Do Chimpanzees Have Culture?

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I believe chimpanzees have culture, but some may argue that it all depends on how culture is defined. Culture in the context of humans is related to our ethnicity, it is the traditions passed down generation to generation. One can either keep their culture or adapt another depending on factors such as the place they inhabit, the people they co-inhabit with, the food they eat, and much more. However, one must interrogate what exactly is culture. Many people can define it in several customs it all depends on how you were raised and brought up to. In the context of anthropology, culture is commonly viewed as a matter of ideas and values, a collective cast of mind. Culture, in animal sense refers to a group specific set of behaviors acquired through social learning, such as imitation. A way to distinguish culture on primates could be if within a population the same species have formed groups, and have different solution to the same problem. This is one of the many techniques culture can be explained among primates like chimpanzees.The most useful way of figuring out a transmitted and adapted a culture is through social learning. Social learning is the process which a group of the same species, learn from and imitate each other. Scientists have collected and conducted experiments to find out if chimpanzees tend adapt culture through social learning. One of the experiments they conducted was, giving chimpanzees an imitation of a fruit and absorbed if they would reproduce the same action to open the fruit. The data taken indicates that chimpanzees copied the techniques used by others to open fruits. This shows chimpanzees learn to tackle problems absorbing each other. This method varies throughout the different groups, but is learn within each group. As generation pass these methods are sustained, thus qualifying as a culture of the group.The article, illustrates studies of chimpanzees in different locations. For example in Kibale...

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