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Essay-Company.Com Review

Essay-Company.Com Review review

Once you access, a big message welcomes you: “Welcome to our awesome custom essay writing service!” Is it as awesome as they say it is? It definitely aroused our curiosity and we went ahead and researched it. Are you curious too? Let’s see!

Exceptional services

A little strange thing that we discovered is that you don’t have a list of all the writing services they have available. You will have to go through the process of filling in some personal information and only then see the services they provide. What happens if you don’t find the type of paper you need? You have just wasted your time. Of course, to save you that time, we checked the kinds of papers they offer.

They put a good variety of papers at your disposal, most notably, the papers that students have to write at different academic levels.

Prices depend on 7 key variables

The prices depend on several options that you can check in the order form:

  1. If your paper has to be written from scratch (from the initial idea to the final conclusion), the price is higher than if you have, let’s say, something already written and want it to be better
  2. If you want your paper to be further proofread and edited so that it surely satisfies the academic standards, you can have a professional editor do that for you after the writer finishes their job
  3. Multiple choice questions
  4. Problem solving
  5. Adding plagiarism report
  6. Assigning a TOP writer in your subject to do your work
  7. Requesting an initial draft before the work is done to check if the writer is going in the right direction

The smallest price we got was $10 a page. It was for an undergraduate level essay that had to be done in 14 days since the placement of the order. The highest price we found was $197 per page with an atrocious deadline of 3 hours. Yes, you can have a paper in 3 hours if you pay well for it.

Now, as for the discounts, we couldn’t really find any information about them. There is a statement on the site saying “exclusive guarantees and discounts” but we found no trace of an actual loyalty pricing system. Moreover, they don’t even have a live chat, so you can’t even ask someone about it. We were quite disappointed about this. This information is vaguely stated on the website but when you want to find out more about it, you can’t. Anyway, moving right along!

Unexpected result

Still disappointed in the company’s failure in giving us a discount, we went ahead and ordered a dissertation chapter. What we got back from the essay writer was way below our expectations and the disappointment continued.

Our requirements weren’t followed thoroughly and that chapter could not become a part of the rest of the dissertation, they didn’t match. The only good thing was the turnaround time, but what’s the use in getting a bad paper in time?

Miserable customer support

The way a company makes you feel is the most important part because that’s how you know if you’re ever going to come back or not. Customer support leaves a lot to be desired. Again, the website states something and does the opposite. They boast they can be contacted by phone or live chat, yet we couldn’t find any sign of a live chat so we called them on the phone number listed on the website. We called twice, nothing happened, so we gave up.

It is really a pity to have a company that does not communicate with its customers, does not listen to their wishes, their desires, their complaints, and even their compliments. It feels like you work with a robot, an entity you can’t communicate with and it is frustrating.

Should we use this service again?

The bottom line is ”no”. You go to a website that looks like it was made 2 decades ago. It is very hard to find your way around the site and when you do and finally order something, the quality you get is not what you expected.

The worst thing about the service was the fact that they advertise something on the site and the reality is something else. No live chat, even though they say there is, no discounts, even though they state otherwise, no way to contact them. All in all, there are a lot of better writing services on the Internet so don’t waste your time.

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