Eugene Goodhearts Sports Allegory

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In Eugene Goodhearts article Sports Allegory he gives several examples of how individuals can be affected by sports in their outside lives. There are three major sports generations that include The Monopoly Generation, The Television Generation, and The Highlight Generation. Looking at these three generations, there is a big difference in how sports affected their outside lives. One example being that a whole city can come around a single sports team. During the monopoly era entire cities coming around a single sports team was extremely unrealistic. Of course these teams had decent fan bases, but most people did not live right in the heart of a major sports city which made it hard for them to follow a major sports team without the technology we have today to do so. Things were a little different during the television era, however. During this time it was much easier for people to follow the team they loved. Television was now developing into a much bigger thing. Now people could enjoy watching their team from the comfort of their home and maybe even once in a while go into the city and cheer on their team. Now, during the highlight era, it is virtually impossible to not know how your team is doing. We have thousands of television channels to choose from, smart-phones that give us live statistics, and now getting to a game is as easy as a thirty-minute subway ride. This shows how much easier it is now than back then for a city to rally around their team. Next, people carry the outcomes of sporting events into their outside lives. Today, we do this in pretty much every situation. We are always checking every sports team we love. If they do well, were happy. If they lose, then thats another story. I think the television generation is when this really started to develop. People were able to get more stats and information on their favorite...

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