10 Important Skills for Every Writer

10 Important Skills for Every Writer

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Are you interested in becoming a best-selling book or a freelance writer in a reliable company? Good for you that you are reading this post because this is where you will get your first lesson on important skills that every writer should possess. The objective of this post is to help the writers learn the essentials in writing.

Let’s start. Writing is not easy, this is the first thing that you should know. There are lots of people who did not succeed to become good writers because they ignored the essentials of the profession. A professional essay writer produces quality work because he follows the guidelines accurately and it requires a continuous learning process.

Reasons why writers fail

Professional writers dedicated a lot of time and effort in order to produce a quality write-up. Some people perceived this job as easy and anyone can be successful in this industry. Although this statement is not false, it does not mean that it is true either. Yes, each of us can write, but can everyone write an article for the New York Times, definitely not. Some reasons why others failed to become a good writer are as follows:

  1. Those who become a writer, but consider it as an easy occupation and does not take it seriously usually fail because they lack the knowledge and has the low skill level.
  2. One reason why some people are not successful is that they take it lightly.
  3. They also have misconceptions about the profession.

Their clients are not satisfied or disappointed because the paper they provide requires major revision or should be rewritten completely.

How to become a good writer?

Those who take the profession seriously are successful on being a writer and could be earning big in the future.

  • A good writer normally undergoes training and special education to learn the techniques on how to write effectively.
  • A good writer should give attention to details, learn the techniques to attract readers, knows how to construct sentences well and should proofread their own work.

Keep in mind, writing is a profession and you need to learn the essentials before you start getting orders.

Skills a writer should develop

Below are 10 important skills that will help both the beginners and the experienced writers succeed in becoming a writer.

1. Make Multi-Level Descriptions

Make use of object correlatives to provide the reader a clear image of the plot, while creating a connection between the object or scene described and the emotions of a specific character.

2. Use Anecdotes

An effective way to attract the readers is to make the write-up fun to read and helps them to attract in your story.

3. Proofread Your Own Work

An effective way of proofreading your work is by reading it aloud and correct it if needed. It is important that before you submit it to an editor you should edit it on your own first.

4. Create Multi-Level Dialogs
  • Describe the setting
  • Express emotion
  • Tell backstory
  • Portray action
5. Be an Active Observer

Look for relations between what is visible and invisible to someone.

6. Create Scenes
  • Decide on a simple and one event to utilize as a narrative outline
  • Apply the chronology of a day or night, follow the hours, the sun and moon position and other factors around you as an easy and natural way to make scenes
7. Express things in unique ways
  • Learn to distinguish and avoid clichés
  • Look at the ordinary situations in a different angle
8. Understand the “Ladder of Abstraction”

The Ladder of Abstraction is the simple way to habituate a vital attitude towards writing and language.

9. Research the writing market

Read magazines, journals, and blogs you are interested in and the site you wish to send your work.

10. Develop a Publishing Mindset

You should view at publication, not as one event but a continuous process in which you will develop an entire mindset.

  • Imagine what will be the editor’s reaction upon receiving your submission.
  • Accept rejection and learn from it.
  • Keep organized so that you can submit pitches continuously and multiple submissions.


For those who are just starting their professional career in writing, hope you will be able to develop the above 10 important skills to help you to advance to a higher level. Those who are already into writing and has been doing this for years will take some helpful pointers to take their career to another level.

Aside from the essential guidelines, it also contains specific guidelines to help you achieve each skill. They create an outline of the strategies utilized by experienced writers to create an excellent content for different purposes. Keep the above tips and important skills in mind if you want to become an effective and successful writer. Experience is an important factor but developing the right skills is more vital in producing the right paper needed by your clients or for your personal blogs.

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