Attorney Cover Letter Examples

Best Attorney Cover Letter Examples

Published: Sunday 19th of November 2017; Words Count: 1800

In a competitive job market, you want to do everything you possibly can to get your resume to the top of recruiters’ lists. A strong and engaging cover letter like this attorney cover letter example introduces who you are as an applicant and gives an overview of your unique skills and qualifications. Follow our do’s and don’ts to ensure your resume gets noticed.

  • Do highlight your capabilities. For a professional position such as an attorney, it’s important to show you can get things done. Give an overview of the accomplishments that best show the value you’ll bring to the organization.
  • Don’t worry so much about the rules that you fail to make an impression. In a competitive field, it’s more important to stand out in the hiring manager’s memory than it is to follow cover letter standards.
  • Do quantify your accomplishments. Note how the writer in the example states that she “obtained favorable settlements for 85 percent of cases.”?
  • Don’t pad your letter with vague descriptions of your skills. Instead of saying you’re “good with people,” get specific, as when the cover letter example states the applicant is adept at “client consultations.”

Attorney Advice

If you want to get hired as an attorney with a good firm, your education and legal experience are critical. You’ll want to highlight your background in an effective cover letter, and our attorney-specific cover letter examples can help with that. Using these cover letter examples as a guide, you’ll be able to turn your legal experience into a compelling story that will help get you hired, sooner. Click on any of the templates below to check out these examples, then build your own attorney cover letter with confidence.

Cover Letter Tips for Attorney

Finding jobs as a Attorney takes organization, planning and a positive attitude to succeed. Read more and follow these tips to make the next step in your career.

1. Network as much as possible. With a combination of online interactions and face-to-face meetings at job fairs, business events, and even personal events make sure to consistently communicate your skill set and job-seeking goals to make for a productive search.

2. Follow up on all of your job leads. Just because you haven’t heard a yes doesn’t mean it is a no. Employers look favorably upon good communication skills.

3. Get an entrepreneurial mindset and be a self-starter. There are many opportunities for consulting or freelancing gigs that can help with financial concerns and fill in gaps in your cover letter.

4. Organize your efforts and keep track of your applications, cover letters and networking events on your computer or in a notebook. This not only helps with follow-up activities, but also serves as a motivator and helps you to maintain a positive attitude.

5. Be proactive when you get frustrated to keep the momentum of your job search full steam ahead. Search out new job sites or consider applying your skill set to a different industry for new opportunities.

Attorney Job Seeking Tips

Making sure your cover letter is of high quality is a must when you are looking for jobs as a Attorney. Follow these do’s and don’ts to rise above the competition.

1. Do list your jobs in reverse chronological order. This will provide the most impact to potential employers.

2. Do try to build your own cover letter and consider formats outside of the standard templates. Just make sure the design is very readable and don’t use odd fonts that can be distracting.

3. Don’t be over concerned if your cover letter is more than one page. As long as your experience is very relevant and needed, it is okay. Keeping it at no more than two pages is highly recommended.

4. Do give your cover letter as sharp of a focus as possible with keywords, bulleted points and even a branding statement. Making a positive impression quickly will help your cover letter rise above the rest and get noticed.

5. Don’t use personal pronouns (I, me, and mine) in your cover letter. It is not standard and can be considered unprofessional.

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