Is Capital Punishment Justified?

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AbstractThis is a brief paper discussing capital punishment. There are two sides to every story and some are for and others opposed to the death penalty. I will illustrate the effects the death penalty has on the nursing field and police in the prisons. A brief background of when capital punishment began will be discussed, what it is and how many states enforce it. Capital punishment is the most severe type of legal punishment that we have in force today. Capital punishment is punishment by death for a crime death penalty. ( Death is enforced by the use of lethal injection, electric chair, gas chamber, and other uncommonly used methods such as lynching and death by firing squad. (Henderson, 2006) In the United States capital punishment has been a very controversial subject. There are many questions as whether it is ethical, if it is applied fairly, if it deters crime, and if it should be reformed. (Szumski, 2006) I chose this topic because, I do not have a particular view and I find it very interesting that we consider this method constitutional. The infliction of death for the purpose of retribution has been a facet of human existence since the earliest times. (Henderson, 2006) The earliest recorded date for the use of the death penalty was in the 1700 B.C. (Henderson, 2006) It was known as the Babylonian Hammurabi code, it used death for minor crimes such as stealing beer.(Henderson, 2006) Since the 1700s there have been many changes to make sure it is only used in violent crimes. (Henderson, 2006) There are thirty four states that use the death penalty today. ( The other states which include sixteen have abolished capital punishment. ( Out of all the states that have the death penalty white make up 76, Hispanic 6, blacks 15, and other races make up 3. ( 56 of white are executed, 35 of blacks, 7 of...

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