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Improve Your Manuscript with the Help of Professional Editing

Improve Your Manuscript with the Help of Professional Editing

So, you’ve written the last page of your manuscript. Congrats — this is a truly amazing feeling, and so far, you’ve done a great job! Still, sooner or later — the euphoria will fade, whether you want it or not. Even though most of the work on the manuscript has already been done, it still misses a final touch — that is, some professional editing.

You can surely proofread the manuscript yourself; however, if you want to achieve truly great results, contacting a professional is strongly advisable. A qualified editor will not only help you spot out minor spelling and punctuation errors; (s)he will also give some critical feedback on your style, narration flow, and other aspects crucial for a truly outstanding manuscript.

Our editing services include both proofreading (aka, developmental editing for spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors) and line editing (in-depth editing that focuses on the stylistics and other creative nuances of your work). You can choose one or both of those — and our qualified editing team will gladly help you become a better writer.

What will you get from our manuscript editing team?

  • Advanced, line editing that helps you get your message across in a clearer manner without compromising your unique tone and style
  • Spellcheck, grammar corrections, eliminating punctuation errors
  • Files with tracked changes that show exactly what has been modified in your file, allowing you full creative control over your own work
  • Editorial suggestions on how to make your style, tone, and message more impressive
  • Critical review and commentary from established fiction editors
  • Summary of weak points and suggestions on how to eliminate them
  • A brief overview of the work involved and an independent report from an editor

What types of manuscripts can you submit?

  1. Short stories, novellas, and novels
  2. Screenplays and plays
  3. Poetry
  4. Non-fiction (business books, biographies, memoirs)

Note: this section does not support academic editing and preparing articles for publication in scientific journals. But, if you have one you want us to consider, no worries! We have a separate section for that — academic editing services. Our team of academic editors and ESL editors will gladly take a look at your work and provide feedback.

We know the amount of work and time it takes to come up with a first manuscript draft. That is why we do our best to keep your intellectual property secure. Any files you submit through our system are completely safe: we neither disclose any part of your work to third parties or let some of your content leak online. Needless to mention, your copyright will remain yours and yours only — any edits we make here remain an integral part of your intellectual work.

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Our order distribution system supports a variety of files, even though, to alleviate the editing and ‘track changes’ process, we strongly suggest you submit manuscripts in doc (docx) files. The system is carefully encrypted so you can stay absolutely positive none of the information will get lost or will be revealed to other parties. Ready to order? Get a quote here!

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