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Discount code: Mr15K26yuo Review Review review is a service that offers 100% quality and plagiarism-free papers that are also delivered on time. Aside from being meticulous when it comes to quality and originality, they also claim to offer you privacy and security. But to be sure whether this is the custom writing service you are looking for, we reviewed and assessed the site for you, and laid out their pros and cons based on customer testimonials.


The service is a legal company. They are listed on BBB or Better Business Bureau and they do deliver papers on time. But of course, there are still factors you need to look into more than just knowing if they are scams or not.

The services of

The best thing about this service is that they not only offer academic writing, but also other special services like book reviews and biography. When it comes to writing academic papers like dissertations, you will indeed be stress-free with this service because the essay writers are the ones choosing the topic and creating a good title for your paper.

However, they seem to be accepting projects with impossible deadlines and this makes you wonder whether they can really deliver. Dissertations cannot be done overnight and even days. But, it seems as though you can order them even with an 8-hour deadline for a very high price. While this may shed hope for you, it will also make you wonder whether you are really going to get the quality you need.

Paper quality

Based on our assessment on the quality of the paper they write, although the service clams to write 100% quality papers, there are still grammar errors found and a trace of plagiarism. The $1955 they charge for your dissertation to be delivered in 14 days is not worth it, especially if you ordered a PhD level paper.

The cost and mode of payment

Payments are made through PayPal. This is a good thing because it is more secure and easier to get a refund. In terms of the cost, they offer $10 per page. However, it turns out this is not true and that you are actually paying more than the price they promised. What’s worse is that, when you compute the actual price you will pay, you’ll find out that even if you availed of their discount, you are still paying more.

Discount offers

The best thing about this service is that they offer discounts. If you are a first-timer, you get 15% off. If you have been a frequent customer, your discount depends on how much you have spent for the service. For instance, you get 5% discount if you spent $500, 10% for $1000 and 15% for $2000. The only issue when it comes to their discounts is the lack of transparency on their prices. It seems their discounts are useless and are just created to lure customers because they are not honest or upfront about their prices.

Plagiarism checks and revisions

The service does offer plagiarism checks and claim to use highly credible online plagiarism tools. This is good because these tools are very effective. However, they are very reliant on these platforms alone and fail to consider results from manual checks even if they promised to do so.

But based on our expert assessment on manual checking, the paper turns out still having traces of plagiarism. They are not traced by the online platforms, but since they only acknowledge results from online platforms, it seems you cannot dispute the matter. You’d be having a problem if your professor manually checks your paper and finds out some familiar content from previously published papers.

When it comes to revisions, it is good to know that they offer 14-day revision policy. However, this is another one of their deceiving offers. You’d think that after the paper is delivered to you, the 14-day countdown will start. But no. Your 14-day revision actually starts once you order the paper. This just means that you can no longer revise your paper if you happen to order it with a 14-day deadline because your revision privilege will be over by that time.

The verdict

We rate a 4 out of 10. If you are a high school student who just want to submit a paper, you can tolerate the quality this service actually offers. But, if your standard of quality is so high, most especially if you are trying to submit a PhD level paper, this is not the place for you to go and we will, in no way, recommend this service for you.

You cannot save money with this service in two ways. One, their prices are not actually how much you will be paying for. And two, their prices are not worth it because of the poor quality and traces of plagiarism in their paper.

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