Racism in United States

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As sagging pants and baggy clothes are popular attire amongst the black community today, the zoot suit was wildly popular amongst the black community in the World War II era. The zoot suit is a high waist, wide legged, loose fitting suit that allowed whoever was wearing it easy mobility. The zoot suit was often frowned upon by supporters of the war due to the excessive material it took to produce these suits. The zoot suit often represented freedom, a carefree and sometimes a rebellious attitude. The zoot suit is also associated with jive talk and jazz music. The representation of the zoot suit can be seen in short plays such as A Zoot Suit For My Sunday Gal and Thats What the Well-Dressed Man in Harlem Will Wear. Hollywood musicals are used to convince the black community that the zoot suit give those who wear them a negative connotation.In A Zoot Suit For My Sunday Gal the audience sees an overly excited black male who is at the tailor, who is also black, purchasing a zoot suit. The fact that the play even had a black tailor only further associated the zoot suit with the black race. Malcom Xs first zoot suit was in fact made by a Jewish male (Chinbal 60) instead of a black male. By showing this in the play it only strengthened the image that only blacks and minorities were and could be associated with the zoot suit. The account by Art Pepper (Chinbal 59) also shows how some white members of the white race were often envious of the zoot suit appearance and what it represented. Art Pepper claims to be too self-conscious to ever do it but perhaps that was a more politically correct way of saying he didnt feel black enough to wear a zoot suit. Malcom X said that the zoot suit was directly associated to the cool cat image meaning that the zoot...

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