Benefits of Essay Samples or How to Improve Your Grade

Benefits of Essay Samples or How to Improve Your Grade

benefits of essay samples

As revealed by scientific research, whenever we learn a new trick, ability or procedure, our so-called mirror neurons are put to work. These neurons enable us to reproduce an operation performed by another individual and put it in practice when required. At this point, you may ask yourself how mirror neurons are connected to essay writing. The answer is simple – if you read a great essay sample, you’ll be able to understand how you must write your paper to get a flawless grade. When you take a look at the outline of the essay and notice the way in which every specific section is introduced, you gain a firm grasp of how to do a great job. It goes without saying that an essay sample is not always short, as there is a huge amount of writing available. Since there is such a large variety of subjects, it is essential to acknowledge that essay samples will be of great help when writing your own papers.

What is a Great College Essay Sample?

Each variety of paper illustrates a personal writing style and a conventional structure. For instance, there is no right way of drafting a college application essay. Nevertheless, a lot of the students who succeeded wrote their papers using a standard format. By reading many of the excellent essays written by bright and creative students, you can detect a pattern. The majority of flawless college admission essay examples exhibit characteristics which can be noticed in each of the samples. We’re talking about elements like an exciting hook assertion, the “show not tell” strategy or a great pace in the content. So, if you wish to examine some remarkable papers before starting to work on your own, read some of the common application essay samples. These papers are considered as the best essay samples for university admission. Plus, the students who wrote them had the possibility of opting for any prestigious college.

Essay Subject Examples

Argumentative Essays:

  • Do the benefits of attending university outbalance the expenses?
  • Is the legalization of cannabis for therapeutic purposes truly beneficial?
  • Should the capital punishment be eliminated?
  • Compare and Contrast Essays:
  • Compare and contrast the characteristics of totalitarianism and democracy.
  • Compare and contrast electric cars and petrol cars.
  • Illustrate the benefits and drawbacks of both Android and iOS. Afterward, deliver a general conclusive assertion regarding which operating system works better in specific conditions.
Cause and Effect:
  • Are social networks a good way of enhancing an individual’s real-life socialization abilities?
  • Can stress have a detrimental influence on an individual’s immunity?
  • Do exercise and physical effort constitute good methods of enhancing mental capacity?
Process Essays:
  • How to play football
  • How to write a high-quality essay
  • How to produce a successful movie
Personal Essays:
  • Tell about a situation in which you had to prevail over a frightening obstacle.
  • Talk about a time when you decided to assume a leadership position. Present the situation and the way in which you acted.
  • Talk about a situation that led you to change your perspective on a specific topic. Present the situation and the way in which it influenced you.

How to Utilize Essay Structure Examples

Essay samples enable you to acknowledge the way in which a great writer blends theoretical and practical aspects. This can be achieved by using a format guideline for your own essay. When you read 5-paragraph essay examples, you can observe the way in which each guideline is applied. Before starting work on your own essay, you should study each section of the sample and acknowledge its importance in the text.

  • Hook Assertion (Catch the reader’s interest)
  • Preview Segment (Short presentation of the main arguments)
  • Hypothesis Assertion (Phrase that illustrates the idea/significance of the whole paper)
Body Paragraphs
  • Subject Phrase (Primary idea)
  • Claim (Illustrating the argument)
  • Proof (Supplying evidence to support the veracity of the argument)
  • Clarification (Establishing a connection between the claim and the proof and demonstrating the validity of the argument)
  • Reiteration of the hypothesis (assertively rewording the hypothesis sentence)
  • Substantiation (Succinctly reiterating argument veracity)
  • General Conclusion (offering a convincing conclusion to your essay and ensuring that it leaves a message)

This outline can be implemented in a large variety of papers, such as persuasive essays, compare and contrast essays, SAT essays or TOEFL essays.

Now that you know what outline to use, let’s have a look at some particular essay samples which will aid you in formatting your paper and getting an awesome grade!

Definition Essay – MLA Formatting

The writer introduces their assertion and supports it with evidence throughout the body paragraphs of the essay. Each of the subject phrases written in the body follows a straightforward path. The first body paragraph shows a psychological perspective. The second paragraph shifts towards affection and romanticism. The third paragraph is related to the natural world. Afterward, every subject phrase is explored. For each notion, the writer offers intricate clarifications. In the conclusion, they reiterate their hypothesis assertion and approach every particular argument. All in all, the content has a great flow, and the whole paper is easy to read. The essay features adequate MLA formatting.

College Application Essay Models

The student drew inspiration from other great college application samples and opted for utilizing a conventional prompt. She approaches the notion of prevailing over obstacles by talking about her issues with gender discrimination. She thoroughly explains how she was affected by those issues and explains what she did to prevail over her hardships. Admission board members like it when students describe how they take action rather than simply presenting their thoughts.

Are Essay Samples Not Enough? Do You Need Further Assistance?

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