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Imagine you were stranded on a desert island and after you have doneyour inventory on all of your supplies, you start building yourself ashelter and gather together some food to eat, but you notice you have nomatches. The sun is beating down on you and your stomach is growlinglike crazy, you keep asking yourself, how can I cook this food? Yourbrain finally starts thinking of past tips you've heard about survivingon a desert island, so you look around and in your possession you havesome string, some tin foil, newspaper, saran wrap, and a pencil. Youremember hearing about how the sun's heat can be harnessed to heat andcook your food. Eureka solar cooking! Although one might think thatsolar cooking is a far fetched idea, the green movement has made solarcooking an actual energy alternative. In this research paper we willlook at how this medium solar energy is used in solar cooking, and themany benefits.Solar energy has been around since the 1700s, it has recently made astrong comeback with the hunt for new energy sources instead of crudeoil and gasoline, which we use to heat our houses, our stoves, and torun our cars. Since crude oil and gasoline have become less economicaldue to the recent wars which have caused skyrocketing prices, the greenmovement has made a strong comeback. Thank goodness for scientists like Horace De Saussure. Horace DeSaussure was the first person to build a small device intended toharness the energy of sunlight, he used a contraption know as a solaroven. Saussure was focused on the heat-trapping capacity of glass.Saussure created the earliest know solar oven. He put five glass boxesone inside the other, and rested them on a black slab of wood. Afterseveral hours out in the sunlight, the temperature inside the boxreached to just about 190 degrees Fahrenheit. (Layton, Julia. "HowSolar Cooking Works." HowStuffWorks., 03 Feb. 2009.Web. 06 May 2014)Since Saussure's solar oven was made, more models have beenconstructed. Today we have ovens...

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