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Trusting Life to God (611 words, 2 pages)
How my trust in God reveals the ability to have a loving relationship, placing God at the center of my life, gifts me with the ability to have healthy relationships, Appling tolerance, patience and loving kindness. Appling tolerance, I have found with my struggles in relationships more times than not, ... Read More
Child Psychology and Cognitive Development (2414 words, 8 pages)
Each day we wake up with something important or meaningful that we must do. Everyones view of the world is very different but we all want to succeed at what we do. When were young we get help from our parents and teachers to help solve important problems. As we ... Read More
Dream Interpretation: A Journey into Discovering the Nature of the Most Mysterious Phenomenon in Human Psychology (3677 words, 12 pages)
For centuries the mystery of dreams have confused and fascinated thousands of people causing a never ending disagreement on how they should be interpreted. Some say dreams are an inner look into ones soul, while others say they are simply memories the brain replays. Our dreams combine verbal, visual and ... Read More
Personality Types and Learning Styles (551 words, 2 pages)
Based on the material read and taken assessments about Personalitytypes, Learning styles and Team working strategies, I have clarify mylearning styles and personality types. Intrapersonal being my highestalong with moderate Verbal Lenguistic and Logical mathematical styles Ihave grasp different ways in which to communicate and collaborateefficiently. As a highly developed ... Read More
Why America Should Stop Dependence on Foreign Oil (1252 words, 6 pages)
IntroYour driving in the fast lane belting out the new song on the radio when all of a sudden your station wagon rolls to a stop. Panic rushes through your veins, your out of gas. Now picture the earth as that car, except earth can't refill its tank.America will run ... Read More
Physical Qualities of Natural Gas and Liquid Propane (254 words, 1 pages)
Liquid Propane and Natural Gas are used by people all over the United States every day. Propane and Natural Gas are similar in ways for which they are used for home heating, water heaters, cooking, drying, and even pool heaters. Even though these two gasses are used for the same ... Read More
The Environmental Benefits of Electric Automobiles (1206 words, 5 pages)
American people go through thousands of gallons of fuel every day to put into their vehicles. Currently, using gasoline is the cheapest way to get around. The majority of people in the United States has come to the same conclusion and recognizes that the words oil supply will eventually run ... Read More
The Life and Death of Karl Marx (695 words, 2 pages)
If there is a nation that is not America that has given us myriads of great minds and famous people, it would be the nation of Germany. Germany has given us musicians like Bach and Beethoven, theologians like Martin Luther and Dietrich Bonhoffer, and brave young women like Anne Frank ... Read More
Nietzsche's Philosophical Development (1278 words, 3 pages)
Alas, whoever knows the heart will guess how poor, stupid, helpless,arrogant, blundering, more apt to destroy than to save is even the bestand profoundest love!'' (BW 409)In 1882, Nietzsche was wandering through Italy alone when he received aletter from his friend Paul Ree recounting the discussions between Reeand a remarkable ... Read More
Seven Steps to Success (656 words, 3 pages)
What is success? According to The Free Dictionary success is the achievement of something desired, planned, or attempted. There are key elements to take into consideration when determined to achieve the journey of a successful life. One of the main ingredients of achieving successfully is to establish a mindset of ... Read More
Slowing down for the Cheese: Italian Identity from an American Point of View (3217 words, 12 pages)
Italy is a southern European country best known for its cultural exports of wine, cheese, and blazing fast sports cars. It is a country that many dream of vacationing in for its notable art, rich heritage and noteworthy architecture. Many can conjure a mental image of the David sculpture or ... Read More
A Discussion on the Accuracy of Roy Feinson's Theory About Having Clear Insights in Life (246 words, 1 pages)
Roy Feinson's theory turns out to be very accurate and entertaining. Ifirst stated that I would give him a seven on his accuracy, but it turnsout to be more of a nine. After reading over it a few more times I realizedhow right he was about everything except two statements. ... Read More
An Analysis of the Law of Time (1013 words, 2 pages)
Law of TimeWhat is time?Everything happening in the universe can be described as an oscillationprocess, both on micro and macro levels. Spin of electrons around atomicnucleus, spin of Moon around Earth, spin of Earth and planets around Sun,spin of galaxies. Also everything in life of a human depends on particularrhythms ... Read More
Knowing Someone's Character (844 words, 2 pages)
In an interesting conversation recently I told a friend, if you want to know something about ones character watch them compete in a game. Are they competitive? How far are they willing to bend the rules to win? How much effort are they willing to apply before quitting, or do ... Read More
Three Major Philosophers That Have Contributed to Western Philosophy (879 words, 3 pages)
There are many philosophers in the world today. There are manyphilosophy classes being taught in high schools, colleges, and evenmiddle schools. One thing that most philosophers in the world and mostphilosophy classes have in common is that they base their research andstudies of philosophy off of three men who have ... Read More
How Having Confidence Can Make One Successful (710 words, 2 pages)
When Henry Ford decided to create an automobile, he failed and went broke 5 times before he succeeded. He later on created the first ever automobile known as the Model T. Within four years Ford was producing over forty thousand cars per year. This proves Ford did fail over and ... Read More
The Desire for Freedom and Benefit (815 words, 3 pages)
Ralph Waldo Emerson once said, The desire of gold is not gold. It is for the means of freedom and benefit. I specifically chose this quote because it was something I had often thought myself. Ultimately, everything we do is designed to make ourselves happy. At the fundamental level, we ... Read More
The Importance of Self-Esteem (956 words, 3 pages)
Self-esteem is an important part of being effective according to thebook because it gives you control over your actions. Self-esteem whichis the value you give yourself, the way you percibe yourself in theWorld consequently, affects the way people see you, the way youinteract with others. Also, it is the result ... Read More
Comparing Faith and Reason (294 words, 1 pages)
Faith meansconfidenceortrustinapersonor thing and reason means apreposition used to indicate the source or beginning ofsomething. Faith in reason really means to believe that onecould use commonsense and logic instead of instinct. Faith issomeones guidance and ones own logic and reason to do things.That one will use their brain and think ... Read More
Joining Philosophy Club Out of Necessity (144 words, 1 pages)
Essay 1I joined Philosophy Club out of necessity. I was a policy debater with great research skills that could pull a topical argument out of thin air. My problem was debating theory. I couldn't. I knew that I could win if I had a basic understanding of the mainstream philosophical ... Read More
Advantages of Working (934 words, 2 pages)
Far and away the best prize that life offers is the chance to work hardat work worth doing quoted by Theodore Roosevelt in 1903 a motivational speaker.I totally agree with Roosevelt because work is in high demand and one of the bestthings you can do in your life is work. ... Read More
Comparing Locke and Hobbes (211 words, 1 pages)
In the 17th century, two political theories dominated the European continent. Absolutism and constitutionalism were both political theories that rested on the relationship between the monarchy and the elite. Referred to as lancien regime, this relationship differed between the two theories in the way that power was distributed and how ... Read More
Comparing and Contrasting Two Theories: Locke's Representative Realism versus Berkeley's Subjective Idealism (946 words, 4 pages)
When I look at the two theories of Locke's Representative Realism and Berkeley's subjective idealism, it is Berkleys Subjective Idealism that is the stronger of the two. Berkley and Locke differed on one out of three Epistemological questions which are, (1) Is it possible to have knowledge? (2) Does reason ... Read More
The Pre-Socratics, Sophist and Plato (1584 words, 5 pages)
Explain (by providing reasons) and evaluate (by giving arguments) the notion of Platonic Dualism?The notion of Platonic Dualism was founded on Platos idea or theory about existence. According to Plato, our world in divided in two dimensions, on one hand we have the physical world, the one that we live ... Read More
A Personal Philosophy of Life (4496 words, 15 pages)
my philosophy of lifeThe basis of all good and worth first and foremost comes from the love for our parents. I cant remember the writers name and where I read this saying, but I know he truly was a great man. Because precisely this sense of love generates the best ... Read More
World Views and Values (1471 words, 5 pages)
Different family structures shape the way individuals view the world and determine what one values as a good society. The many different family structures that shape the way an individual views the world and what values that person puts into a good society are based on many factors. These factors ... Read More
Why I Want to Pursue a Degree in Sociology and Psychology (179 words, 1 pages)
I was very interested in extracurricular aspect of art when I was in high school my passion was for modern and contemporary art. My interest for art started with drawing and painting, I did few pieces of sculpting that did not last very long. My passion was for expressing myself ... Read More
Why Beauty Is a Beast (870 words, 3 pages)
True beauty is the people that will do anything to make the world a place for future people and know even if they dont wear the right close or any makeup that they have their own goals and will find the way to make it happen.Beauty is not just someone ... Read More
Hsun Tzu Philosophy of Human Nature (338 words, 1 pages)
Human nature refers to individual characteristics, including ways of thinking, feeling and acting. Those are characteristics which humans are born with and come naturally. When humans are born they do no automatically become good, they are educated and leaded by parents, teachers, or elders. Hsun Tzu argues that humans are ... Read More
What is Human Nature? (487 words, 2 pages)
Human nature refers to individual characteristics, including ways of thinking, feeling and acting. These are characteristics with which people are born. When humans are born, they do not automatically become good, they are educated and lead by parents, teachers, or elders. Hsun Tzu argues that humans are naturally evil. I ... Read More
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