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Professional Academic Article Editing for Journal Publications

Professional Academic Article Editing for Journal Publications

Our editing services are designed to help academicians all over the globe to edit their journal articles and publications. No matter if English is your native or second language, we can help you polish up a to-be-published article to perfection.

Our editors are fully qualified experts with degrees in a variety of sciences. That is exactly what makes us a leading journal editing service for the academe. No matter if your article is in exact, social sciences, or humanities, we will find you the perfect editor for the job.

We understand that by now, academic publishing has gone a long way. It is no longer limited to the scientist’s native countries, so it is not surprising that more and more aspiring authors want to get published in English journals. And why wouldn't they? After all, English has become a globally recognized scientific language, and journals issued in English speaking countries usually have a broader reach in comparison to their local counterparts.

However, not all scientists and academicians — no matter how great their expertise in chosen fields of study is — are equally proficient in the English language. Unfortunately, a poorly written text with grammar and spelling errors can ruin your chances of being considered for a reputable publication. That is exactly where our experts come in — even if English is not your first language, our editing team will help you polish up your work, seriously increasing your chances of getting published.

What makes us leaders in journal editing sphere?

  1. Professional academic and journal editors with relevant degrees
  2. Affordable prices
  3. Complete client confidentiality

Our journal editing services

  • Our academic editing for journal publications can help you with:
  • Correction of punctuation, spelling and grammar mistakes
  • Improving your sentence structure and word choice
  • Getting your message across to a broader audience
  • Making sure your spelling (i.e., American vs. British) is consistent throughout the paper
  • Formatting your article according to high publishing standards and requirements

Plus, if you have your article proofread by our team, you get an extra bonus — professional editing certificate. As you already know, most reputable academic journals get plenty of submissions every day, and some of them require an extra proof that the read is worth the editor’s in-charge time. That is why more and more journals these days require an editing certificate to go along with the submission. And we will gladly provide you one!

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If however, the article is still rejected, we will revise it again — for free. Note, however, that this aspect concerns rejection on the grounds of poor English, not on the grounds of your paper's content. After all, as the writer, you remain the sole individual responsible for your intellectual property.

Our benefits

  • Qualified editors: our team consists of experienced paper editors with degrees in multiple sciences; this includes exact, technical, social sciences, and humanities.
  • Reasonable prices: we strive to offer you the best service at a highly reasonable cost.
  • Full confidentiality: the contents of your paper will never be disclosed to third parties; you remain the sole owner of your intellectual property.
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