Discover How to Write 500 Word Essays That Wow Your Tutor

Discover How to Write 500 Word Essays That Wow Your Tutor

how to write 500 word essay

One of the common form of assignments in a college happens to be a 500 word essay. Coping with this task does appear to be fairly easy, but many often struggle in this area. Some would rate the task of writing a 500 word essay as being enjoyable and quite easy, but most often loathe at this aspect.

The 500 word essay is clearly not the biggest challenge in front of a student, and it can turn out to be quite easy as some of us tend to believe. One of the key elements that makes this task easy is the subject and being a master of it. Once the subject becomes apparent to you, placing an opinion becomes all too easy.

However, one cannot always expect a topic on which they are fairly comfortable with. The sun does not shine always and there are times when more demanding topics appear on the table. In such cases, it is a common theme for a student to resort to several writing services in order to complete the task of a 500 word essay. Yet, it is also possible to do the task on your own.

Be prepared to spend a significant step of time behind the desk in order to come up with the right sort of content that would make a great 500 word essay. There are certain forms and structures that are essential behind making such an easy. Sticking with the deadlines will help any student cope with the task at hand.

Components of a 500-word Essay

General outline – The outline of the essay is a crucial element since it would define the path taken by the writer. In order to finish the task as soon as possible, it is necessary to draw up a general skeleton of the topic. This would help add points, delete points, or receive new ideas. In short, this stage will help a writer become clear with regard to the task at hand.

Introduction – This is the area where the essay has to be described in a precise and skilled manner. One should ensure that the primary focus should be spilled in the form of words throughout the introduction, but any writer should be careful not to overdo this element. Too many keywords does not make for a good reading. If the interaction happens to be in a narrative format, it should be done in such a way that it acts as an invitation for the rest of the essay.

Body – The body is the largest part of the essay, and it contains the elements required for validating the points. One can make the body element effective by placing the content on a strong footing. This can be done by the use of data, facts, and other reliable sources. Opinions are excellent in the essay, but they do not help add the solid ground beneath the content. This can only be done through the data and facts, which provide an insight into the topic and enhance its credibility.

Conclusion – Even though the essay now enters into the final section, it is important not to get carried away and maintain the same tone throughout the article. The points that have been explained throughout the article will have to be summarised in an inspiring, yet concise, section. It can be the most challenging element of the essay, but remember that it is also the most impactful.

Guidance on Writing a 500 word Essay

The primary components and the structure of the 500 word essay may include only a handful of elements, but it is vital to stick to a certain structure in order to enhance the quality of the content.

The common guidelines are:

  • Style – Everyone has their own style when it comes to writing, and it is also important to stick with what works best rather than try and adopt a new style. However, if there is a suggestion to change the style, it can be performed while taking into account the type of audience for the essay. The success of the essay depends on the ability to take into account the various recommendations that would come your way. Only with such recommendations can a writer avoid going to poetic with a 500 word essay when it is clearly not recommended.
  • Plagiarism – The biggest mistake made with any 500 word essay – or any other write up for that matter – is the possibility of plagiarised content. There is a possibility of such an occurrence even if the writer does not intend to do so. It is possible to take advantage of the wide variety of online medium in order to check for plagiarism before submission of the essay. Irrespective of the reasons, the student/writer stands accountable for the content if there was any signs of plagiarism.
  • Double-checking the Content – When you are not the author of a particular essay, it is extremely important to go through the content before submission. This will help eliminate any issues with regard to the grammar, spelling, syntax, or even the content. It is always a good practice to ensure that the essay reaches the objective, is easy to read, and is also quite comprehensive. Should there be a no for anyone of those items, it is essential to go through the essay and add the finishing touches wherever possible.

Final Thoughts

The world of writing 500 word essays can become an extremely easy affair with these guidelines and checklists. It is also possible to hire the help of professional writing services in order to complete the task without having to sweat. However, keep in mind that shorter essays such as the 500-word one are not necessarily easier. In fact, one must actually write much more than this in order to eliminate the less important and keep only the essence. This is the best recipe to success when it comes to such tasks.

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