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An Introduction to the History of Schools Taking Part in Promoting Hitler's Ideals (593 words, 3 pages)
1. Hitler demanded that the nation produce a "violently active, dominating, intrepid, brutal youth." What part did the schools play in carrying out that goal? The schools taught the students to live a military lifestyle. Everything was very structured. Everything they did, they did mechanically. The games they played as ... Read More
The Tragedies of School Violence and Suggestions for Preventing It (620 words, 1 pages)
School Violence The Columbine TragedyTuesday, April 20,1999, is one of the most significant dates to the tragedies of school violence. It all started 1 year and 6 months ago. It was a normal morning in Littleton,Colorado the students of Columbine High School had no idea of the tragedies that would ... Read More
An Overview of the Nurturing Instinct on the College (809 words, 2 pages)
The Nurturing InstinctCan a male survive without his mother at college as well as a female can in performing simple tasks? I believe that it is more difficult for a male to go away to college than it is for a female. A female may inherit a mothering gene, which ... Read More
A Comparison of the Merits and Demerits of County and City Schools (459 words, 1 pages)
Walking down the hall I get a sense of disbelief. Is this really me and am I really here or is it a dream. I just transferred to a new school. Though it does not sound that bad, in actually reality it has been a total turn around. My old ... Read More
An Analysis of Rogers's Notion of Freedom in Classroom (301 words, 1 pages)
Drawing from our experiances with formal education , we have come to agree with Rogers to some degree, but also disagree with some of the points that he made concerning freedom in the classroom. There are many components of the theory that would be helpful to the learning process of ... Read More
Ebonics Should Not Be Taught in American Schools (1866 words, 3 pages)
EBONICS IS NOT THE ANSWEROver the pass few months, a controversial subject regarding the education of African American students in the Oakland School District has made its way to the top of discussions across America. Ebonics or African American Vernacular English (AAVE), or Vernacular Black English (VBE) has been erroneously ... Read More
An Overview of the Life in High School in the United States (1055 words, 1 pages)
Life in a High School Bart Hayes Eng102sec.065 42700 Cliques are small groups of between two and twelve individuals. Cliques are small enough that the members feel that they know each other better than do people outside the clique. Members of a clique share common activities and friendships. They are ... Read More
An Analysis of the Problem of Violence in Schools in United States (2154 words, 4 pages)
The problem of violence in schools today is a major concern. Crime in and around schools threatens the well being of students, as well as the school staff and the surrounding communities. It also holds back learning and student achievement. The problem is more defined in the public school system ... Read More
An Outline on the Issue of School Uniforms in Public Schools (629 words, 2 pages)
OutlineThesis School uniforms should be required in public schools because their use would lead to higher education, less violence, and lower cost to parents. I.EducationA. Discipline toward learning 1. Less distractions 2. Less stressB. Better Grades 1. Attendance 2. Focus II. ViolenceA. Less hostility1. Less peer pressure2. Everybody's equalB. Weapons1. ... Read More
A Look at Merits and Demerits of Uniforms in Schools (508 words, 1 pages)
Uniforms in School, Good or Bad?Due to misconduct and obscure nature of students, school districts have decided to create a school uniform to create an equal environment in which students have a less of a chance to cause problems. In the opinions of most students, they considered this an act ... Read More
Educational Programs Should Be Made Available in Prisons (1230 words, 2 pages)
Educational Programs in PrisonsIt is not a surprise to see that prisoners all have a low education level. I guess a more educated person has enough sense not to be involved with crimethe relationship between crime and education is easy to see when viewing these facts (Cordes 1). This is ... Read More
An Opposing View of the Inclusion of Disabled Children into Regular Classrooms (1188 words, 2 pages)
Inclusion in ClassInclusion mainstreams physically, mentally, and multiply disabled children into regular classrooms. Back in the sixties and the seventies, disabled children were excluded all together from regular classrooms. Currently, the federal inclusion law, I.D.E.A. (Individuals with Disabilities Education Act), addresses children whose handicaps range from autistic and very severe ... Read More
America's Serious Concern About the Faltering Public School System (695 words, 3 pages)
Argumentative Essay Educational ReformSince the early 1980's, the issue of America's faltering public schoolsystem has become a serious concern. The crisis in K-12 education is one of thebiggest challenges facing the nation. There is a great deal of evidence to showthis problem. The pathetically low results of American students throughinternational ... Read More
Details About Board Schools in the U.S. (1888 words, 9 pages)
Board Schools For most people boarding schools conjure up thoughts of young men in navyblue blazers with white shirts and a tie going to a beautiful school with ivycovered walls and the game of polo being played in the distance. Oh, and don'tforget thoughts of parents with fat wallets and ... Read More
How to Successfully Manage Classroom Behavior (338 words, 2 pages)
Managing Classroom BehaviorManaging classroom behavior can be a difficult task, especially if youhave a child who is always causing disturbances. Once you have identified thatthere is a problem, you should ask yourself six simple questions. The firstquestion asked is whether the problem is a result of inappropriate curriculum orteaching strategies. ... Read More
The Academic Attitude of a Student in Life (993 words, 5 pages)
Academic Attitude During the course of a student's progression through academia, he mustlearn that the teacher cannot think for him. It is essential for a student tofree his mind, allowing thought to flow. Instead of waiting for the answers tobe handed to him on a silver platter, he will rise ... Read More
The Benefits of Having Students Wear Same Uniform and Have Same Hairstyles (542 words, 1 pages)
John Doe walks into a skyscraper, confident and well groomed wearing a tie, suit, and dress shoes. His confidence moves him forward, as he enters an elevator going up to the 23rd floor. He approaches his first job interview since leaving Jesuit Prep McAllen McAllen Law. This well groomed man ... Read More
Growing Racial Discrimination on College Campuses (318 words, 2 pages)
On Campuses, Students Confront a Growing Racial Divide Michael Peloso February 12, 1997 Sociology 101In the article, On Campuses, Srudents Confront a Growing Racial Divide,it discusses the racial issues that occur on college campuses and nationwideracism like the O.J. Simpson trial or the Million Man March.For example, when the verdict ... Read More
An Analysis on the Two Types of College People on Campus (320 words, 2 pages)
Two Kinds of People on Campus Party Animal and The Sober Guy In college there are two kinds of people, the party animal, and The soberguy. The sober guy stays out of trouble, studies hard, and sometimes keeps tohimself. The party animal studies (most of the time), never avoids trouble, ... Read More
Schools Should Prepare Children for Life in Society (364 words, 2 pages)
Schools Should Prepare Children For Life in SocietyIn today's information society people often think that characters from TV-showsor talkshow guests reflect our society. Although that opinion is rather based onthe disability of people to use information than on any logical thoughts, thereis something every talkshow reminds us of people are ... Read More
An Analysis of the Discipline in the Classroom in the Past and Present (1528 words, 7 pages)
Discipline in the Classroom Past and Present Throughout the history of classroom education, many different types ofdisciplinary systems have been applied by teachers and other authority figuresin schools for the sole purpose of controlling student behaviour. These systemsinclude corporal punishment, psychological abuse or neglect, and assertivediscipline. Although two of these ... Read More
An Analysis of the Ebonics in the Schools of the United States (1068 words, 5 pages)
Ebonics in Schools Many black individuals have played their part in America's history. Hasthe Oakland School gone too far by wanting to teach a black slang language inschool. In this paper, you will see the peoples, teachers, and the student'sopinion as well as the Senate. A lot of people are ... Read More
A Biography of Stephen Bantu Biko the Founder of South African Students's Organization (884 words, 4 pages)
Stephen Bantu BikoStephen Biko is known internationally as the founder of the SouthAfrican Students' Organization (SASO), and a leading force in the South AfricaBlack Consciousness movement. He fought against the separation between blackand whites, called apartheid (the Afrikaans term for separateness). Hischildhood experiences and character, lead him to became a ... Read More
A Response to an Article Stating that High School Graduates Should Do Community Service (468 words, 2 pages)
Down With Community ServiceDear Editor,I have recently read an article in the newspaper that concerned youngpeople doing community service after they graduate high school. It stated thatthey should do two years of community service. I disagree with the article formany reasons.Many people will agree with me about the community service ... Read More
A Literary Analysis of the Role of the Teacher by Irving Layton (520 words, 1 pages)
The essay "The Role of the Teacher" written by Irving Layton reviews the current state of our ever criticized school system. The author shows us how we view the problems of the school system and explains how and why we place blame on teachers. He shows how "penny-pinching school boards"(p145) ... Read More
The Decline in the American Education System According to "A Nation at Risk" (2291 words, 9 pages)
According to "A Nation at Risk", the American education system has declined due to a "rising tide of mediocrity" in our schools. States such as New York have responded to thefindings and recommendations of the report by implementing such strategies as the"Regents Action Plan" and the "New Compact for Learning". ... Read More
Public Education Should Be a Right Not a Privilege in the United States (262 words, 2 pages)
Public Education should be a right not a privilege. In my opinion, publiceducation should be a right. We need public education. When it comes to voting,the government can make more educated decisions concerning the will of theAmerican Public. Public education is needed for all kids. Kids need to stay awayfrom ... Read More
An Overview of the Managing Classroom Behavior (339 words, 1 pages)
MANAGING CLASSROOM BEHAVIORREPORT 1Managing classroom behavior can be a difficult task, especially if you have a child who is always causing disturbances. Once you have identified that there is a problem, you should ask yourself six simple questions. The first question asked is whether the problem is a result of ... Read More
An Overview of the Inter-Racial Schooling Before Going to Minneapolis Community and Technical College (576 words, 3 pages)
Throughout most of my school years, before attending MCTC, I had neverexperienced inter-racial schooling. I went to a small high school with about twentyminority students. These students were not outcasts they were treated as any other non-minority student. Therefore, I had little experience with minorities in a non-minorityschool. After the ... Read More
An Argument That Uniforms Should Definitely Be Used in School Systems (413 words, 2 pages)
UNIFORMS IN SCHOOL Uniforms should definitely be used in school systems. Everything aboutit makes sense. Not everyone is going to be happy about it at first, but theywill slowly but surely adjust. Uniforms free students of the stress on what to wear in the morning. I usually have that problem, ... Read More
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