Genetically Modified Foods

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Genetically modified foods are organic materials which cross pollinatesto become highly nutritious and valuable. I learned from my middleschool years, that Gregor Mendel's experiment on pea pods is an exampleof genetically modified foods. In Mendel's experiment, he crosspollinated two pea pods, which had different gene alleles. The growthstage produces two pea pods with brighter green leaves. Geneticallymodified foods also have a bad consequence to needy families from smallvillages. Yet, these families feed on genetically modified productsbecause items are more in nutrients and vitamins. In the United States,the need of limiting transgenic fruits and vegetables like tomatoes isgreat. More specifically, in the preceding years genetically alteredfoods are endangering consumers' health and prices. So, these genericmodified products need less farming. Consumers need fewer products fromAgricultural and Business Bureau by making a petition to stop sales.Genetically engineered food needs to be limited for consumers becausegenetically modified diets produce more problems like economicinstability, health and human risks, and environmental hazards.Farmers harvest genetically modified foods because they are healthierand more nutritious. The Bureau of Farm states, "Georgian farms are inharvest and huge sales for genetically altered crops.''(Dr. Martha R.Herbert 1). Georgian farmers regret the growth of gene transmissiblecrops into food because a change for the gene allele produces crops thatare very harmful. A single gene change produces the immune system tobecome less dependable. For the past 20 years Americans have been eating plants, whichscientists have used modern tools to insert a gene here or tweak a genethere, helping the crops tolerate drought and resist herbicides. Around70 percent of processed foods in the U.S. contain genetically modifiedingredients, so half of the population needs fewer genetically alteredgroceries because of bacterial infection. Human transmitted diseases arewidespread according to the produce of genetically modified foods.Instead of providing people with useful information, mandatory GMOlabels would only intensify the misconception that so-calledFrankenfoods endanger people's health'' (Are Engineered Foods Evil?"on page 80). Genetically modified foods produce a higher chance in human risks oftransmitted diseases such as...

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