The Woes of Fast Food Workers

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A fast food worker tells McDonaldss CEO that she cannot feed her children. Nancy Salgado publicly shamed the CEO of McDonalds at a public event Salgado announced to Jeff Stratton, She doesnt have enough money to feed her two children. I dont think it is right that she publicly made a scene at a public event but I do feel that she has a point. I just dont think she went about the situation the right way.Salgado tells Stratton that she has worked for the company for over 10 years and has not received a raise, still making 8.25 an hour. Outraged by her protest she was threatened by police force if she didnt stop. Salgado later said that her hours were then cut at her job because of her protest. In the article it says that most fast food establishments were entry-level jobs for younger people but now there is a median age of 28. She has worked for the company for 10 years I believe her not receiving a raise is wrong. I feel that with the median age of 28 years and with employees working 10 years or more with a company means there is longevity within McDonalds, they should provide a program for long-term and dedicated workers a chance for advancement. They should also create a mandatory evaluation process done by the store manager of each location to determine annually raises for their employees. Fast food service is a billion dollar industry I think they can afford to pay their long-term employees more than minimum wage. ...

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