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We could say that is an established custom writing company, being in the industry for nine years. The company has been known to charge reasonable prices and getting fair feedbacks. But for those who want to get high quality results, you’d want to know whether choosing this company is a reasonable decision too.

Upon visiting the website’s landing page, the first thing you will notice is the small text that is supposed to be giving you website information. The landing page seems to be disorganized and too crowded. In this review, we assessed this company based on several actors, so that you can’t just be quick to judge its landing page and also not be quick to trust their reasonable prices.

The services also offers a wide range of essay writing services and it is stated on their landing page. They even receive compliments about their services. However, the information on their website can be confusing because of the disorganized way their landing page was created. This makes placing your order kind of complicated since you still need to spare a few minutes looking into their services to make sure you are doing the right thing.

The quality has an exaggerated way of telling the consumers the number of writers they have. 18,454 is a too-good-to-be-true number. However, since we are looking into the quality of their writers, maybe you can tolerate that exaggeration.

Looking into their website, they stated that their writers are experts and that they have gained Masters and PhDs. The problem is that there is no proof about these claims because they do not have a writer’s profile posted on their website. One customer feedback, even stated that their writers are not really that experienced because of the many errors in the paper. The fact that there is no writer profile to contradict this feedback would make you doubt whether they are really hiring quality writers or not.

When it comes to the quality of the paper they write, you can view samples of their work on the website. Some of them are well-written. But, basing on the reviews, the quality is 50-50. Some of the previous customers got quality while some do not like the quality at all. While the main cause of this is because of different writers, it pays if you can view the profiles of their writers, so you will have higher chances of getting quality work.

Cost, discounts and payment methods

If you don’t have much budget for custom writings, charge average prices for their services. We tried placing an order of 10 pages within 11 days and that gave us a rate of $159.90 and that is without the discount yet. The rate is expected to be reduced once their discounts are availed.

And when it comes to discounts, they offer 15% for first-time customers. Their lifetime discount starts at 5% for 15 pages, 10% for 30 pages and 15% for more than 50 pages. There are no promo codes available. In terms of payment methods, this is confusing.

The website did not mention their payment methods. This will lead you to assume that you can pay through major credit cards or through PayPal. You can also ask them for this information.


You can also avail of the package service of PrimeWritings. In this package feature, you get an outline, bibliography, title page, free plagiarism report, etc. for $80. You will also notice that the website has a section wherein its activity and current status are shown. This section even shows how many writers are currently active, how many phone lines or chat lines are working and a lot of other statistical data. reputation

This service is not a scam because it will not reach nine years in the business if it is. Although we were not able to confirm whether it is a member of BBB, we can also attest that the site is secure and values your privacy and confidentiality. You can be sure they are not releasing your confidential information to third party.

The verdict

When it comes to quality, you have to be lucky enough to get a truly quality writer from in order to get high quality results. Although you can also get mediocre results, this may not be a good thing if you are aiming for university-level of quality. The price is reasonable and perfect, but if you’re just going to get a mediocre quality, this may not be worth it.

The lack of information about their writers is a con because it makes it hard for you to establish trust. Lack of information also pertains to their services and features, so if you are going for their service, take the extra effort of asking them for all the details you need before placing an order.

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