SEO Cover Letter Examples

Best SEO Cover Letter Examples

Published: Thursday 14th of September 2017; Words Count: 850

A strong cover letter sets the stage for your resume and helps your job application stand out from the pile on the hiring manager’s desk. To get an idea of what to include as you write, take a look at our SEO cover letter example and list of tips tailored to your field.

  • Do use language that focuses on what you can bring to the company rather than what the company can do for you.
  • Don’t let your letter run on too long. A short and direct letter will make a better impression than a longer one with its message bogged down by extra words.
  • Do highlight what you can deliver to the company right away. Your past experience is important, but the hiring manager is likely more concerned with what you will do in the future should you get the job.
  • Don’t forget to edit your letter. This is especially important for applicants in the SEO field since the job heavily involves writing. Your spelling and grammar should be flawless.

Seo Advice

Looking for an SEO position? SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is an internet marketing strategy designed to help boost internet search traffic. The SEO cover letter examples below have been developed to assist SEO professionals in building their own job-winning cover letters. Using these cover letter examples, you’ll in great shape to land more interviews, and get the job quickly.

Cover Letter Tips for Seo

Being out of work or stuck doing something you don’t like can be a bummer. Happily though, you can get your hand on jobs as a SEO by doing the same thing that a good occupation requires: hard work. Here are a few suggestions for landing your next dream gig.

1. Talk to people. Word of mouth spreads quickly as a SEO, and if people know you are available for work, your next gig could be just a phone call away.

2. Do your research. Find out who the current top employers are, which businesses are growing and where leaders forecast the best opportunities. Use this data to fuel your efforts.

3. Always write a fresh cover letter. Tailor your piece to what the position requires. Ensure that even if you don’t have the exact experience they are looking for, try to make note of transferrable skills that you can take to your next employer.

4. Keep an open mind. With technology changing almost everything, workers face times when former positions become obsolete. Such changes provide opportunities to develop new skills.

5. Never lie on your application. Staying honest in regards to age, education and experience will only help you in the long run. Resist the temptation to twist numbers even a little in your favor.

Seo Job Seeking Tips

Your cover letter is a requirement for applying at most companies, but you should think of it more as your ticket to career success. If your cover letter is out of date, or hasn’t won you the opportunity that you were looking for yet, then read over the following tips.

1. It should represent you well. Choose fonts, styles and a page layout that match your career. But don’t get too carried away about the design, unless you’re applying to work as an artist.

2. When printing your cover letter, choose a thick, solid piece of paper. A heavier and more solid looking document is more likely to draw attention when managers have to sort through numerous candidates.

3. When listing your experience, focus on accomplishments rather than on duties. When it makes sense, quantify results from your previous position(s).

4. Be cautious about listing hobbies and sports. These “extracurricular activities” are great to show for new grads or for college students looking for an internship, but beyond that, it’s not going to give you an edge for jobs as a SEO.

5. Consider having contact cards made. You’re not going to be able to carry copies of your cover letter with you at all times. Whenever you head out, ensure that you have a few in your wallet. You never know when opportunity will present itself.

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