Life Changing Experience: Soccer

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There have been numerous people who have influenced my life in manyways, like my family and my friends. One of the biggest things that Iwas influenced by was to find something that I was good at. If I was notinfluenced to find something I am good at, at a young age I might stillbe looking for it. Once you find that one thing that suits you feel likea weight has been lifted off your shoulders, it is the greatest feeling.That one thing I was good at took some time to find, but that is onething that will not change.How it all started was my parents wanted me to get out and try thingsbecause they thought it would be good for me. I had tried ballet, tapdancing and softball. I did each of those for about a year and then Iwould quit. I quit everything. My friend, Rachel was good at her sport,which was basketball, and my other friend Alivia was good atcheerleading, so I felt like I should try more sports to see if I couldfind the one that I was good for me. That is how my friends influence. One day I asked my parents to sign me up for club soccer at Troy Parkand they said yes. I was so happy they actually said yes because I hadquit everything before. As I started playing soccer at the park, Irealized this was it, this is what I am good at. Therefore, in 2002 Ifound the thing that I loved and something I was actually good at, whichwas soccer. If it were not for the influence from my family and friends,I probably would have never tried out soccer. It is somewhat crazybecause I have a soccer player body type. I have an athletic bodystructure, and I can sprint, which is usually the qualities of a soccerplayer. As I started playing on different teams and playing on selectsoccer teams, I decided I needed to try to...

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