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Online writing services are not all the same. You’ll find services that offer poor quality papers while some provide quality ones. Others hire amateur writers while some are strict about their hiring process. What’s worse is that other sites jeopardize your security and privacy. The fact that not all services are good makes using them very risky. This is the reason why individuals should never rush into using online writing services without getting to know a specific service and take time researching about them. So, in order to help individuals do their homework in choosing the right online writing service, just as we review other services, we also conducted a review on to find out if this is the one you need.

How does their service work? is not purely an academic writing service in itself. Rather, it is a clearinghouse or a marketplace where clients and writers meet and matched. In other words, EssayJedii proves clients a place where they can post their writing needs and all details about it. Once their needs are posted, the site provides writers a place where they can bid on these writing projects. Once a bid is accepted, the client and the writers can now communicate with each other and talk about the specifics of the writing project through on-site chat.

One thing you will notice about this system is that it seems to not have an administrative staff, so you will assume that it is really a virtual arena where you can only contact a staff through email and not through phone.

Company pros

The best thing about is the fact that writer and client communication is strongly established. With this, the clients can freely tell the writer all the details and instructions he or she wants for the essay. The writer, in turn, can freely ask questions and clarifications from the client and this can be a way to produce more quality results. However, it seems like, because of the strong establishment of communication between writer and clients, the company now lacks customer support in times when company intervention is badly needed.

Another good thing about this company is the freedom for clients to select writer qualifications. This is so you will know what to expect from your writer. However, the problem is that there is no way of knowing if the writer claims about their degree are true or not. Anybody can just state anything in their profile. This can cause disappointment when the essay is finally delivered.


The EssayJedii published testimonials about them but since they are on-site reviews, they are mostly positive. So, even if we are looking at these on-site reviews, we would like a more objective perspective and this can be achieved by looking into off-site reviews as well. According to previous clients, they commend the direct communication between them and the writer.

In terms of the quality of the custom writing, there is mixed information. While some like the quality of the writing, others say they needed to request for a revision. Mixed results are often expected from clearinghouse services since they have no control over the quality of the writers joining their site.

Company cons

If you think that you will only pay for the amount the writer bids on, you are wrong. The company charges extra fees for their services, increasing the amount you will be paying. Another thing is once you communicate with your writer, you are really on your own. The company will not conduct any plagiarism checks on the product before delivering it to you. It is up to you or your writer to conduct the check.

The company also lacks information about the, so if you want to know whether this is a reputable company, their policies, etc., the only way to know is to experience them.

Prices and discounts

The price depends on the writer bidding and most of the time, bids are higher unless the writer wants to negotiate. The company can do nothing about the bid prices and if you need extra services, the more the price will increase. They also do not offer any discounts. So, if you are on a tight budget, you may find it difficult to find a writer at the right price.

The verdict

Among its competitors, is obviously a newbie. They lack good practices that can raise their trust ratings such as maintaining their website and putting an About Us section, posting their policies, and improving their customer support, that can make both their writers and customers feel at ease. There is always room for improvement.

However, if you want to avoid risks, you might want to look at other clearinghouse services too, that can provide a more transparent information about their company for peace of mind.

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