The Importance of Urban Land Use Planning

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In an urban setting, land use planning is as important as elsewhere.However, because these areas may have more population than others, theland use policies must be surely better than the rural areas. Thedensity of population, the design, and layout of the infrastructure andeven the priorities that may be given to the land use is what brings allthese differences (Zegras et al, 2004 pp. 78). There are differentregulations on land partition as well as valuation in the urban areassuch that owners of land as well as the government are more interestedin seeing the way their land is being used.It is important to note that the infrastructure system is broad in theurban settings. Rather than just being roads and water as it is in therural areas, the infrastructure system has expanded to include alsoenergy, sewers and streets. Since settlement and life in the urban areasattracts many people, employers have had to expand their investment andemployment opportunities (Salkin Nolon 2006, pp. 16). Theseopportunities always necessitate the erection of more buildings. Urbanland eventually impacts on land use planning.Built Form, Density, Street Layout, Precinct Design And Land Use Mix. There are segregation factors that greatly affect where a person livesin an urban setting. The factors include race, economic ability, andsocial characteristics. The size of a group therefore will qualify thesize and number of facilities as well as the design and density of thesame. When there are many people in a group for example, it is calledfor that the infrastructure and the services are more than when themembers of a group are fewer (Ubisoft 2007). It is believed that peopleget information about housing market on their way to daily work. It ispossible that these people will only get information about the housesand their market from where their friends or relatives are. This mayincrease segregation and therefore perpetuating overpopulation in theseareas. Overpopulation, or better still, the population in a given area seem todetermine the density of the buildings in there. The...

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