Sales Customer Service Advisor Cover Letter Examples

Best Sales Customer Service Advisor Cover Letter Examples

Published: Thursday 7th of September 2017; Words Count: 1750

A cover letter allows you to introduce yourself to a future employer in a way that is professional yet not overly formal. With the right approach, you can illustrate the strengths that make you a good worker and a good colleague. Check out our customer service advisor cover letter example, and use the following do’s and don’ts to help guide you.

  • Do show your genuine side. The best customer service reps are those who can connect with customers, so being real and honest in your cover letter is a good way to show you have that ability.
  • Don’t get too wordy. It’s nice to have strong adjectives, but when you use too many filler words, it starts to look like you don’t have substantive things to say.
  • Do include a catchy header. As long as it isn’t obnoxious, opening with a line like “Why I’m an Excellent Customer Service Advisor” can be a good attention grabber.
  • Don’t undersell yourself. When applying for an advisor position, you need to show that you have the confidence to get the job done right.

Customer Service Advisor Advice

To get a job as a customer service advisor, it takes experience, motivation, and communication skills. You’ll also want to have a compelling cover letter that attracts hiring managers. Use the customer service advisor cover letter examples below to get started on your cover letter today. These cover letter examples are sales-oriented, so you’ll be able to use them as a model, and adjust the content to personalize your cover letter as necessary. Click on any of the design options below to start building your cover letter.

Cover Letter Tips for Customer Service Advisor

When you begin your job hunt, it helps to have a clear set of goals and a clear plan to achieve them. Use the following tips and tricks to help you create your own plan.

1. Keep up with trends in your industry. Read online blogs or other periodicals to learn about new techniques and technology in your field.

2. Attend job fairs. Be sure to dress professionally and bring several copies of your cover letter with you. Be engaging and ask questions, but don’t spend too much time at any one booth.

3. Use social networking. Twitter’s hashtags are a good starting place to learn about open positions and Facebook often has local groups for job postings. Create a LinkedIn account if you prefer something specifically dedicated to careers.

4. Consider changing industries, especially if yours doesn’t have many job openings. Your skillsets, especially those considered transferable skills, might make you a great asset in another industry.

5. Try not to become discouraged. You probably won’t find a job in the first week, let alone overnight, but it’s important to keep working toward your goals. Becoming complacent will just make the task that much harder.

Customer Service Advisor Job Seeking Tips

Searching for jobs as a Customer Service Advisor requires a well-written cover letter that highlights your best assets. Use the following guidelines to make your cover letter more professional.

1. Do create a self-summary that focuses on your best attributes. Use paragraph format to highlight your relevant experience, skills and accomplishments. Aim for between four and six lines of text.

2. Don’t use paragraph format anywhere else, though. Instead, use bullet points that are about one line each. This makes it easier for a busy hiring manager to pick out the most important information on your cover letter.

3. Do keep your cover letter focused only on your industry. Everything you write should relate to the job you’re applying for in some way. If you’re applying to drastically different positions or in more than one industry, you should rework your cover letter to fit each individual position.

4. Don’t include your references on your cover letter. Additionally, don’t end your cover letter with “references available upon request. ” The hiring manager likely knows this. Keep your references on a separate sheet of paper and provide them only when asked.

5. Do proofread thoroughly to keep your cover letter as professional as possible. Consider having a friend or family member look over it for mistakes you might have missed.

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