Pipefitter Cover Letter Examples

Best Pipefitter Cover Letter Examples

Published: Wednesday 22nd of February 2017; Words Count: 1400

As a first impression, a well-written cover letter is an important aspect of a strong job application. For many, writing one is easier said than done. For helpful tips and guidance on tackling this job, read through our pipefitter cover letter example and corresponding dos and don’ts.

  • Do highlight your value to the company more than the value of the job to you.
  • Don’t spend the first sentence introducing yourself. The hiring manager already knows your name, so jump right into the content of your letter.
  • Do custom tailor your cover letter. Make references to the specific pipefitting job and/or company so the person reading it will know it’s not just a form letter. Note how the example mentions the corporation by name and its reputation as an industry leader.
  • Don’t clash with company culture. Before composing your letter, familiarize yourself with the tone and attitude found on the company’s website so you can echo that philosophy.

Pipefitter Advice

Piperfitter jobs are available for skilled professionals with the right combination of skill, experience, and a good cover letter.The cover letter examples we’ve compiled can help you to build your pipefitter cover letter. Just click on any of the designs and use the pre-written text as a guide to tailor your cover letter for your specific requirements. Get started on your cover letter right now and get hired sooner!

Cover Letter Tips for Pipefitter

Finding jobs as a Pipefitter isn’t hard when putting forth a concerted effort. Here are five tips to help you get hired.

1. Use online tools to the full. For example, use advanced search forms to narrow results down to the most applicable. Take advantage of notification features to email you as soon as new postings go live that meet your criteria.

2. Let recruiters find you. In addition to your proactive search for a new occupation, post your cover letter to top career sites. Headhunters often use these sites to approach candidates.

3. Keep your network strong. Jobs as a Pipefitter often go to those who are in the know. Join a local chapter of an industry group and arrive early at regular meetings.

4. Check and update your online reputation. Most hiring managers will search a candidate’s first and last name in a search engine to learn more about the person. To make a good impression, keep your online reputation professional.

5. Dress to impress. When it comes time to interview, choose clean, matching, ironed clothing. If there’s any question as to how you should look, always dress a notch up rather than down. Looking good will also keep your confidence strong.

Pipefitter Job Seeking Tips

The cover letter is your most important document when it comes to landing jobs as a Pipefitter. Here are a few tips to help you to compete against other candidates who are applying for the same position.

1. Keep the printed version to a single page. Resist the urge to go onto page two, unless you work in academia, law or medicine. For an online profile, the one-page rule does not apply.

2. Choose fonts wisely. With a multitude of formatting options at your fingertips, you may be tempted to select an extra fancy one for your cover letter. Keeping in mind however that hiring managers often spend just a few seconds scanning the document, choose fonts based on readability.

3. Make sure that its content is to the point. When listing accomplishments and responsibilities, remember that more is sometimes less. In other words, more adjectives do not necessarily result in more invitations to interview.

4. Leave off reference information. When it comes time to obtain references, a hiring manager, recruiter or human resources representative will ask you for such.

5. Consider adding something additional to highlight your unique skills. Including a link to an online profile or portfolio can make a curious manager more eager to get to know you better.

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