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EliteEssayWriters is one of the most respected academic writing services in the US. Our professional agency has helped hundreds of students across the globe with custom writing, research, academic paper formatting, as well as editing and proofreading. We believe our loyal customers to be as much a part of our team as our qualified writers. After all, there have been so many gifted, talented students that came back for our advice over all those years! That is why would like to show our support and appreciation by offering a 500$ scholarship to a winning student.

What is the scholarship?

EliteEssayWriters scholarship is created to offer monetary help to a gifted student who has already shown incredible progress in his/her studies. A 500$-bonus should provide a great relief in paying the tuition fees, and since we firmly believe that efforts should always be rewarded, we are happy to offer deserving students this small gift. The application is free and is available to any student who meets the basic criteria listed below. In our turn, we can guarantee that we will take every applicant with all seriousness and without any prejudice.

Who can apply?

EliteEssayWriters scholarship is available to any students who meet these requirements:

High school, college and university students under 25 years old.

  1. At least 2.5 GPA score.
  2. Applicants should be able to claim the scholarship at once.
  3. A winner of this scholarship will not be eligible for any other EliteEssayWriters scholarships in the future.

What are we looking for?

Apart from meeting the criteria above, candidates should be able to demonstrate why they are deserving of the opportunity. We are mostly interested in students who are determined to proceed in the academe and take their education to new levels. We are genuinely interested in high schools students who would like to pay for their college tuition; as well as college students who would like to proceed to university. In other words, we will give preference to students who know what they want from life and who would use the grant to pursue further academic career. And being creative is a huge plus, too!

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Application documents

Of course, we will require some documents as a proof of your eligibility. The full list is as follows:

  1. Proof of identity
  2. Proof of GPA
  3. An essay on “The future I want to build.” The essay should be written by the applicant (in English), should be 100% original and should not exceed 2000 words. The minimal requirement is 1000 words.

College applicants should also provide a university acceptance letter to be considered for the position.

Application dates

Documents will be accepted up until 31st January 2018. The submission email is [email protected]. The winner will be announced on Feb 1st, 2018. EliteEssayWriters reserve the right to accept or reject any scholarship application.

Important Advice

The first and the most important thing we want to know is why you deserve the scholarship. What makes you stand out from the other applicants? How will you make this world a better a place? How furthering your education will help you achieve your goals?

Those are the primary aspects to focus on in your essay. Do not oversell or underestimate your worth. We would like to see a genuine, open, and personal essay. And, of course, remember that creativity and originality are your best friends when writing a paper like this.

We are looking forward to reading your letters! Send us your scholarship application essays, and, if you have any additional questions before you can proceed with your work, do not hesitate to contact us.

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