How to Define a Concluding Sentence

How to Define a Concluding Sentence

concluding sentence

A concluding sentence is used to signal that your paragraph is coming to an end. Writing a concluding sentence can be more difficult than you realize. Failing to realize that it is used to close the final thoughts on a subject is a common mistake many writers make. For any piece of writing to be effective, there has to be definitive and conclusive concluding sentences. A concluding sentence should be a summary of the previous discussion and not include any new information. The reader should be able to identify the key points in a text by reading the concluding sentence. For example when you think "why are you interested in this college sample essay" the concluding sentence may be a reason.

It's best to provide students with a few example sentences when you are teaching them about this aspect of paper writing. These examples will act as a guide when they are creating their own text.

Examples of concluding sentence starters are:
  • Therefore
  • Overall
  • In conclusion
  • Thus
  • As a Result
  • For this reason
  • In general
  • Finally
  • Lastly

These are known as transitional phrases, and they help the reader understand that you are reference something from your paragraph or finishing a paragraph. One thing you should never do is announce your concluding sentence.

Example of a bad announcement: - This paragraph highlights the research that supports making marijuana legal.

Instead, use a transitional phrase, and summarize: - Therefore, it would be better for patients that are in discomfort if marijuana was decriminalized.

Traits of a Concluding Sentence

Students need to know how important it is to write a concluding sentence that is effective in summarizing their point and give their final point an impact. A successful constructed concluding sentence:

  • Gives an overview of the points discussed in the paragraph
  • It reiterates the main topic of the paragraph.
  • Is the last sentence of each paragraph
  • Only discusses topics that have been addressed previously

Concluding sentences do vary depending on the style and genre of the text. Different types of style are narratives, arguments, compare and contrast and descriptions.

When writing a narrative paragraph, the concluding sentence should be used to convey and emphasize the moral lesson to the reader. The concluding sentences in descriptive paragraphs are used to tie all the information provided together by using summarizing the support in different words. Those creative writing prompts can help you understand this topic better. In compare and contrast paragraphs, the concluding sentence is best used to juxtapose the two topics to highlight the similarities or differences discussed. Texts that are arguing a point should use a concluding sentence summarize the argument and reiterate why the writer argument is correct. You can also include the repercussions that will occur if the reader doesn’t listen to the argument and take action.

Styles and Examples of Concluding Sentences

  • A concluding sentence can restate the discussion in a different way.
  • Example: Clearly, there is a significant correlation between the use of Marijuana and health risks that indicate that this substance should remain illegal.

  • A concluding sentence can be used to give an overview of the main points of the paragraph.
  • Example: Marijuana should be legalized by the US government because it is popular, has widespread abuse that is difficult and expensive to police, and would be a profitable market to tax.

  • You can use a concluding sentence to state how you would like to see things change in the future.
  • Example: - In the future Marijuana will not only be valued as a recreational drug but also valued for its applications in the medical field.

  • A concluding sentence can be used to provide the writer's stance and opinion on a subject.
  • Example: - Marijuana should not be made available to the general public as it is a habit-forming substance.

  • Sociological essays prove the point that concluding sentence can inform people of actions they can or should take.
  • Example: - In order to give people in pain easier access to marijuana’s benefits you should consider writing to a congress representative.

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