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EssayServices.Org Review

EssayServices.Org Review review

We have heard of EssayServices.Org to some students that we have met and talked with but we have tried their services yet. They have been in the writing services for quite a long time now. They have survived this competitive industry and is known as one of the trusted names when it comes to academic writing. For those who haven’t tried their services, read our review and find out what is in store for you if you use their service. Our comprehensive review includes information about the company, pricing and discounts, customer support system and the quality of their work.

Writing services offered

EssayServices.Org has divided their services into four main categories that they have posted on the price page. These are: writing from scratch, multiple choice questions, problem-solving and editing and proofreading. With the writing from scratch services, the company is offering various types of essays. But the remaining academic paper options are only a few which includes a research paper, thesis, coursework and term paper. Therefore, if you are in need of other types of academic paper, you have to search for other services.

The services can cater every academic level - undergraduate, bachelor, admission help and professional. They did not specify what professional means, so we are not certain if it is Ph. D. or something else.

Pricing and discounts

The most important information for students to check are prices and discounts. When it comes to pricing it is a bit complicated with this service. Actually, there is no page designated for pricing and did not provide any list of prices. However, you can calculate your order using a calculator.

If you need your paper right away as in within hours, you will need to pay more twice the price of the regular paper. This is quite frustrating not only to us but for the students as well. The company offers high-quality content for every order. Does it mean that if you will not pay for editing, you will get a poorly written paper full of errors and mistakes?

If you are looking for discounts, EssayServices.Org does offer some great discounts for their customers. However, these are not discounts for returning or new customers, but discounts depending on the cost of your order.

Paper quality

To test the quality of their paper we tried using their services without the editor’s offer. This will help us assess their writers and if we will be able to determine whether their paper requires editing or not if you do not pay for the editor. After providing them the requirements they have given us the amount of the taxes, the price of our order still at an affordable price which makes the company ideal for students. But, upon receiving the paper, it really requires some editing, which confirmed our suspicion that they are earning more through editing service. The content we received is not bad at all, only some grammar and spelling errors.

How does it work?

Ordering a custom writing service from EssayServices.Org is easy and secure. Their writers are from USA and UK and are all professionals with high academic excellence that provide high-quality academic help within the requested time frame. Your order will be assigned to the most appropriate writer after you have completed the order form. It does not matter where you are located since they have writers from the USA and the UK.

According to them, their professional writers are dedicated to providing only the best quality papers. Some may offer the same services but only few can match the quality and the price EssayServices.Org can provide. They are assuring their customers that they will get what they ordered The Company makes sure that you will be satisfied with the quality of paper they will provide. The students will only have to worry about their exams, giving them less stress from writing.

Customer support

If you have inquiries and questions, you can contact them via email, live chat or landline. You can get the company’s contact details on a separate page along with their company address. Their live chat is available 24/7. We have tried contacting them using a landline and live chat and we were satisfied with their immediate response and actions. If you have immediate concerns or problems regarding your order, you can reach them through phone or live chat. You will get a response right away.


We find EssayServices.Org is a trusted company that offers quality essays at an affordable price. Their prices are competitive, but it requires you to pay an additional fee if you want the editor’s service. Actually, you really need the service of their editor as their paper has some grammatical and spelling errors. We cannot recommend the company not because they cannot provide what you need but because of the additional fee that you need to pay for their editor.

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