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Discount code: Mr15K26yuo Review Review review is one of the newest writing services online. Poor experience with this company is what led us to evaluate it. We base this evaluation on a variety of factors such as customer testimonials, their services, the quality of their writing, the cost and discounts and a lot more. We also tried to experience what it’s like to be their customer by ordering a research paper from them. This is so we can give a more accurate and personal review and findings of their company.

Services does not only revolve in academic writing, but also in business writing. In terms of academic writing, they offer any type of academic paper, be it a dissertation, book review, essay, etc. It is not only writing the paper that they offer, but also proofreading and editing services, making them a very versatile company. This is the same with their business writing services. They can write, proofread or edit proposals, plans, report, etc. for you.

Their writers and the quality of their papers

A visit on homepage gave us a first glimpse on the quality of the essay writers they have. We noticed errors in word usage and punctuation. Their homepage content now reads like it isn’t even written by native English speakers or somebody who has a good grasp of the English language.

In terms of comments by previous customers, we gathered mixed information. There are some customers who like the timely delivery of the papers they ordered. But there are also some customers who weren’t really satisfied with the quality of the papers. They say it may be enough for high school students, but talking about university level, it may not pass. Errors in word usage and grammar were noticed and again, it is not something that a truly ESL writer may have written.

Aside from the quality of their papers and writers, there is lack of information about their services, their policies, writer information, etc. And the worst part is when you decide to contact support so you can just ask for the information you need directly, you can’t get hold of them right away. You will be answered by an electronic answering service instead of being attended to by actual support staff. We were able to get hold of a customer support representative, but they weren’t really helpful.

Prices and payments

For an 8-page paper, we were asked to pay $227.40. This proves to be a price higher than the average, making their service unaffordable to those who have really scarce budget. In terms of secure payment, they offer secure payment options and we did get something with our money, even if the price is way too high.

Discount policies

According to them, they offer three types of discounts. One is the lifetime discount you’d probably get if you are a frequent customer. Two is the seasonal discount and three is what they call “help-a-friend” discount. There are just a few issues with regard to their discounts that we noticed.

First, they lack information about what their discount is all about, especially “help-a-friend”. Two, even if they claimed there are promo codes for their discounts, we couldn’t find any and it is only when we contacted them, that they told us these discounts and promo codes actually need to be requested first. And three, there is no guarantee we can avail of them because our request will still be evaluated. On their homepage, there is no way of knowing what would make you qualify for their discount.

Free revisions

With the quality of the papers they provide, you’d probably want to get a revision and you expect it to be given for free. Their service did live up to their claims on free revisions and that will somehow ease your worries.


Based on our assessment, we couldn’t; find on BBB, but that is not to say that they are not legitimate company. We can attest that they are not scams because we did get the paper on time, which means they truly live up to their claims even if there are issues. Maybe they were not listed on BBB yet because this is a new company.

The verdict

Based on our assessment, is 100% legal, but we are giving them a fair rating only. This is because there are so many things lacking in their service. You want to trust them because they are legal, but knowing they don’t have policies makes you change your mind. This is also the same with their custom writers. You cannot guarantee that the one writing the paper for you is a truly ESL writer or a native English speaker, but they do have ESL writers in their team as well. If you are not in such a hurry to submit a quality paper, you can take a chance on this company. But if you don’t want to waste time on revisions, you can just take a pass.

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