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The aim of the essay is to redefine what the public space is by comparing two different architects two different plans and architecture. These days, public space tends to be regarded as mere space for public or a space that has to be developed for peoples convenience. In addition to this, in recent, public places have been increasingly created by private developers. The public realm belongs no longer to government. Instead, private sector and citizens began to involve in it. Architect was the one who contributed to the urban development having ideal plan and theory. Wright and Rogers, in this sense, are possible comparison subjects with regard to the urban planning, especially creating a public space. Also, the modern technology reflected on their plans will be addressed in this essay, which help to understand how these two architects had built their idea for new ideal space for future generation at the time.It is clear that the function and the shape of architecture have been constantly changed in response to the society. In addition to this, the function and plan for city have also been changed. In the era of modern, architects designed not mere house for resident, but the whole picture of the city with deep consideration. What are interesting are various interpretations and experimentations by some architects regarding spatial qualities. These can be naturally linked in social issues, such as environmental problem and population density problem. It means that modern architects attempt to create sort of social, physical, and ideal space. Le Corbusier, well known for his city plan, proposed new utopia city plan. The proposals were not successful. Yet the reason why his proposal has drawn attention is that the plan was not mere fantastic notion but, the one which considered socioeconomic. His proposal left the room to ponder over the relationship between human and urban development. An aspect of modern movement, public space is considerably interesting subject to contemplate as it plays...

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