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Language is important things it comes from being human however, some a human did not have experiences about it. According to the video, language is way that lets linguists study vocabulary, grammar, and history. The Linguists clarify the language faculty as a subsystem found in the human brain. That system of the brain produces language the right way in situations. The human language video explores the language from being human. There are many questions about the language and how the people know the language when they were children. The many questions about what language is and if it is simple or complex. That question is given to the listener to think about the answer to the question. It has many answers like language is the way for communication, signal, words, voice and body language. The three videos talk about how the language is power that people have, but they did not think for it. The videos are not only discussion for the language, but it also talks about words, sentences, universal grammar, syntax, and meaning of words, signals, communication, and how they affect children. Words are an alphabet group that humans can use to configure the word to have meaning however, there are words we could not call word. For instance verb ending, any prefix or suffix because those are words that do not have meaning. It is important that humans know what the meaning of the word is because the meaning helps to understand what you want to express about any information to the other one. There are many words that have many definitions that let some people to commit a mistake to translating information. The linguists have many viewpoints about learning children the words. There are children used word to indicate many things like what happened in the video when she said that her son used the word "Nune" for family dog, pink slippers,...

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