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BestEssayTips.Com Review

BestEssayTips.Com Review review

When you have a service named "", it should live up to its name, otherwise, it would be a great failure. So, we tested this service that promises to provide you with something more than the papers you've paid for. It will provide you with experience. That’s exactly what we expect from a high-quality writing service that’s been on the market for more than 10 years, 12 years, to be more precise, since they state it clearly on their website that they began working in this industry in 2005. So, let's see what that experience actually means! We placed a few orders to get the idea of how this service really works.

Good quality when it comes to website and interaction

The first good thing we found is intuitive, easy to use interface. All the available categories of papers are there, in front of you, just a few clicks away. You have a great variety of papers like admission essays, research papers, process essays, term papers, book reports, coursework, etc.

For example, you can order full dissertations or theses. They also do short stories and capstone projects. You know, those tiresome SWOT analyses where you have to rack your brains for hours until you come up with something credible and good. They can even draw out marketing plans for you. How about that?

Also, even if you don't want to buy anything from the site, you can still find some brief tips and tricks on how to make the papers listed above look perfect as if they have been written by a professional. You get free writing tips with just a click, what more could you want?

Fees considerably smaller than at an average writing service fees are smaller than those of the other writing services available in the industry today. The minimum price you can get is $13.99 but it can also go up to as much as $43.99. This is a writing service with a great reputation and the smallest prices. Quite surprising, we can say.

We've left the good for the last part. You can get discounts. For example, for the first paper you order, you get 25% off if you use the code they provide. If you prove your loyalty and use the service frequently, you also get a discount. The lowest is 5%, while the highest possible discount is 15%.

The quality of the writing was surprisingly good

You should not have high expectations from the beginning since the prices are so low. That's how we started, but we were quite surprised by the quality of the papers. For our test, we asked for a review of a book that is not widely known. It’s Julio Cortazar’s Hopscotch. It’s a piece of writing that not many people can read and enjoy. We thought it will be a big challenge for a writing service. Apparently, not for The service paired us with a Literature MA writer. Big surprise. He was a very literate man, he delivered the paper in time and it was an impressive book review that didn't need any revisions.

The other paper we ordered was a sociology essay and we went for the most affordable level. The result was a decent paper, the writer was very responsive and for what we paid, it was more than enough.

24/7 customer support

We filled out the order for another essay somewhere around midnight and we said we needed the paper in 48 hours, no more, no less. It was an urgent assignment. We were assured that the perfect writer for our task was available right away and we received the article in the time frame we wanted. The customer support is online non-stop and you can also contact them by e-mail or phone. They carefully listened to our questions and tried to find the best solution for us though we were quite demanding and nagging.

Affordable and qualitative writing service. We give it an A!

BestEssayTips lived up to its name and we received top-notch quality writing and very good communication and customer support. Even if you're not willing to pay to have your papers done by someone else and you are a person who likes to work hard and has time to perfect their writing, the site can help with some tips and tricks on how you can level up your writing game. If you are in desperate need of a paper, you will get a premium one or a decent one, depending on the amount of money you’re willing to pay. Either way, it is a very affordable essay writing service with a very nice customer support and good to excellent writers. We highly recommend it.

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