Stylist Cover Letter Examples

Best Stylist Cover Letter Examples

Published: Tuesday 8th of May 2018; Words Count: 1850

Making a lasting first impression on the hiring manager requires an outstanding cover letter. Learn how to craft a strong letter for your own job application with our stylist cover letter example and list of helpful writing tips.

  • Do take some time to research the business you are applying to and develop a sense of its culture. Is it a traditional company that values formality and professionalism or a quirky salon that would be impressed by creative individuality? Tailor your writing style to match.
  • Don’t open your letter by introducing yourself. Your name is already in the header and on your resume, so there’s no need to restate it.
  • Do consider telling a concise story about why you want to apply for this position, if you have one. This helps you seem friendly and approachable, as well as passionate about the beautician business.
  • Don’t apologize or try to account for any desired qualifications that you don’t possess. Rather than drawing attention to your weaknesses, keep the focus on your strengths.

Stylist Advice

A professional stylist is responsible for helping clients to look and feel their best. You’ll need excellent customer service skills, some salon experience, and an outstanding cover letter. The cover letter examples below are a great place to start. Just click on any of these cover letter examples to get a good idea of what a successful stylist cover letter looks like, then take the knowledge you’ve gained and create your own!

Cover Letter Tips for Stylist

Looking for jobs as a Stylist can be a challenge. Following a set of guidelines will help make the search easier. Use this guide during your search.

1. Mentally prepare yourself. Your mindset will be a big part of the process, and with this competitive market it could be a long journey. Keep thinking positive thoughts through your search.

2. Talk about your search with everyone you come into contact. You never know who is connected to who, and you may find a job lead where you least expect it.

3. Consider picking up new skills. While waiting for the perfect job to come along, build up your training and skill set so that you can be eligible for more career opportunities.

4. Explore a variety of networking venues. Meeting new people and fostering connections will be important during your search. Visit different networking groups, have a strong online presence, and call past contacts to catch up.

5. Prepare your cover letter. Make sure that you have a top-notch cover letter that is updated with all of your past job information and skills. This is the key to making a good first impression.

Stylist Job Seeking Tips

Your cover letter can make the difference between landing the perfect job and being swept to the side with all of the other applicants. Because finding jobs as a Stylist can be challenging, your cover letter is important. Make sure to follow these guidelines so that your cover letter will stand out.

1. The key to writing a successful cover letter is to remember the acronym FAKTSA. It stands for Focus, Appearance, Keywords, Transferrable Skills, and Accomplishments. Make sure all of these are included.

2. Don’t be too concerned if you don’t have much, or any, work experience. Highlight transferrable skills that you gained through other things such as volunteer work, campus activities, leadership opportunities, classroom projects, and sports.

3. Try to keep your cover letter at a shorter length so that it can be read quickly and easily. One page is often enough unless you have a lot of experience that is important to include.

4. Don’t leave too much contact information. Your city and state, one phone number, and one email address is usually sufficient. If you have a website address that would be helpful, you can include that as well. Make sure that your email and website are professional-sounding.

5. Never lie on a cover letter. There are very few hard and fast rules to cover letter writing, but this is one of them.

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