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Discount code: Mr15K26yuo Review Review review is a paper writing service with a focus on school assignments whether they are high school or higher. We found out they have been around the block for 12 years now and that they have around 3,000 people who write articles in their team. Are they any good? They survived 12 years in this competitive market, so they must have done something right. Let’s see!

Remarkable papers at a price you can’t resist

This is the statement you see when you access their website, speaking of which, it is very good-looking with nice animations and good photos and very easy to use interface. First pluses are checked. Moving right along!

Their offer is rich. From essays, book or movie reviews to lab reports or papers, they are all available. Term papers or just chapters of term papers, any type of coursework, you name it. Also, you can have your papers proofread, formatted or edited. For example, if you have already written your paper but want to make sure it is perfect, you can have a editor check it for you. Another good thing is that you can ask for a free revision if the work they provide is not good enough or does not follow your requirements.

Pricing structure depends on a couple of variables

If we’re to compare it with other services of this kind, which we do, PayForEssay has considerably lower fees for a regular order. Of course, the prices can go up or down, depending on the type of paper you need, the academic level you require, the quality you choose, and so on. You can also tick the Plagiarism report option, which will give you the chance to be 100% sure that what you get is unique.

We checked it and saw that the price for a page can go from $11.30 to $44.95. And this applies only to regular quality. If you want something special, top-notch, you need to get more out of your pocket. Testimonials say that for a premium quality paper, the fee doubles and this is quite expensive. But, for a simple standard level paper, the service is very affordable. You can’t have everything, right?

Well-structured loyalty programs

Pardon the subtitle but we were quite impressed with their loyalty program. Let’s say you’re new to the service. You buy your first paper. You get 10% of the amount you paid back. You get it back in points where 1 point equals $1. It all returns to your account to be used for the next purchase or to be held there for God knows what urgent times. It isn’t 10% off every purchase after that. After your first purchase, the next one gives you back only 5%. Even so, you can accumulate quite a bit if you work regularly with the company. Also, once you have placed your first order, you will find a little surprise in your inbox, namely, a discount code. Pretty cool, right?

The deadline was respected but the quality could have been better

We did our little test. We ordered a standard quality paper. The quality was alright, although it needed a little more proofreading and a happier choice of words. It wasn’t as much of a problem as the fact that our requirement to include statistics and facts in the paper wasn’t met. The writer included some but they weren’t supported by any credible references. The deadline was respected, they even delivered the paper faster, although we would have preferred it to be researched better than delivered faster.

Quick customer support

They have a live chat interface which was very responsive to our every question. We were surprised to find out it wasn’t a bot, it was a real person behind that live chat box since our more and more complex personalized questions were answered accordingly. It wasn’t the friendliest person, but still a person, not a robot. It felt good, it felt right. They also provide a phone number that is toll-free. We called more than once but no answer came, although they claim 24/7 response.

Quite a decent company you can work with but stay alert

The overall feeling we got is that this is quite a decent company, better than average, but they need to work on certain areas and services that at the moment leave a lot to be desired. Their custom writers need to be more attentive to the clients’ requirements and place the quality of the work before the delivery time. Meeting deadlines is important, yes, but the content is also important, more important, we dare to say.

If you choose to work with them, make sure you check the paper thoroughly before handing it over to your professor and don’t pay too much attention to the testimonials on the site.

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