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An Essay on Understanding the Misunderstood Art From Different Cultures (664 words, 3 pages)
Understanding the Misunderstood Art From Different Cultures By Kate WoodsArt is a medium used by people world wide to express their ideas, their fears,and their joys. The artist takes the experiences of life and translates theminto a visual object, rich in colors, shapes and sizes, for all the world toobserve. ... Read More
An Introduction to the Life of Laura Jane Addams (1708 words, 7 pages)
Jane AddamsLaura Jane Addams was born on September 6, 1860 in Cedarville, Illinois to John and Sarah Addams, a high-class family. Janes mother was a very kind woman, whose compassion for the sick, rich or poor, left and impression on Jane (Wise). Jane was christened as Laura Jane Adams and ... Read More
An Analysis of Montaigne's Opinion on the Critical Components of Speech and Its Uses in The Art of Conversation (1538 words, 5 pages)
Essay 4Montaigne was an influential man in his time. He had a castle but the most important part to him was his library. He thought it was important to read and therefore had an admirable collection of texts. With the belief that reading is important he decided to write. In ... Read More
A Comparison of Cultural Importance of Art by Susan Langer and Roosts of Wisdom by Helen Mitchell (649 words, 2 pages)
Susanne K Langer, an American philosopher renowned for her theories of art, views linguistics being as vital to conceptual expression. Words are the terms of our thinking as well as the terms in which we present our thoughts, because they present the objects of thought to the thinker himself. She ... Read More
Stephen Davies' View on Musical Expressiveness (2083 words, 7 pages)
Stephen Davies and Musical ExpressivenessIn Stephen Davies paper, Philosophical Perspectives on Musics Expressiveness, he highlights issues that he deems inhibitors of Music's ability to be expressive of emotions. Davies paper revolves around three puzzles, or problems, that he believes have dominated philosophical discussions and music and emotion over the past ... Read More
A Comparison Between Inner and Outer Beauty (625 words, 2 pages)
Inner VS Outer BeautyThe definition of beauty is a combination of qualities that pleases the aesthetic senses, especially the sight (google definitions). Beauty is determined by the mind. Therefore, beauty cannot be proven by a fact or a low since it is completely based on how and what a person ... Read More
The True Definition of Beauty (1016 words, 4 pages)
So many beauties in this appealing world, The true beauty lies in the beholder's eyes, There is beauty in the child's innocence and in mother's love, There is beauty in a friend's affection and in a tender heart, There is beauty in a pretty smile and caring eyes, There is ... Read More
An Examination of the Relationship Between Art and Truth (670 words, 2 pages)
What is the relationship between art and truth?There are those who argue that artists (when defining art in a wide sense to include literature, music, and other art forms) have a special responsibility to convey the truth. This responsibility exists not only because the impact of their work gives them ... Read More
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