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By doing a simple Google Search, you’ll notice that there is a large variety of custom writing services on the market. Seeing as there are so many different options, it’s pretty hard to find a dependable one. Many of these companies are scams, which is why you must be very cautious before placing an order. To help you with your search for a reliable service, we wrote a review on While their website features a user-friendly interface, it’s quite difficult to find a precise list of fees and services. Read on to find out if this service has the potential of providing you with a high-quality essay.

Services Provided

As you access the website of this company, you’ll notice that it’s not easy to come across a complete list of services. In our opinion, a full index of services is essential to any writing service. As a customer, you must be well-aware of the types of essays you can purchase as well as all of the additional features offered.

Searching should not take a lot of time. On, you can’t fully grasp the types of services provided unless you read the entire page. Moreover, on the footer of the first page of their website, they’ve listed the following services: assignment, case study, coursework, editing, homework, thesis proposal, personal statement, lab report, dissertation chapters and book report.

However, these aren’t the only types of papers you can buy from this company. When we attempted to place an order, we noticed that they can be hired for a large variety of essays. However, they do not provide any additional information regarding their services, proficiency, and features.

Fees and Special Offers

On this website, you can order papers for a very cheap fee. If you need a regular high-school level essay, you won’t be asked to pay more than 11.30 USD per page. Fees vary depending on the number of pages, academic level, and paper variety. As expected, a dissertation paper has a considerably higher price compared to a common essay. also offers the following VIP features: VIP assistance, top 10 highest-ranking writers in your region, SMS notifications and plagiarism report. We must warn you that these features do not come cheap!

When you buy your first paper here, you’ll get a 15% discount. Moreover, customers benefit from bonuses and a loyalty system. Whenever you place an order, you receive a bonus which amounts to actual money that can be spent on subsequent orders. The team states that for every paper you buy you’ll get 5% of the fee. When you access the page of your account, you can instantly see all of the bonuses you’ve accumulated.

Essay Quality

Once we finished examining the website and the list of services, we decided to place an order to see how well they fare. Although they posted a few high-quality samples on their website, we were still skeptical. Such samples may be the work of a commissioned expert and might not display the skills of the entire team of writers. So, we placed an order for an argumentative essay.

When taking a first look at the essay, we were generally satisfied. However, as we proceeded to analyze the paper thoroughly, we came across a large number of grammar errors. Afterward, we asked the team to revise the paper. After receiving the revised version of the argumentative essay, we noticed that some of the mistakes were eliminated, while others were left as they were. All in all, the paper had a medium quality. While this may be alright for a student who only wants to graduate and doesn’t care too much about grades, if you want to be the first in your class, is not a good option.

Client Service

The company offers client service and assistance on a 24/7 basis. You can contact the team by phone or live chat. After checking both alternatives, we were happy with the results. Whenever you need assistance, the agents will be ready to help. The employees are nice, respectful and capable of fixing virtually any problem you might face.


We think that this company is a good solution for students who don’t want to spend a lot of time doing online searches. However, the quality is not the best, and they fail to provide an explicit list of prices and offers. If you place a high value on quality, cheap fees, and transparency, we recommend you to look for other online writing services.

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