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An Introduction to the Kings of Cerros (569 words, 1 pages)
Brice HaydenSeptember 16, 1999Professor LorenzThe main focus of the 20th century, or ever before that, is that we have made most of the singular inventions of mankind. However, another more fundamental form of invention existed. If we look at the Maya as a culture without many significant advances, they had ... Read More
A Research on Female Gangs in the Californian Area (3976 words, 8 pages)
A year in the World of Female GangstersThere is no way you can neatly squeeze in a single report what female gang life posses. What I am giving is highlights and statistics staffed with local information. There is no such thing as a typical gang each possess a history that ... Read More
King Blood and the History of the Latin Kings in New York City and Chicago (684 words, 2 pages)
The Latin Kings have been a very prominent gang in New York City and Chicago since the 1940s. The gang consists of mostly Hispanic men and women. The gang started with mostly people of Puerto Rican descent but is now predominantly Mexican. The gang developed in New York and Chicago ... Read More
The Purpose of Ching-a-Lings Biker Gang in Society (546 words, 2 pages)
Sub cultures exist everywhere in the United States. These groups tend to form around certain interests or views. The Ching-a-Lings are one of these groups. The Ching-a-Lings are a biker gang that formed around the 1970s in New York. Sub cultures tend to deviate from societies cultural norms. According to ... Read More
The Causes of Gang Violence in America (2547 words, 8 pages)
Gang Violence in America Gang violence has been an issue affecting America for over a century. The subject itself has caused numerous controversies amongst the public, politicians, and even celebrities. Some feel that gang violence in America has greatly increased in recent years, while others feel gang violence has decreased. ... Read More
The Myth Surrounding the Status of Living in the Hood (1921 words, 7 pages)
Los Angeles is a place of two lands. However, the up scale almost haughty places of Hollywood and Beverly hills never seem to meet up with the inner city of Los Angeles. Interestingly, the two districts function in such disharmony that one could not exist without the other. Does beverly ... Read More
On Cities and Natural World (1526 words, 5 pages)
Cities, by definition, are places with large human populations, and they are generally also places where human-created elements (such as streets and buildings) dominate the landscape. The concept of nature refers to that which is not created by humans, so the identity of cities as epitomes of human creation seems ... Read More
A Comparison of Neoliberalism and Structural Violence (717 words, 3 pages)
There are two basic types of perspectives. One is the micro perspective which looks at the concept of agency it is the individuals ability to make their own choices in the society. Choices that arent guided by anything but their own desires need and wish fulfillment (free will). On the ... Read More
The Closeness of Modern Humans to Our Ancient Ancestors (1011 words, 4 pages)
For decades, our beliefs about the Prehistoric Era were predicated on hasty assumptions and interpretations. Thanks to modern-day technology and in-depth exploration, we have successfully debunked many of our former theories. Along with our new discoveries, our improved knowledge of the Prehistoric Era has brought controversy as well. Innovative research ... Read More
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