Quality Assurance Specialist Cover Letter Examples

Best Quality Assurance Specialist Cover Letter Examples

Published: Friday 13th of January 2017; Words Count: 1800

If job hunting feels like a treacherous journey, then an expertly written cover letter could be your first-class ticket to success. Of course, you may need some other navigational tools, which is why you should study our quality assurance specialist cover letter example and corresponding list of writing dos and don’ts.

  • Do use the actual name of the person who will be reviewing your application. The example jobseeker addresses her cover letter to Ms. Banks, setting a tone that is both natural and professional.
  • Don’t be shy. The example applicant lists numerous ways that she will enforce industry standards and deliver flawless work, which is critical in a quality assurance specialist position.
  • Do have some trusted friends look over your letter before you submit it. Not only are they likely to catch any errors you missed, but they can also provide honest feedback about their first impressions.
  • Don’t ramble. Keep your letter around half a page long so your hiring managers stay interested the whole time they are reading.

Quality Assurance Specialist Advice

If you’re looking for a job as a quality assurance specialist, you’ll need the right combination of experience, knowledge and drive. You’ll also need a well-crafted cover letter to get noticed. The cover letter examples below can help you do that. Simply click on any of the quality assurance specialist cover letter examples for a template that will make it fast and easy to create your own professional cover letter. Take the next step in your career today!

Cover Letter Tips for Quality Assurance Specialist

Ready to jump right into your search for jobs as a Quality Assurance Specialist? Get off on the right foot with these job-hunting tips.

1. Create a schedule for conducting job-searching activities, which include scouring the web for job listings, preparing your cover letter, or attending training sessions. Having a schedule channels your job-hunting efforts into productive results.

2. When applying to a job, research the culture of the company. Background knowledge will be helpful in tailoring your application to the company.

3. Network with other people in your desired industry, especially if you want to make a career change. A contact in your networking circle may be able to connect you to job leads or at least offer you valuable insight about landing in your desired field.

4. Utilize social media and online job boards. A handful of companies use their Twitter accounts to post job openings; professional social networking site LinkedIn also has job postings. For online job boards, e-mail alerts based on your job criteria can help you stay on top of new job leads.

5. Set your expectations for the long haul. In a job search, don’t overlook having a positive mindset. Persistence in your job search often is the key to standing out among other job seekers.

Quality Assurance Specialist Job Seeking Tips

When seeking a job as a Quality Assurance Specialist, a winning cover letter is the key to getting an interview. These tips can help your cover letter make a meaningful first impression, which is critical when hiring managers scan several job applications for a single position.

1. Include a “Summary of Qualifications” or “Profile” section. This can help immediately highlight your skill set or experience at first glance.

2. Use concrete action verbs. For example, instead of “worked,” use “collaborated. ” Concrete verbs offer more description and specificity, which make your cover letter content more dynamic.

3. Emphasize transferrable skills in your cover letter, especially when you’re making a career change. Transferrable skills include communications skills or customer service interpersonal skills.

4. Make sure your cover letter is readable. This is achieved through a clean format, such as having a bullet list or a flush left text alignment.

5. Quantify your achievements or job responsibilities. This includes describing the goals you met or surpassed or the number of employees you supervised.

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