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EduBirdie design is amazing. Actually the service’s name, elite, gives us a pretty clear picture as to where the design thought aspires to. What it may subliminally tell you is that by using the service, you will find it easy to master all your courses and graduate afterward. Some may think that is exclusively aimed at students, but that is not true. There are many tasks you can complete by using it, ranging from business plans needed when starting a business to presentations and speeches. In many industries, it’s common to require business essay writing at some point. Well organized and good quality writing is a huge step towards success. No matter how serious your business is, if you don’t showcase it, no one will take you seriously. For that reason, if a business person cannot successfully do his or her business writing, it’s highly recommended that they seek professional assistance. employs different kinds of professionals at various career levels and has them writing certain content that is specific to their expertise, while also helping them get better at business writing. Also, it can be exhausting if one tries to accomplish that alone.

The site is also easy to use. The menu is on the upper right side. For those already registered, there’s the log in button. For those who didn’t register yet, an offer to register will be presented to them before their first order. The menu will also display the main parts of the website, like About, Writing, Support, FAQ or Editing, and Blog. Everything is straightforward and easy to understand. The menu bar also has the order option.

Who is it for

Both business people who need to write speeches and business plans and students who are required to submit term papers and essays can find use in this website. The services this company provides are editing, writing and analytics for all types of customers, from young to old, from the professional to the not so professional, as well as bachelor grads and Ph.D. students. The service is globally available for business owners and students. It makes zero difference if you are from London, Los Angeles, Manchester, Prague, Madrid, Bucharest, Oslo, Rome or Vienna. It is one hundred percent available in all towns, cities, and countries, for any educational establishment. Geography is not a limit for Edubirdie, and as a proof for that you can check out the customer feedback on their website.

How it functions

A few easy steps are required before working with the company. Placing an order is the very first thing you do.

The order placement procedure is a very simple one. The How it works segment is in the lower left corner and an easy to follow step by step procedure is there to explain the entire order-making process. The first step a new customer must take is creating an account on the website (just in case that wasn’t done before), where he or she can provide all necessary details and requirements for the upcoming work.

After the order is processed, it will be shown to the writers on a board along with other orders, so the writers can browse through assignments and decide which one they want to start working on. A bid is placed by a writer if he or she wants a particular order. If two or more writers desire to work on the same order, then it’s up to the customer to decide which of the bidding writers is more appropriate for that particular work.

In order to make an informed decision, customers have access to the writers’ stats, along with feedback from previous orders and a star rating. After choosing the right writer for the job, the customer can communicate with him or her so all details and requirements regarding the work are passed along. After every detail is discussed and settled between the writer and the client, the assignment process can always be checked by the client. Payment can possibly be made for segments of the paper, but not for the entire paper at once.

As a customer, the online ordering system at Edubirdie enables you to make all major decisions by yourself. The choice of writer for a specific project is not imposed or influenced in any way. IF required, the company can provide certain recommendations as to which writer is more fitted for the task at hand. However, generally it’s the client who makes the decision and chooses the most appropriate writer for a certain project. If the client feels it’s important, he or she has the option of contacting the writer and making sure all recommendations and requirements are understood and applied.

An order on can be placed in a matter of seconds. All a client has to do is specify important guidelines like the topic, subject, type of paper, the number of pages, and a set deadlines. The system allows customers to specify specific hours for a deadline, and not just the date. If, for example, you set the deadline for December 27th at 5 PM, it means your paper will be delivered to you by Edubirdie by December 27th at 5 PM.

The next part of the process is choosing one of many writers available at the website. That is done by first choosing the exact service you require, whether it’s writing, rewriting or editing work, and also the writer’s skill level, that can vary from standard to premium or platinum. Standard writers are verified and have the required experience, the premium writers hold a Bachelor’s degree or higher, while the platinum writers own a Masters degree or higher, and also have successfully completed at least 30 orders.

You can then choose the needed citation type, from Chicago, Harvard, Vancouver, MLA, APA or others. After putting all the data in, Edubirdie will analyze it in just a few moments and swiftly provide you with a list of writers that are most suitable for your work. The final decision on the writer is entirely up to the client. Use the provided samples, rating and other users’ reviews to make the best decision as to who will author your paper.

Awards and ratings

A star-based rating is common to all the company writers, each having their own star rating. The ones that get the best feedback after completed jobs get 5 stars, while new writers typically get lower ratings. The rating goes up according to the number of successfully completed jobs. Clients are also rated by writers. The rating for clients is examined by a writer before deciding to take up a job proposal from a certain client or not. This system ensures an optimal experience for both sides. If a writer and a client cannot agree on what each requires from the other, the management will step in and help both sides reach a compromise. If a client is not sure about a specific writer’s ability to successfully complete a certain task, there is the option of only asking for the first draft. From then on, the draft will go through plagiarism checks, and it will also be professionally reviewed by an editor - all these to make sure the writer is on the right track and can go on to complete the task at hand.

The writers at Edubirdie

The website only employs professional writers specialized in custom writing. They are all thoroughly selected and screened before becoming full members. They are perfectly aware of the requirements for academic work and their writing shows exactly that. They are also aware of the importance of deadlines and always try hardest to complete the task within the time that was initially given to them. The standards for quality and professionalism are very high at the company. The company also counts on their experts to properly guide and educate customers on what a correctly written paper needs to have, and the elements that add up to a high-quality paper. The company’s policy is not only to deliver well-made writing, editing, and analyses but also to provide further information and guidance on how to correctly write a certain type of paper, by enhancing the main structure of the text, its grammar, and other key elements. When it comes to business papers, the writers are well educated in language psychology, the overall flow, and style, so the result has a higher impact on the reader.

The About Us section of the Menu allows the customer to find feedbacks on a specific writer, or on a general service provided by the website. Recommendations and feedback on the site itself or its writers and editors can be found in this section. It’s also easy to see what the most popular writing services are just by looking at this part of the website.

What types of papers can Edubirdie provide?

A complete set of academic and business writing and editing services are available via the website, including dissertations, research papers, term papers, speeches, essays, reviews of books or movies, creative or critical thinking writings, presentations, essays for scholarships and much more than those. Any current discipline or subject is available at Writings can be ordered on subjects like history, linguistics, anthropology, economics, arts, political science, biology, sociology, psychology, chemistry, earth or computer sciences, math, design, architecture, and many more. If you need writing on a discipline that’s missing from their list, feel free to contact the support department as they can provide further recommendations and instructions.

Revision requests

Details on a particular assignment and its academic requirements are discussed after the client chooses a particular writer to do the work. Specific details are important in order to make sure the writer perfectly understands the customer’s desires regarding the paper. However, after the offer has been made, it is possible that some requirements regarding the work may change. Therefore, after the writer completes the work and submits it to the customer, there is an option for a revision of the work. It’s only after the paper or essay has been green-lighted by the customer, that the writer receives the funds for the work.

For any concerns or objections a customer may have regarding the writer’s work, the support team can always be contacted to ask for improvements on the task or a revision. The team will study each particular case and its issues, making all necessary efforts so that the client is ultimately satisfied with the work provided. The website urges all its customers to talk to the customer support team regarding any disagreement or communication issues between them and the hired writers. Dialogues and critics leading to improvement are encouraged by the company.

No plagiarism

All orders made through the website must be absolutely flawless, so the attention on quality is high. But authenticity is another crucial aspect that is not neglected. Customers can rest assured knowing that all papers go through thorough plagiarism tests. The writers know beforehand that absolutely no plagiarism is accepted or tolerated, and failure to comply with this rule will have them excluded from the writing team. Edubirdie respects its clients and constantly checks for plagiarism. Special plagiarism detecting software is used on absolutely all papers before being submitted to clients. If the clients still have any suspicion that the work delivered to them might be plagiarized, they are encouraged to contact Customer Support for further investigations.

Issues regarding plagiarism are treated with maximum severity. The company's main goals are completely original works and professional integrity. The company believes that if a writer has integrity, then issues with plagiarism will never occur. The company mission is not only providing quality content, but also maintaining that content to a certain standard of quality and originality.

Any text written by any writer working for the company is guaranteed to be 100% authentic. Before being delivered to the customer as the finished article, any content will be thoroughly checked multiple times by the company editors. Also, modern plagiarism detecting software always catches any attempt at delivering unoriginal work.

Support for customers

The customer support team at Edubirdie eases communication between the customer and the writing team. On the upper right corner of the website, there’s a form that can be completed, as well as the live chat option. The support team is available 24 hours a day to answer any questions, issues and concerns a customer may have. Website customer support department has been checked by us for speed and quality. They do a great job trying to understand each customer’s request and are very polite while doing so. The service is also very fast, as the employees usually answer in less than a minute, while giving thorough answers to your questions. Also, if the info is already on the website, the support officers will gladly guide you through the website’s menu and take you to the exact place where the information you need is.

Another one of the company major upsides is the fact that this website is oriented at the young generation, keeping up with the time and with current technology. The company is represented on all major social media sites, meaning that the customers or potential customers can follow all updates on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook Google+ or Linkedin, getting all the latest updates, as well as info on special bonuses or discounts. All the social media sites can be accessed directly through the main website.

Another useful bit of information is the fact that the website has localized website versions for four different corners of the world: Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom and Arab speaking countries.

There’s also an Edubirdie app that’s available via the app store for iPhones or iPads. You can access the app store directly from the website and get the app free of charge. The app is basically a mobile-friendly version of the website, offering the same services. It also has a huge database of over a thousand writers, editors and any other academic writing services that we mentioned earlier.


All company employees and team members sign up to a very clear confidentiality agreement. The customer's’ personal information is a crucial issue, and it is not even disclosed to the writers hired for a specific project. The website only asks for basic personal information, and the customer needs to provide it before ordering; however, that information will not be in any way shared with third parties. That also applies to financial information.

Edubirdie uses state of the art security measures to make sure all information provided by both parties are absolutely secure. That implies that all the works done and sent by the writing team will exclusively reach the customer, with absolutely no one else having access to the material. The database of clients is not accessible by all employees, and all these measures combined offer a guarantee that all data and information is private, secure and confidential.

Methods of payment

The usual payment methods like Visa, Mastercard, American Express or Paypal are all accepted by Edubirdie. Paying online is convenient and adds an extra layer of security. Also, the company does its best to be affordable for anyone. If for example, a student is on a very tight budget and would like to hire the website’s services but cannot afford to, a personalized offer is discussed within the budget limits. The affordability is one of their main selling points, and that is enabled by their ability to discuss any project individually and find the best solution to fit all parties. Also, loyalty is rewarded with discounts and bonuses, easing the whole process for students.

One of the benefits of working directly with your assigned writer is not paying affiliates, therefore putting a lesser burden on the customer’s budget.

If the quality of the provided work is not deemed to be satisfactory, a customer can ask a full refund. One needs to make sure to understand beforehand what conditions need to be met for a refund, and under what condition they’re only eligible for a rewrite and a free revision by an editor.

Why pick this service?

The professional writing team at this site has an excellent track record of being completely professional and delivering quality works that are 100% original and free of plagiarism, all this within the deadline set by the customer. Also, full confidentiality is guaranteed, eliminating the risk of a student being found out by a teacher, for example. The entire team guarantees the provided papers will be of the highest quality and will get the highest score, and anyone skeptical of that should try it themselves.

The team at Edubirdie understands that its customers have wild schedules and the deadlines are tight. That’s why even the most extreme tasks, like preparing a very large paper in a few hours, can definitely be done. And for those rare situations when completing the whole task on time is not possible, you can rest assured your paper will at least be analyzed and some recommendations will be given. So regardless of the size of the paper, the staff will deliver no matter the geographical region, town, college, topic, discipline, etc., and almost all deadlines.

All orders taken by the company will rise to a high standard of writing, analysis, research and also make sure to ask the right questions throughout, make strong and correct arguments and give accurate examples for all works. So if you require professionally looking essays, the site will provide the content and structure that achieves that, helping customers better their own writing skills in the process. From short projects to long and complicated ones, Edubirdie is a one of a kind online platform that never fails to deliver no matter the scope of work, the location of the customer or the size of the actual paper.

Also for any additional questions or inquiries, website support team is ready to answer all of them, and they are available all day everyday, all year round to provide helpful information to both customers and potential future customers.

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