670 Topics for students to encourage Narrative and Personal Writing

670 Topics for students to encourage Narrative and Personal Writing

prompts for students to narrative and personal writing

Since 2009 we have asked students every day to respond to a question drawn from an article in the New York Times.

Seven years later on the occasion of the Oct. 20 (National Day of writing), we have assembled 670 of these which encourage narrative and personal writing. Below we have listed them by category. This should be seen as an update of a prior post, as well as a companion to argumentative writing prompts previously published in 2017.

Our list of writing prompts covers a wide variety of topics, from education to recreation, popular culture and social media.

Below is a list that touches on everything from sports to travel, gender roles, education, video games, pop culture, fashion, family, social media and more. So jump into this exhaustive list and select the prompts which fuel your creativity, give you the opportunity to relate a memorable event, or encourage self-reflection.


Conquering Adversity

  1. What Difficulties Have You Overcome?
  2. Do You Have Survival Strategies That You Have Not Told Anyone?
  3. How Do You Negotiate Potential Hindrances To Success?
  4. When Have You Not Been Successful? Did You Learn Anything From It?
  5. When Have You Had Success That You Were Not Expecting?
  6. Has Adversity Taught You Anything About Life?
  7. How Did You Work Towards Your Most Difficult Goals?
  8. Do You Frequently Leave Your ‘comfort Zone’?
  9. When Did You Most Recently Do Something That Frightened Or Challenged You?
  10. Is There Anything That You Are Afraid Of?
  11. Can You Articulate Any Fears Or Phobias That You Might Have?
  12. Do You Have Any Personal Superstitions?
  13. Are You Comfortable Being Alone?
  14. How Frequently Do You Cry?
  15. Have You Ever Felt Underappreciated Or Overlooked?
  16. What Strategies Did You Develop To Negotiate Being The ‘new Kid’?
  17. How Do You Handle Haters?
  18. What Reactions Do You Give When Someone Provokes You?
  19. Is Stress An Influence On Your Life?
  20. Does Stress Have An Impact On Your Decision-making Process?
  21. Do You Have Strategies To Alleviate Stress?
  22. How Do You Achieve Tranquility In Your Life?
  23. Does Your Lifestyle Provide You With Sufficient Time To Relax?
  24. Do You Set A Schedule For Yourself Regarding How You Use Your Time?
  25. Do You Consider ‘doing Nothing’ To Be A Sufficient Use Of Your Time?
  26. Is There Anything That You Used To Dislike But Now Like?
  27. Is There A Specific Type Of Feedback That Helps You To Improve?
  28. Are Excessive Attempts To Be Happy Making You Sad Instead?
  29. Are There Instances Where Adults Who Are Trying To Help You Make Things Worse Instead?

Your Personality

  1. Do You Have A Personal Credo?
  2. What Inspires You?
  3. What Makes You Content Or Joyful?
  4. What Are Your Best Skills?
  5. Are There Instances In Your Life When You Have Had A Leadership Role?
  6. Do You Perform Well Under Pressure?
  7. Are You Receptive To Criticism?
  8. Are You Negative Or Positive Towards Yourself?
  9. Is Your Glass Half Full Or Half Empty?
  10. Do You Have Difficulties With Decision Making?
  11. Do You Have A Significant Amount Of Self-control?
  12. Are You Able To Be Patient Regarding Something You Really Want?
  13. How Does Procrastination Impact Your Life?
  14. Do You Have Good Time Management Skills?
  15. Are You A Productive And Organized Person?
  16. What Conditions Allow You To Do Your Best Work?
  17. What Means Do You Use To Express Yourself In A Creative Manner?
  18. Do You Have Good Listening Skills?
  19. Do You Consider Yourself A Competitive Person?
  20. Do You Perform Better In A Competitive Or Collaborative Role?
  21. Do You Consider Yourself To Be Emotionally Intelligent?
  22. Does Being Around Your Friends Affect Your Risk-taking Activities?
  23. Do You Think You Subconsciously Give In To Peer Pressure?
  24. Do You Consider Yourself To Be Brave?
  25. Do You Consider Yourself To Be A Daredevil?
  26. What Pranks, Jokes, Hoaxes Or Tricks Have You Ever Undertaken Or Been Taken In By?
  27. Do You Hold Yourself As An Impulsive Person?
  28. Do You Seek Things That Are Considered Novelties?
  29. How Do You Cope With Being Bored?
  30. What Annoys You The Most?
  31. Are You Too Apologetic?
  32. Are You Well Mannered?
  33. Are You A Materialistic Person?
  34. Do You Hold On To Possessions Or Throw Them Out?
  35. Do You Hoard Things Or Have A Minimalist Lifestyle?
  36. Do You Consider Yourself To Be An Introvert Or An Extrovert?
  37. Are You Popular, Unique Or Tend To Conform To The Ideals Of Others?
  38. Do You Consider Yourself To Be Nerd Or A Geek?
  39. If You Had A Personal Mascot, What Would It Be?
  40. Do People Make Assumptions About You, And If So What Are They?
  41. Are You Able To Say Goodbye Without Reservations?

Role Models

  1. Who Would You Consider To Be Your Role Model?
  2. What Person Inspires You And Why?
  3. Which People, Famous Or Otherwise, Do You Most Admire?
  4. What Figures Would You Consider To Be Your Heroes?
  5. Have You Performed Or Observed A Heroic Action?
  6. What Do You Consider To Be The Best Piece Of Advice You Have Received?
  7. Do You Have Any ‘words Of Wisdom’ That Influence Your Life?
  8. What Person Beyond Your Own Family Members Have Had An Impact On Your Life?
  9. Who Would You Most Wish To Interview If You Had Your Own Talk Show?
  10. If You Were To Write A Thank You Note, To Whom Or What Would It Be Addressed?
  11. Is There A Leader That You Would Want To Speak At Your School?
  12. Which Six People, Alive Or Dead, Would You Want To Invite To Dinner?
  13. Who Do You Consider To Be Your External Role Model?


  1. Which People Constitute Your Family?
  2. How Would You Define “Family”?
  3. What Accomplishments Have You Achieved With Your Family?
  4. Have There Been Any Events Which Brought You Closer To Your Family?
  5. How Would You Define Your Role In Your Family?
  6. Have You Ever Persuaded A Family Member To Change His Or Her Mind?
  7. Do You Have A Positive Relationship With Your Siblings?
  8. Are There Any Stories Of Sacrifice In Your Family’s History?
  9. Does Your Family Have Any Particular Possessions Which Are Highly Valued?
  10. Are There Any Hobbies Which Have Been Passed Down In Your Family?
  11. What Is The History Behind Your Family’s Name?
  12. Do You Have Any Favorite Names?
  13. How Have You Honored Persons You Love?
  14. How Much Do You Know About The History Of Your Family?
  15. What Was Your Parents’ Life Like Before They Had Children?
  16. What Family Traditions Do You Want To Maintain As You Get Older?

Parents & Parenting

  1. Do You Have A Close Relationship With Your Parents?
  2. What Are The Similarities And Differences Between You And Your Parents?
  3. Have Your Parents Given You A Sufficient Amount Of Freedom?
  4. Do You Consider Your Parents To Be Permissive?
  5. Do You Consider Your Parents To Be Helicopter Parents?
  6. What Behavioral Instructions Do You Parents Give You?
  7. What Challenges Do You Present To Your Parents As Parents?
  8. Do You Frequently Argue With Your Parents?
  9. What Suggestions Might You Provide Your Parent Or Guardian To Improve Their Parenting Skills?
  10. Do You Consider Your Family To Be Stressed, Fatigued And Rushed?
  11. Do You Think Your Parents Try Too Hard To Be Relatable To You And Your Friends?
  12. Do Your Parents Ever Cause You To Feel Embarrassed?
  13. Are Your Parents Supportive Of Your Education?
  14. Do Your Report Cards Ever Get Discussed Between You And Your Parents?
  15. Do You Wish Your Parents Would Stop Asking You How Your Day At School Was?
  16. To What Degree Do Your Parents Assist You With Your Homework?
  17. In Transitioning To A New School, Was Your Family A Help Or A Hindrance?
  18. Do Your Parents And Teachers Allow You Space To Be Creative?

Your Neighborhood

  1. To What Degree Does Your Neighborhood Contribute To The Person You Are?
  2. What Do You Consider To Be Unique About Your Hometown?
  3. What Would A Marketing Slogan For Your Town Or City Say?
  4. If You Were To Give Your Neighborhood A Name, What Would It Be?
  5. Are There Any Local Individuals Who Make Your Town Particularly Interesting?
  6. Who Would You Consider To Be The Informal ‘mayor’ Of Your School Or Neighborhood?
  7. What Aspect Of Your Home Town Would Be Spoofed By A Tv Show On It?
  8. Are There Any ‘urban Legends’ Regarding Places In Your Area?
  9. Are You Able To Navigate Your Way Around Your City Or Town?
  10. Do You Know Your Neighbors Well?
  11. What Place Do You Believe To Be Your Favorite?
  12. Do You Have A Favorite Neighborhood Joint?
  13. Do You Have A Favorite Street?
  14. Do You Spend Time In The Park?
  15. How Often Do You Spend Time In Nature?
  16. Are There Any Small Things That Have Captured Your Attention Today?
  17. Do You Have Any Buildings That You Love Or Hate?
  18. How Would You Identify The Sounds That Constitute The Background Noise In Your Life?
  19. Are There Any Sounds That Annoy You?
  20. Are There Any Public Behaviors That Annoy You?
  21. Have You Ever Had Any Interactions With The Police?
  22. What Local Issues Do You Think The Mayor Should Attempt To Address?
  23. Do You Have Any Ideas For Enhancing The Quality Of Life In Your Community?
  24. Where Do You Expect You Will Be Living When You Are An Adult?
  25. Would You Prefer To Live In A City, A Suburb Or The Country?

Your Home

  1. Do You Keep Your Bedroom Clean And Well-organized?
  2. Do You Have A Favorite Place Inside Your House?
  3. Do You Think It Is Important To Keep A House Clean?
  4. Do You Think You Could Get Rid Of A Significant Amount Of Clutter In Your Life?
  5. Are You Planning On Keeping Any Of Your Possessions For The Future?
  6. If Your Home Was In Danger, What You Most Want To Preserve?
  7. What Item Would You Prioritize The Safety Of If Your House Was On Fire?
  8. If You Had An Emergency “Go-bag,” What Would Be In It??
  9. Are There Any Historical Figures Who Lived In Your Town Or City?
  10. How Would You Describe Your Ideal Home?

Childhood Memories

  1. What Possession Did You Value The Most As A Child?
  2. Are There Any Objects That Relate The Story Of Your Life?
  3. Do You Have Any Collections?
  4. What Shows And Characters Were Your Favorite When You Were A Child?
  5. Do You Remember Being Read Aloud To When You Were A Child?
  6. Did You Have Favorite Picture Books When You Were A Child?
  7. As A Child, What Things Did You Create?
  8. Are There Places That You Remember Fondly From When You Were A Child?
  9. What Is Your Earliest Memory Of Tasting A Good Or Flavor For The First Time?
  10. Is There Anything That You Want To Could Have Experienced For The First Time All Over Again?
  11. Do You Feel Any Embarrassment About Things You Liked When You Were Younger?
  12. Do You Wish You Could Revisit Particular Aspects Of Your Past?
  13. Is There A Toy You Wished For As A Child But Never Received?
  14. What Is The Most Treasured Gift You Have Given Or Received?
  15. What Is The Most Memorable Thing You Have Received Through The Mail?
  16. What Is The Most Valuable Item You Have Ever Lost Or Found?
  17. Have You Given Or Been Given Any Nicknames?
  18. What Memories From Sleepovers Are Your Best Ones?
  19. Do You Have Any Possession That Is Old And Worn Out, But You Can’t Seem To Give It Away Or Throw It Out?
  20. Which Of Your Possessions Do You Value The Most?

Growing Up

  1. What Knowledge Have You Gained During Your Teenage Years?
  2. What Do You Remember The Most About Being 12 Years Old?
  3. Which Personal Achievements Are You Most Proud Of?
  4. What Has Recently Made You Happy?
  5. Have You Experienced Any Rites Of Passage?
  6. What Would You Say You Are Most Grateful For?
  7. What Tips For Success Would You Give Younger Students Regarding Middle Or High School?
  8. What Important Things Have Your Elders Taught You?
  9. What Can Your Generation Teach Older People?
  10. What Misconceptions Do Older Generations Have About Your Generation?
  11. Do You Think The Characteristics Applied To “Generation Z” Accurately Describe You?


  1. Have You Encountered Any Ethical Dilemmas?
  2. Have You Ever Made A Sacrifice To Aid Someone You Love?
  3. Have You Ever Done Anything That Might Be Considered Volunteer Or Charity Work?
  4. What Is The Most Recent Kind Thing You Have Done For A Stranger?
  5. Do You Make A Point To ‘pay It Forward’?
  6. Do You Think Yourself To Be A Trustworthy Individual?
  7. Does Lying Cause You Discomfort?
  8. On What Occasions Do You Tell Lies?
  9. Have You Ever Deceived Your Parents Or Done Something Without Their Knowledge?
  10. If You Drink Or Use Drugs, Are Your Parents Aware Of It?
  11. Have You Ever Stolen?
  12. Do You Ever Listen To Other People’s Talks?
  13. How Frequently Do You Engage With Gossip?

Religion & Spirituality

  1. Does Religion Or Spirituality Have An Impact On Your Life?
  2. How Significant Do You Consider Your Spiritual Life To Be?
  3. Do You Subscribe To The View That All Things Happen For A Reason?
  4. How Much Influence Do You Think You Have Over Your Own Destiny?
  5. Is It Possible To Be A Good Person Without Believing In God?
  6. Do You Think You Are Less Religious Than Your Parents Are?
  7. Do You Think You Would Pass A General Religion Test?
  8. What Insights Can Be Gained From Other Religions?

Gender & Sexuality

  1. Are There Different Gender Roles For Males And Females Within Your Family?
  2. Do Parents Have Different Expectations For Their Sons Than They Do For Their Daughters?
  3. How Is The Responsibility Of Parenting Distributed Between Your Parents?
  4. Are Females Too Pressured To Live Up To Idealized Body Images?
  5. Do Make Experience Pressure Regarding Idealized Body Forms?
  6. How Was The Topic Of Sex Introduced To You?
  7. Have You Had Any Experiences That Were Likely The Result Of Gender Bias In Your School?
  8. Have You Had Any Experiences With On-street Harassment?
  9. What Constitutes ‘a Real Man’?
  10. Are You A Feminist?
  11. How Would You Describe Feminism?

Race & Ethnicity

  1. How Do You Self-identify About Race And Ethnicity?
  2. Have You Ever Attempted To Mask Your Race Or Ethnicity?
  3. What Interactions Do You Have With Persons Of Different Race And Ethnicity?
  4. Do You And Your Friends Ever Discuss Race And Class Issues?
  5. Do You Think Your Generation Is Truly ‘postracial’?
  6. What’s The Racial Composition Of Your School?
  7. Do You Think Your School Is Integrated?
  8. In School Have You Ever Been Subject To Racism Or Other Discrimination?

Money & Social Class

  1. What Is Your Perspective On Money?
  2. Are You More Inclined To Save Money Or Spend It?
  3. Have Your Parents Taught You Anything About Finances?
  4. Do You Have Expectations That Your Parents Will Provide You With An Income?
  5. Has Money, Employment, Or Social Class Played A Role In Your Life?
  6. Are Their Financial Imbalances In Your Community?
  7. Do You Think That You Can Purchase Happiness?
  8. What Do You Consider To Be The Best Things In Life And What Do They Cost?


  1. Do You Find Technology A Distraction?
  2. Does Your Phone Distract You?
  3. Do You Text Too Much?
  4. Is Your Phone Or Tablet Always Within Reach?
  5. Do Screens Interfere With Other Aspects Of Your Life?
  6. Do You Have A Fear Of Missing Out When You Are Not Connected By Technology?
  7. Does Your Digital Life Have An Impact On Your “Real” Life?
  8. Do You Invest Too Much Time On Your Phone Playing ‘stupid Games’?
  9. Are Apps A Helpful Resource Or Merely Waste Your Time?
  10. What Technological Tools Do You Use The Most?
  11. What Emerging Technologies Or Gadgets Are You Most Enthused About?
  12. If You Were To Write A Love Letter To A Piece Of Technology, What Would It Be?

The Internet

  1. What Are The Benefits Of Youtube?
  2. Has Youtube Taught You Anything?
  3. Do You Have Favorite Videos That Have Gone Viral?
  4. Do You Have A Favorite Internet Spoof?
  5. If You Were To Post An Online Video, What Would You Teach In It?
  6. Have You Ever Sought Advice On The Internet?
  7. Would You Ever Post An Embarrassing Story Online?
  8. How Do You Determine If What You Have Read On The Internet Is Actually True?
  9. Have You Had Experience With Urban Legends That Pertained To The Internet?
  10. Do You Trust Online Reviews?
  11. Do You Use Wikipedia?
  12. How Precautious Are You Online?
  13. Does Your Personal Data Tell A Story?
  14. Are You Concerned About The Lack Of Anonymity In The Digital Age?
  15. Would You Care If Your Parents Blogged About You?
  16. Is Lack Of Privacy Online A Concern For You?
  17. Has Anyone Scammed You Over The Internet?
  18. Do You Share Your Passwords With Anyone?

Social Media

  1. What Are Your Uses For Facebook?
  2. Do You Have A Facebook Persona?
  3. Are You Your Authentic Self On Social Media?
  4. Have You Had Any Noteworthy Experiences On Facebook?
  5. Does Facebook Ever Have A Negative Impact On Your Mood?
  6. Have You Ever Thought About Deleting Your Facebook Account?
  7. Do You Ever Experience ‘instagram Envy’?
  8. Are You On Twitter?
  9. What Are Your Motivations For Sharing Pictures?
  10. In What Ways Do You Archive Your Life?
  11. Have You Ever Had Regrets About Something You Have Emailed Or Texted?
  12. Has Auto-correct Ever Resulted In You Sending A Bizarre Message?
  13. Would You Be Happy If Your Photo Or Video Went Viral?
  14. Are You Concerned That Subsequent Colleges Or Employers Might Read Your Social Media Posts?
  15. What Tips Would You Give To Younger Students About Engaging In Social Media?


  1. What Music Do You Currently Listen To?
  2. What Are The Tops Songs On Your Favorite Playlist?
  3. What Musicians Or Bands Do You Connect The Most With?
  4. What Music Motivates You?
  5. Who Tells You About New Music?
  6. To What Degree Is Your Musical Taste Influenced By Your Friends?
  7. Does Hip-hop Have An Influence In Your Life?
  8. Which Music Celebrities Intrigue You The Most?
  9. Which Pop Diva Is Your Favorite?
  10. Do You Have A Default Karaoke Song?
  11. Which Musicians Would You Like To See On A Common Project?
  12. How Much Attention To You Pay To Song Lyrics?
  13. What Is Your Earliest Memory Of Music?


  1. What Is The Best Thing On Tv That You Have Watched This Year?
  2. How Would You Describe Your Tv Viewing Habits?
  3. Do You Frequently Engage With ‘binge-watching’?
  4. How Does Tv Influence Your Life And That Of Your Family As A Whole?
  5. What Tv Shows You Strongly Cared About?
  6. Do You Frequently Watch A Show During Its Original Air Time?
  7. Have You Gotten Engaged With ‘friends’ Or Other Older Tv Shows?
  8. Which Of The Old Tv Shows Would You Like To See Brought Back To Life?
  9. What Is The Appeal Of Reality Shows?
  10. What Would You Suggest As A Topic For A Reality Show?
  11. If You Could Guest Star On A Reality Show, Which One Would It Be?
  12. Do You Have Any Favorite Cartoons?
  13. Do You Have Any Favorite Commercials?
  14. To What Degree Does Advertising Influence You?

Movies & Theater

  1. What Are Your Favorite Movies Of All Time?
  2. In The Past Year, What Were Your Favorite Movies Of Those That You Watched?
  3. Is There A Movie That You Repeatedly Watch Or Make Reference To?
  4. Which Movies, Shows Or Books Would You Like To See Expanded?
  5. Do You Enjoy Movies From The Horror Genre?
  6. Do You Have A Favorite Comedy?
  7. Which Movie Stars Are Your Favorite?
  8. Do You Consider It Worthwhile To Pay Extra For A 3-d Movie?
  9. In What Location Or Manner Do You Watch Movies?
  10. Which Live Theatrical Performances Do You Like The Best Of The Ones You Have Seen?
  11. Have You Ever Accidentally Encountered A Great Public Performance?

Video Games

  1. Which Video Games Do You Most Like To Play?
  2. Have You Gained Any Knowledge Through Playing Video Games?
  3. Do You Play Video Games That Have Violence In Them?
  4. Is There An Occasion When One Should Feel Remorse About Killing Zombies?
  5. Who Do You Compete With When Playing Online Gaming?
  6. Do You Find It Enjoyable To Be A Spectator To Others Playing Video Games?
  7. Do The Possibilities Of Virtual Reality Excite You?

Books & Reading

  1. Have You Read Any Good Books Lately?
  2. This Year, What Were The Best Books That You Read?
  3. Do You Have Favorite Books And Authors?
  4. Do You Have A Favorite Novel From The Young Adult Genre?
  5. Do You Read For Fun?
  6. Have You Heard Or Read Any Memorable Poetry?
  7. Do You Have Specific Magazines That You Favor, And How Do You Read Them?
  8. How Do You Feel About Reading Gossip In Tabloids?
  9. Have You Ever Seen Yourself And Experiences Mirrored In A Book Or Other Media?
  10. Have You Ever Been Inspired To Do Anything Unexplored Based On A Book, Movie, Or Other Forms Of Entertainment?
  11. Obedient Or A Trouble Maker – How Do You Prefer Characters In Children’s Stories To Be?
  12. Do You Read Electronic Books?
  13. Would You Exchange Hard Copy Books For Digital Ones?
  14. If You Could Give Out A Prize, Which Author Would You Give It To?


  1. What Are The Occasions On Which You Write?
  2. Are You An Engaging Story Teller?
  3. Do You Have A Favorite Joke?
  4. Have You Ever Kept A Journal Or A Diary?
  5. Do You Compose Your Own Blog?
  6. Do You Have Aspirations To Write A Book?
  7. On What Occasions Do You Write By Hand?
  8. Do You Employ Cursive Handwriting?
  9. Do You Make Notes Or Comments In Your Books?
  10. What Innocuous Moments Of Your Life Might Make Engaging Essay Material?
  11. Which Writing Assignment Do You Remember The Best?
  12. Do You Ever Put Into Writing Challenges That You Encounter?

The Arts

  1. What Is The Most Interesting Thing You Have Seen In A Museum?
  2. Which Works Of Visual Art That You Have Seen Do You Remember The Best?
  3. Do You Have A Favorite Work Of Art?
  4. Do You Think Education In The Arts Is Important?
  5. How Have You Benefited From Arts Education Done?

Language & Speech

  1. Are There Any Words That You Hate?
  2. Do Any Words Or Phrases Get Used Too Frequently?
  3. Do You Use Slang? What Is Your Favorite Word?
  4. Do You Think Any Of The Current Slang Will Still Be Used In Subsequent Times?
  5. Why Are “Like” And “Totally” Used So Often?
  6. Do You Unintentionally Say “Kind Of, Sort Of” More Than You Are Aware Of?
  7. How Often Do You Swear?
  8. Are You Able To Retort With Witty Comebacks?
  9. When Was The Last Terrific Conversation You Had?
  10. Do You Frequently Engage In Weighty Discussions?
  11. Do You Wish Your Conversations Went More In Depth, Beyond Small Talk?
  12. What Makes You Chose To Phone A Person Rather Than Sending A Text?
  13. How Do You Determine What Constitutes “Too Much Information”?
  14. Do You Ever Mask Your Real Feelings By Being Ironic?
  15. Do You Think Your Grammar Could Use Improvement?
  16. Are You Bilingual?
  17. Do You Have A Memory Of Learning A New Word?
  18. What Do You Think Your Body Language Conveys About You?


  1. Do You Enjoy School?
  2. Does School Cause You Stress?
  3. Is The Workload For High School Students Too High?
  4. What Is School Actually Teaching You?
  5. What Do You Dread Or Anticipate About This School Year?
  6. Would You Consider Being Home Schooled?
  7. Would An Online Class Appeal To You?
  8. Would You Prefer To Go To A Public Or Private High School?
  9. Does Which High School You Go To Have A Significant Impact?
  10. Would You Rate Your School Positively Or Negatively?
  11. What Strengths Does Your School Have That Should Be Emulated By Others?
  12. If You Left Your School Is There Anything You Would Miss About It?
  13. Is Your School Day An Appropriate Length?
  14. What Do You Hope To Achieve Through High School?

Learning & Studying

  1. Is Your Homework Load Overwhelming?
  2. Does Doing Homework Enhance One’s Learning Potential?
  3. Are You Actively Engaged In Class?
  4. In What Subject Do You Produce Your Strongest Work?
  5. Which Assignment Proved To Be The Most Challenging To You?
  6. Have You Had Any Interesting Experiences While Taking Science Or Math Classes?
  7. Does Math Intimidate You?
  8. Do We Need A New Strategy For Teaching Math?
  9. What Are The Most Effective Ways Of Learning History?
  10. Would You Do Well Or Poorly On A Civics Test?
  11. Are There Sufficient Opportunities For Learning Computer Programming At Your School?
  12. Are Digital Skills In Students Valued By Your School?
  13. Are You Able To Code, Or Would You Like To Learn?
  14. Is There Any Career Or Technical Course That You Wish Your School Provided?
  15. Do You Have A Favorite Field Trip?
  16. What Are Your Most Effective Ways To Study?
  17. Do You Employ Study Guides?
  18. Is What You Have Been Taught About Effective Study Habits Incorrect?
  19. Is There Anything You Wish You Had Committed To Memory?
  20. Do You Think Standardized Tests Accurately Reflect Your Abilities?
  21. Do Your Test Scores Reflect The Competency Of Your Teachers?


  1. What Would You Like Your Teachers To Know About You?
  2. On What Occasion Have You Been Motivated By A Teacher?
  3. Which Teacher Are You Most Indebted To?
  4. What Qualities Does A Good Teacher Have?
  5. Has A Teacher Ever Embarrassed You, And What Impact Did That Have?
  6. Have You Ever Discovered Errors In Your Textbooks Or Instruction From Your Teachers?
  7. Are Your Teachers Adept At Using Technology In A Productive Way?
  8. Have You Ever Worked With A Tutor?

School Life

  1. What Is Your Opinion Regarding Proms?
  2. Would You Like To Be ‘promposed’ To?
  3. Is Prom Worth The Financial And Emotional Investment?
  4. Do You Participate In Any School Clubs Or Teams?
  5. Is Bullying Or Cyber-bullying A Significant Issue In Your School Or Community?
  6. Would You Submit To Being Hazed In Order To Be A Member Of A Group?
  7. Is Your School More Focused On Socialization?
  8. Have You Attended A Party That Has Gotten Out Of Control?
  9. Is Drug Use A Common Practice In Your School?
  10. Are Students Free To Openly Express Issues Pertaining To Their Mental Health At Your School?
  11. How Are Misbehaving Students Dealt With At Your School?
  12. Are You Aware Of Persons Who Cheat On Important Tests?
  13. To What Extent Does Your Outside Life Interact With Your School Life?
  14. Do You Ever Socialize With Different People At Your School?
  15. What Current Fad Or Trend Are You And Your Friends Participating In?


  1. What College Would You Like To Attend?
  2. How Do You Find Out Information About Colleges And Universities?
  3. Has Community College Impacted Your Life Or That Of Someone You Know?
  4. Is It Worthwhile To Attend College?
  5. Do You Have Anxieties About Taking The Sat Or Act?
  6. Is There A Personal Essay Topic That You Think Would Be A Good Fit For College Applicants?
  7. Are There Particular Qualities You Would Look For In A College Roommate?
  8. After High School, Would You Consider Taking A Gap Year?
  9. What Would Constitute A Memorable Graduation Ceremony?

Work & Careers

  1. What Profession Would You Like To Have?
  2. Do You Think You Have A Particular Calling?
  3. What Would Your Ideal Job Be?
  4. Do You Have Passions Or Interests That You Have Maintained Over A Long Period Of Time?
  5. Do You Anticipate Enjoyment In Your Career?
  6. Do You Think Happiness Or Wealth Is The Most Important Thing Derived From A Career?
  7. Which Actions Are You Willing To Make To Achieve Your Ideal Job?
  8. Would You Be Open To Working In A Non-traditional Occupation?
  9. Would You Prefer To Work In An Office Environment Or From Home?
  10. Does Being A Teacher Appeal To You?
  11. What Talents Might You Have That You Are Not Currently Aware Of?
  12. Which Rustic And Self-sufficient Skills Do You Have Or Wish You Had?
  13. What Talent Could You Teach In Two Minutes?
  14. Have You Made Anything On Your Own?
  15. Do You Have Any Innovative Ideas For A Business Or An App?
  16. If You Received Funding, What Would You Create With It?
  17. How Did You First Encounter An Activity That You Love To Do?
  18. Have You Ever Put On Hiatus Doing Something You Loved?
  19. What Activities Have You Undertaken To Earn Money?
  20. Are You Employed?
  21. If Your Values Were Not The Same As Your Employer’s Would You Quit A Job?
  22. Where Do You See Yourself In One Year After You Graduate College?
  23. What Do You Think You’ll Be Doing In 10 Years?


  1. Who Is Your Best Friend?
  2. How Frequently Do You Spend Time Alone With Your Closest Friends?
  3. Are You Comfortable With Friends From Different Aspects Of Your Life Meeting?
  4. Is It Easier For You To Make New Friends On The Internet Or In Person?
  5. Do You Hold Yourself To Be A Good Friend?
  6. In What Way Have You Helped A Friend When He Or She Needs It?
  7. Do You Think Your Friends Are Likable?
  8. Can Being Competitive Be A Hindrance To Making And Keeping Friends?
  9. What Is The Best Way To Deal With The End Of A Friendship?
  10. Have You Ever Felt Excluded?


  1. Have You Ever Fallen In Love?
  2. Which Relationships Are The Most Significant To You?
  3. What Tips Do You Have For A Person Who Has Just Started To Date?
  4. Do Your Parents Give You Permission To Date?
  5. Is Dating An Old-fashioned Concept?
  6. Do You Think Hookup Culture Is Making Your Generation Dissatisfied And Unprepared For A Lasting Relationship?
  7. What Are The Essential Guidelines For Dealing With Breakups?
  8. What Is The Most Effective Way To Move Past A Breakup?
  9. What Do You Think About Marriage?

Sports & Games

  1. Can You Recall The Most Impressive Moment In Sports That You Have Seen?
  2. Do You Have Any Sports Heroes?
  3. Are There Particular Sports Teams That You Cheer For?
  4. Does Being A Fan Have An Impact On Your Identity?
  5. To What Extent Would You Go To Demonstrate Your Loyalty To A Favorite Team?
  6. Are You A Fickle Fan?
  7. Has There Been An Occasion When You Were Disappointed By A Sports Team?
  8. Do You Make A Point Of Watching The Super Bowl?
  9. Is There Any Fan Memorabilia That You Would Be Willing To Spend A Lot Of Money On?
  10. Which Extreme Sport Are You Most Interested In?
  11. What Is Your Motivation To Engage In Sports?
  12. Are There Any Rules You Think Should Be Altered In Your Favorite Sports Game?
  13. Do You Like To Play Games Or Solve Puzzles?
  14. Do You Have A Favorite Board Game?
  15. What Games Do You Enjoy The Most?
  16. Is There A Game That You Would Like To Redesign?


  1. Where Would You Most Like To Travel To?
  2. Do You Have A Dream Vacation?
  3. What Would Your Ideal Trip Consist Of?
  4. Is There A Wild Adventure You Would Like To Embark On?
  5. Are There Any Local Mini Trips You Would Like To Take?
  6. Do You Have An Ideal Family Vacation?
  7. Has Travel Had An Impact On Your Life?
  8. How Would You Describe Yourself As A Tourist?
  9. Do You Have Any Favorite Mementoes Or Souvenirs From Your Travels?
  10. Have You Been To Any Famous Landmarks?
  11. What Is The Most Amazing Thing In Nature That You Have Seen??
  12. Are You Knowledgeable About The Rest Of The World?
  13. Would You Consider Living In A Different Country?
  14. Would You Like To Visit Space?
  15. Where Would You Go If You Had The Ability To Time-travel?

Looks & Fashion

  1. Do You Have A Favorite Piece Of Clothing?
  2. Are There Any Signature Clothing Items In Your Wardrobe?
  3. Do You Have A Favorite T-shirt?
  4. Is What You Wear Important To You?
  5. Does Your Clothing Indicate Anything About You As An Individual?
  6. Does Your Hairstyle Indicate Anything About Your Personality?
  7. What Fashion Items Do You Intend To Buy?
  8. To What Extent Are You Committed To Fashion?
  9. How Would You Describe Current Fashion Trends In Your High School?
  10. Are There Any Current Trends That You Dislike?
  11. Have You Ever Seriously Considered Getting A Tattoo?
  12. Do You Have An Opinion On Cosmetic Surgery?
  13. Do Photoshopped Pictures Make You Feel Worse About Your Own Appearance?
  14. Have Your Parents’ Attitudes Towards Their Own Appearances Influenced You?
  15. Has Anyone Told You That You Look Like Someone Famous?

Exercise, Health & Sleep

  1. Do You Enjoy Exercising?
  2. Do You Exercise As Much As You Should?
  3. Has Exercise Made An Impact On Your Health, Body, Or Life?
  4. Do You Think About Your Weight And If So, How Often?
  5. Do You Frequently Participate In “Fat Talk”?
  6. Do You Count Calories?
  7. Do You Place Importance On Nutrition Label Information?
  8. Are You Concerned About The Origins Of Your Food?
  9. Do You Have Healthy Eating Habits?
  10. Do You Eat In A Rushed Fashion?
  11. Do You Have Any Rules About Food?
  12. What Are Habits You Have That Are Healthy?
  13. Have You Had Any Success With Any Health Tips?
  14. What Practices Do You Follow To Stay Healthy?
  15. Do You Take Precautions Regarding Sun Exposure?
  16. Do You Have Any Sleep Habits?
  17. Do You Make Sleep A Priority?
  18. Do You Think You Get A Sufficient Amount Of Sleep?

Meals & Food

  1. What Is Your Most Memorable Meal?
  2. Have You Got A Favorite Food Memory From A Holiday?
  3. Do You Have A Comfort Food?
  4. Do You Have A Favorite Junk Food?
  5. Have You Got A Favorite Type Of Candy?
  6. Do You Have A Favorite Type Of Sandwich?
  7. Are Authentic Or Appropriated Tacos Better?
  8. In A Taste Competition, Which Food Would You Most Like To Judge?
  9. Do You Have Cooking Skills?
  10. What Would Prefer To Learn How To Bake Or Cook?
  11. Has Your Family Taught You Anything About Food And Eating?
  12. Does Your Family Frequently Eat Together?
  13. Do You Have Favorite Restaurants?
  14. Is There A Restaurant That You Would Like To Review?
  15. During The School Day, What Do You Typically Eat?
  16. Do You Ever Eat Food From The Cafeteria?
  17. Is Cafeteria Food Really That Bad?

Holidays & Seasons

  1. What Do You Do To Celebrate Your Birthday?
  2. Will You Be Dressing Up For Halloween This Year?
  3. Do You Enjoy Scary Movies Or Books?
  4. Do You Believe That Ghosts Exist?
  5. Do You Have Any Thanksgiving Traditions?
  6. What Do You Like And Dislike About The Holiday Season?
  7. Do You Have Any Advice For Enjoying The Holiday Season?
  8. What Are You Doing On The Holiday Break?
  9. How Do You Feel About Santa Claus?
  10. Do You Get Excited About New Year's Eve?
  11. Do You Make Resolutions For The New Year?
  12. How Do You Combat Feelings Of Sadness In The Winter?
  13. How Would You Spend A Snow Day?
  14. Do You Have Any Experience With Severe Weather?
  15. What Are Your Opinions Regarding Valentine’s Day?
  16. Do You Do Anything To Celebrate The Arrival Of Spring?
  17. How Would You Describe Your Ideal Spring?
  18. Are You Excited About Anything For The Next Summer?
  19. How Would You Describe Your Dream Summer Camp?
  20. Do You Have A Favorite Summer Haunt?
  21. Do You Have A Favorite Summer Food?
  22. Do You Have A Favorite Summer Movie?
  23. Do You Have A Summer Reading List?
  24. Do You Have Employment For The Summer?
  25. Do Applications Influence How You Choose Your Summer Activities?
  26. What Were The Most Positive Things You Did This Summer?
  27. How Do You Get Ready To Return To School?
  28. What Is The Best Way To Savor A Long Holiday Weekend?
  29. Do You Have A Sunday Routine?


  1. Do You Have A Favorite Store?
  2. Is There A Company That You Would Write A Letter Of Complaint Or Admiration To?
  3. Which Business Would Profit From Advice From You?
  4. How Often Do You Hang Out At A Mall?
  5. How Would You Renovate Your Mall?
  6. Do You Patronize Locally Owned Businesses?
  7. Which Second-hand Things You Have Acquired Are Your Favorite?

Cars & Driving

  1. Is It Important To Have A Driver’s License?
  2. Do You Consider Yourself To Be A Good Driver?
  3. What Is Your Ideal Car?
  4. Would You Feel Comfortable In A Self-driving Car?

Animals & Pets

  1. Are There Any Animals That Play A Role In Your Life?
  2. How Would You Describe Your Relationship With Your Pet?
  3. Do You Think You Know Your Pet Well?
  4. Do Have An Opinion On Cats?
  5. Does The Idea Of Spending Time In A Cat Café Appeal To You?
  6. What Is The Appeal Of Watching Animal Videos?
  7. Do You Have Any Memorable Anecdotes About Wildlife?
  8. What Is Your Opinion On Zoos?

Environmental Issues

  1. Are You Environmentally Friendly?
  2. In What Ways Do You Attempt To Reduce Your Environmental Impact?
  3. Does Throwing Things Out Ever Make You Feel Guilty?
  4. Does Your Family Waste Food?
  5. What Item Would You Be Able To Live Without?
  6. Do You Celebrate Earth Day?

Politics & Beliefs

  1. In What Way Would You Like To Improve The World?
  2. Is There A Cause That Would Motivate You To Take Action?
  3. Have You Ever Participated In A Protest?
  4. Is There Anything That You Would Be Willing To Risk Your Life For?
  5. Is There An Occasion When You Have Felt Compelled To Speak In Order To Create Change?
  6. What Invention Would Help To Improve The World?
  7. Is There A Scientific Or Medical Issue You Would Investigate If You Had The Resources To Do So?
  8. What Charities Do You Think People Should Donate To Over The Holiday Season?
  9. Do You Think Your Government Is Trustworthy?
  10. Will You Vote Once You Reach The Legal Age To Do So?
  11. Which Political Party Aligns Most Closely With Your Own Values?

History & Current Events

  1. Are There Any Past Events That You Wish You Had Been Present For?
  2. In The Last Ten Years, What Have Been The Most Significant Changes In Your Life And In The World?
  3. Which National Or International Events That Occurred During Your Lifetime Do You Remember Best?
  4. Why Is It Important To Care About What Happens In Other Places In The World?
  5. Are You Following Any Stories In The News?
  6. What Avenues Do You Receive Your News From?
  7. Do You Think Your Online Environment Is Merely A “Filter Bubble” Of Persons Share The Same Perspectives?
  8. Are The Same Political Opinions Shared Among Your Friends On Social Media?

If Only…

  1. If You Won The Lottery, What Would You Do?
  2. Is There A Superpower That You Wish You Had?
  3. Is There A Different Era In Which You Wish You Had Lived?
  4. Do You Have Any Desire To Be A Tween Or Teen Star?
  5. Would Being A Child Prodigy Be A Good Or Bad Thing?
  6. Would You Want To Grow Up In A Developing Country?
  7. If You Could Have A Robot, What Kind Would You Want To Have?
  8. If You Could Outsource Some Aspect Of Your Life, What Would It Be?
  9. What Would You Like To Learn Independently?
  10. What Would Be Worthwhile To Stand In A Long Line For?
  11. If You Were A Philanthropist With Unlimited Resources, Is There A Cause You Would Support?
  12. Were You A President, What Goals Would You Want To Accomplish?
  13. Is There A Famous Person That You Would Like To See Visit Your School?
  14. Which Celebrity Would Make The Best Neighbor?
  15. How Would You Ideally Like To Spend Your 80’s?
  16. Would You Want To Live To Be 100?
  17. What Facts About Your Life Would You Want Your Obituary To Include?
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