Media Planner Cover Letter Examples

Best Media Planner Cover Letter Examples

Published: Monday 26th of June 2017; Words Count: 1900

When applying for jobs, it is highly essential to have a strong and well-written cover letter. A good cover letter will introduce you to the hiring manager and provide an overview of your abilities and your excellent fit for the position. For help creating an outstanding cover letter, check out our do’s and don’ts and media planner cover letter example.

  • Do incorporate a story into your cover letter if you like. This is a fantastic way to give a little background about yourself and add some pizazz to your letter while doing so.
  • Don’t repeat your resume. Your cover letter is a good place to provide additional details about yourself and explain why the company should choose you, as shown in our media planner example.
  • Do customize your cover letter. Many people make the mistake of creating a general cover letter and sending it to multiple hiring managers. In our example, the candidate uses the company name and mentions specific skills and experience needed for the position.
  • Don’t add fluff. Instead, use specific and meaningful words and sentences rather than generalized adjectives.

Media Planner Advice

Are you in the market for a job as a media planner. The cover letter examples below can help you in developing your media planner cover letter. Media planners are instrumental in deciding which media a client or brand should utilize in reaching an audience. Use these media planner-specific cover letter examples to see the skills and experience a media planner should highlight on a cover letter, then build your own cover letter and get the job faster!

Cover Letter Tips for Media Planner

Although the job market is favorable, finding jobs as a Media Planner can still be challenging. It takes the right mindset and an organized plan, and the following tips will help make your search an easier one.

1. Make a plan. To make the best use of your time, write out daily and weekly schedules to organize your job search. Include phone calls, online networking, in-person networking, specific job search plans, and preparing your cover letter.

2. If you are considering changing jobs as a Media Planner, take assessments to find out what specific skills you have. These tests can also narrow down your values and interests to help focus your search.

3. If you have been laid off, don’t get discouraged. Look into unemployment benefits to help you financially while you look for another job. See this as an opportunity to find the perfect position.

4. Update your online presence. Make sure you have a LinkedIn account and that it is complete with all your professional information. Research how to use Facebook and Twitter to reach your professional goals, and how use them in a positive and effective way.

5. Redo your cover letter. If it has been awhile since your last job, your cover letter will need some work. Update it with current professional accomplishments and clean it up so it is focused and easy to read.

Media Planner Job Seeking Tips

When applying for jobs as a Media Planner, your cover letter is one of the first things that a hiring manager will see. It is very important that you submit a high quality one, no matter what type of job you are applying for. The following do’s and don’ts should be followed when preparing your cover letter.

1. Do give your cover letter a sharp focus. Most hiring managers will take just a few seconds to scan each cover letter so you want to make sure your skills and highlights are easy to see right away.

2. Don’t use words or phrases that give job descriptions. Instead, use action verbs to point out your accomplishments.

3. Do include contact information, although not too much. Include your full name, city and state only, one phone number, and one email address. Adding a website address is helpful if it highlights your strengths and accomplishments. Make sure everything is professional sounding.

4. Don’t worry if you have no paid work experience. Use applicable skills from campus activities, volunteer work, sports or extracurricular leadership positions, summer camp positions, research projects, self-employed jobs, and certification courses.

5. Do familiarize yourself with the skills that are most in demand by the employment you are seeking. These may include creative talents, teamwork skills, foreign language speaking ability, the ability to persuade others, and ambition.

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