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Research Paper Editing & Proofreading Services

Research Paper Editing & Proofreading Services

When submitting a research paper for publication in one of the scientific magazines, it is highly important to pay attention not only to the paper contents but also to its form. By this, we mean that the research paper should be properly written (no grammar, spelling, or punctuation errors), carefully structured, and correctly formatted.

Sure, after finishing the first draft, it seems like most work has already been done, and you might be tempted to send an unproofread version to the journal editor. Do not! After all, a lot of rejections happen because of the form, not because of the content. We do understand that you would like to hurry the publication along, however. That is exactly why our professional editors will gladly check your research paper for style, grammar, spelling, and format, helping you polish it up to complete and utter perfection.

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All of our staff members are experienced editors with degrees in multiple sciences. So, no matter if your research is in exact, social sciences, or humanities, we will find just the right expert for you. Needless to mention, all of them are native English speakers with years of editing and proofreading experience for the academe and journal publications.

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Our features

  • Experience in your field of study
  • Careful elimination of all grammar, punctuation, and spelling errors
  • Formatting the paper according to publishing/academic requirements
  • Making the language easier to understand
  • Eliminating wordiness and excessive phrasing
  • Improving logical structure for better impact
  • Critical report from an editor

Our achievements

  • 800 000+ papers revised
  • 200 000+ authors assisted
  • 1000+ subjects covered
  • 2000+ experts employed

Our services

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  • Two rounds of editing: first, your research paper is revised by a subject matter expert, who ensures the work is free from errors, and the message is consistent all through the paper. After that, one of our senior editors ensures the work is publication-ready, that is, formatted according to your journal’s requirements
  • Free rounds of revisions: if you still have some concerns about your paper after we’ve done editing it, our staff will revise it for free, carefully implementing all of your suggestions and recommendations
  • Direct contact with your editor: we welcome client collaboration on any editing stage, so if you have any questions/suggestions, you are welcome to directly contact your editor in charge
  • Free editing certificate: most serious publications these days will not consider your submission without an editing certificate, which we happen to provide — free of charge
  • Complete client confidentiality: your intellectual property is safe with us; even with our modifications and improvements, the research paper remains yours and yours only.
  • Data protection: all files submitted through our site are encrypted, which means that none of your work will be disclosed to other parties.
  • Support for all file formats: we support absolutely all text formats, even though, to ensure the smoothest editing process, we would encourage you to submit research papers in doc(x) files.
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