Office Manager Cover Letter Examples

Best Office Manager Cover Letter Examples

Published: Saturday 28th of January 2017; Words Count: 1600

More than just a courtesy, a well-crafted cover letter is actually the best tool for getting your resume noticed and bumping you up on the list of promising candidates. To help you get started, check out the office manager cover letter example and the list of tips to bear in mind when creating your letter.

  • Do research the company so you can adapt your letter to suit its culture.
  • Don’t be too formal. You may even want to include an anecdote to introduce yourself and point out your organizational strengths.
  • Do address your letter directly to the hiring manager for the position if you can identify that person. For example, this applicant used “Ms. Leon” to personalize the letter. Otherwise, try addressing it to the head of the relevant department.
  • Don’t include overused phrases such as “team player” and “uniquely qualified” when describing your strengths. This applicant chose to use “self-starter” to highlight her attributes.
  • Do stress your related work experience and skills more than your education.
  • Don’t make the letter much longer than half a page.

Office Manager Advice

In any office, the position of office manager is one of the most important role in the building. Office managers are responsible for furnishing offices, for floor planning, office supplies, and much more. If you want to get hired as an office manager, you’ll need a stand-out cover letter. That’s where our cover letter examples come in. These cover letter examples include office manager-specific content that can help you craft a letter that stands out from the crowd. Start now and get hired sooner!

Cover Letter Tips for Office Manager

If you’re looking for jobs as a Office Manager, you’ll want to make sure that you’re putting to use the most effective set of job seeking skills. We’ve made a list below to help out with this process.

1. Stay positive. Having a positive mindset will allow you to see everything from the right perspective and remember that your unemployment is only temporary. You might consider joining a support group to connect with other individuals in a similar situation.

2. Get a part time gig. Finding part time work can immediately relieve the financial stresses you may be faced with. Plus, you never know where a part time opportunity could lead.

3. Make a plan for yourself. Devise a plan made up of goals that can be accomplished on a daily or weekly basis. For instance, you might try to send out a certain number of cover letters per week.

4. Connect with your network. Don’t hesitate to reach out to personal or professional contacts that may be able to offer insight into the job market. Their advice will be valuable, and you never know where that next job lead is coming from.

5. Make a presence on social media. Use LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter to grow your online network. Keep in mind that employers also use these sites to find out more about applicants.

Office Manager Job Seeking Tips

When it comes to finding jobs as a Office Manager, your cover letter is your calling card. Be sure that your cover letter makes the strongest impression of you possible with the following do’s and don’ts.

1. Don’t exceed two pages. With the exception of doctors or academics, writing more than two pages is unnecessary. You’ll want to keep your cover letter writing concise and relevant.

2. Do align the text flush left and make use of bullet notes wherever appropriate. These two formatting tips will improve the organization and readability of your writing.

3. Don’t rely on generic language. Words such as “hard working” and “team player” are too common and should be avoided, as you are trying to paint an individual picture of your work experience.

4. Do introduce your work history section with a “Summary of Skills” section. This offers your reader an at-a-glance view of your professional qualifications.

5. Do list your work history in the following recommended order: title of position, employer, city and state of employer, and employment dates.

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