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Published: Friday 25th of January 2013

Dance Essay Example

My passion has always been dancing. Ever since I was a child, dancing brought joy and happiness to my life. This has been there ever since prehistoric time. Dance has helped a lot of people express themselves better in movement. A lot of people have often dismissed dancing as an easy sport. On the contrary, it requires technique, skills, and discipline to master it. People, usually, dance for fun or to entertain others. It is one of the best ways to express oneself or just to tell a story without involving so many words. Dance can also be a career choice for a person. If you are lucky, you can find well-paying jobs in the television shows, competitions, as well as dance for companies like National Basketball Association (NBA) and National Football League (NFL).

Importance of Dancing

When dancing, there are moral lessons to pick on it like never giving up. The chances are high that you will not get the right move the first time. You need to practice on a daily basis until you can master those moves. Perseverance is another lesson to learn from dancing. When you find yourself making mistakes, falling and your body feels sore all over, all you need is courage to get up and try again. Hope gives you that confidence to know that you will imperfect your move and impress judges when the time is right, for the hard work that you put in will eventually pay off.

Reasons to Love Dancing

Dancing makes one forget all problems and have that carefree feeling, thus, making a person feel happy, joyful without saying a word and just savor this moment. Dance also triples one’s energy as they control their body movements making it a beautiful form of art. Dancing can also act as a form of stress reliever. When I find myself sad, upset or angry, I just dance away my troubles. You will be amazed that you dance better when angry. Turn on the music and dance your heart out and by the end of it, you will feel much better. What is a decent way to meet and make new friends if not through dancing? It opens doors to improving your social life and meeting amazing dancers from around the world. If dancing as a team, it is also a way of gaining friends with your teammates, and after practice or dancing competitions; you get to share a pizza, ice cream or smoothies together. The best medium which people show the world their true colors is through dancing. They get to showcase their talents and who they can be. You can understand your emotions and understand yourself better. You get to show your personality through dancing as it is indeed an art. It is through that connection with the music that our minds, bodies, and thoughts are affected to bring the positive vibe in us. Dance also teaches us about life. It shows us to approach life creatively. You learn to be more confident in doing your day to day activities. Dancing has taught me to understand my feelings and listen to my emotions. It is an extremely personal to me as it is an expression that is within us and only our actions can let the world see it. The best way to keep yourself fit and have fun at the same time is through dancing. It engages one physically, socially and emotionally. It has taught me the importance of fitness and movement in numerous ways through a range of disciplines. Dancing has motivated me to stay in shape by eating healthy food and practicing most of the time. I have learned the journey of growth through dance as it helps one to understand the world in a different perspective. You get to learn the importance of criticism and take it positively, and this enables you to become the best. It also brings you joy when you share a dance, and you realize that you have put smiles and thrilled the audience. By knowing that I’ve put all my efforts in dancing. I have earned respect from my family, fellow dancers, and friends. When I compare dancing with other leisure activities, I chose to dance over and over again. I achieve more by doing it as I get more confidence and freedom which shapes me into a better person every day.


If not for dancing, I would not be where I am today. Ever since I was young, dance has been part of who I am today. Dancing is more than a sport; it is a passion. To be the greatest, you have to push yourself hard. To achieve excellent results, you have to give it your very best. There is nowhere else that I can get the indescribable feeling when I’m dancing. To see for yourself, give it a try today, and you will not regret it.