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FreshEssays is a team that has a site totally matching its name. From a welcoming pattern, completed in green shades, that seems to say ‘Calm down! Your essay is going to be fine!’ and to the whole concept of its work. The website is genuinely appealing, so there is no wonder that students get more and more interested in FreshEssays if they are as professional as they are stylish. Even the most superficial glance reveals that the range of services provided by FreshEssays team is very broad. You can order any paper you like. One way or another, we really should take a closer look at FreshEssays to find out whether it is worthy to recommend it.

The Scope of Services Provided

When students are browsing for writing help, they often narrow down their search to the most common kinds of papers, such as:

  • different types of essays (narrative, definition, descriptive, expository, persuasive, etc.);
  • research papers;
  • reports;
  • articles;
  • and reviews.

For those who are good at all these and want to do it on their own, writing assistance may seem pointless, although they still might suffer from the lack of time trying to complete everything.

Fortunately, there are plenty of other work you can get helped with by services like FreshEssays. It is almost impossible to get assigned a paper they can't do. Beside those that we have already mentioned, they can tackle annotated bibliographies, business plans, case studies, coursework, dissertations, multiple choice quizzes, various kinds of proposals and statements, and summaries for you. They can write your speech or complete several assignments. The latter, however, excludes those done online.

Pricing Policy

Custom papers are rarely cheap. And if you need an order be done ASAP, the price rises immensely. FreshEssays have probably taken this ‘immensely’ too literally and jacked up the maximum price up to 113$ per page. However, it is not as scary as it seems. The ‘usual’ price is much lower. Besides, you can feel completely safe. You won’t lose anything, and your work will be done in time. If the deadline is missed, the money will be 100% refunded with no exception. Please, mind that this is the only case when you can get ANY of your money back. Your expenses will depend on the following:

  • urgency. If you order a paper a week or two before the deadline, you’ll pay less. As a matter of fact, this is a great reason to turn to the service right when you’ve got your assignment.
  • level. The level of the paper completed isn’t only apparent from the language used (i.e. terms, structures, etc.). The higher the level, the deeper research it demands. As a result, the higher is the price. also can give you a 10% discount, if you use a discount code from their homepage.

The Quality of Writing

As there is a range of level and urgency options, the quality of papers can vary too. In FreshEssays, the essential aspects of a good papers are all present: plagiarism-free, no grammar or spelling mistakes, the style is ok, etc. Besides, you can always ask to revise your paper, if you aren’t satisfied with one of those. However, we can barely say that FreshEssays's paper writers do their job flawlessly. What you may find insufficient is the quality of research. The point is that the prices are too high. So, the pricing policy is this company’s weakness.

Client Support

FreshEssays has the support service which would have seemed quite all right, if (again) the prices were a little lower. You can contact the company via Skype that is rather convenient. A manager, being friendly and polite which is natural for such a price, can answer a whole range of the questions connected with the work of the service. The main drawback is that the response is not immediate. If you have some urgent issues to solve, you may get into a serious problem.


The bottom line is that prices are unreasonably high. The papers this service offers are not the worst, but you may wait long for their response, and no one will refund these inconveniences to you.

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