueblo were influenced to use adobe block as a material to build their houses, but they still kept the same form of their building structure. The Pueblo culture, as Rapoport suggest is influenced by religion, symbolism, and mythology. Pueblo people have this connection with the natural environment they stress the interdependent of nature, plants, animals, men, and gods. An example given was the Pueblo people do not kill or take more than they need. If an animal is killed all of its part should be used. To the Pueblo people, corn is not just food it symbolizes life and is tired with religious activists. Another important cultural aspect of the Pueblo is the solstices and the...

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