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A Description of How to Earn Huge in Wall Street and How the Securities Exchange Commission Supports It (1142 words, 3 pages)
The way to make the truly big bucks is on Wall Street. Very little has changed on Wall Street since the beginning, everything but a few laws. When those laws are interpreted the wrong way, or when someone breaks a law on Wall Street, the agency respoible for busting them ... Read More
A Discussion of the Goal of Governmental Financial Reporting (1612 words, 3 pages)
A major goal of governmental financial reporting is assessing financial performance, that is, how well the government is doing with the money entrusted to it. From the standpoint of making judgments about the performance of government funds and government finance, the financial reports are a good place to start. These ... Read More
An Introduction to the Analysis of Laissez-Faire Policy (389 words, 1 pages)
Laissez-faire policy has always been a fundamental principle of the federal government. Between the years of 1860 and 1900, the governments role seems to be very small. New government policies are almost nonexistent and the few policies they enforced were standard government administrations. However, toward the end of the century, ... Read More
The Many Criteria over the past Few Centuries That Measured Once's Political Clouts and Influence (1877 words, 8 pages)
"All I Know Is What I Read In The Papers" - Will RogersThere have been many criteria over the past few centuries that measuredone's political clout and influence divine right, property, money, andacquaintances. In the twentieth century, particularly the past two decades, thepolitical power to influence others resides in information ... Read More
The Problem of the Hidden Interests of Political Aspect of Government in the Modern Society (1330 words, 7 pages)
"No new taxes." This is a quote that most all of us rememberfrom the 1992 presidential election. Along with it weremember that there were new taxes during that presidentsterm in office. There are a myriad of promises made andthings done in a presidential election year that havequestionable motives as to ... Read More
The Economic Impact of the New Telecommunications Legislation (1372 words, 7 pages)
The Economic Impact of The New Telecommunications LegislationCanada has been transformed in recent years into an information based society. Nearly half of thelabour force in Canada works in occupations involving the collection and processing of information. In asociety in which information has become a commodity, communications provide a vital link ... Read More
An Introduction to the Strategies the Meiji Government Used to Achieve Economic Development (617 words, 1 pages)
The Strategies The Meiji Government Used to Achieve Economic Development? The Meiji government during the 1880's created both an institutional and constitution structure that allowed Japan in the coming decades to be a stabile and industrializing country. Two major policies and strategies that reinforced stability and economic modernization in Japan ... Read More
The British Prime Minister Gordon Brown and the Economy of Britain (408 words, 1 pages)
On Wednesday the Seventh of March, the Chancellor, Gordon Brown released his next budget. With a possible election in the near future, the content of this budget is more than likely to be good news, with cuts or freezes on most taxes, and rises on most benefits. The Chancellor will ... Read More
The Many Changes in the Process of Farming in the Europe (1942 words, 8 pages)
In the last century, there have been many changes in theprocess of farming and this has meant people having views on the countryside andthe influence of farming on the landscape and wildlife. This has meant thatfarming has changed even further, as politicians in Brussels determine howfarmers should manage the fields ... Read More
The Formula or Model of Government Spending (738 words, 3 pages)
The model,though, needs to be expanded if it is to be of any use. It currently lacks theimpact of government and foreign trade. Firstly, theimpact of government will be considered. Government spending is a form ofinvestment, and thus is incorporated into the formula as G YCIG. Personaldisposable income is the ... Read More
How Far Was Stalinism the Outcome of Leninist Political Practice? (2722 words, 3 pages)
How far was Stalinism the outcome of Leninist political practice? The political system which existed in the Soviet Union under Stalin was a system of terror. The purges of the 1930s sent millions of Russians to their deaths or to the Gulags, the population was scared of the secret police, ... Read More
The Main Features of Governmental Funds (1612 words, 3 pages)
A major goal of governmental financial reporting is assessing financial performance, that is, how well the government is doing with the money entrusted to it. From the standpoint of making judgments about the performance of government funds and government finance, the financial reports are a good place to start. These ... Read More
A Current Look at Financial and Political Risk in Japan (2007 words, 4 pages)
A Current Look at Japans Financial and Political RiskA global company faces a number of different types of risks-economic, legal, political, and competitive. The nature and severity of such risks are not the same for all countries. A global company is in a position to manage such risks effectively by ... Read More
The Importance of Encouraging Competition in Electric Power Production Industry (2173 words, 3 pages)
The roots of modern day regulation can be traced all the way back to the late 1800's and found in the form of antitrust. By the beginning of the 20th century, the U.S. government had formed the interstate Commerce Commission to regulate the railroad industry, and shortly thereafter, many other ... Read More
A Comprehensive Analysis of the Political Environment Throughout the Nations of the World (1675 words, 5 pages)
THE POLITICAL ENVIRONMENT The critical concernPolitical environment has a very important impact on every business operation no matter what its size, its area of operation. Whether the company is domestic, national, international, large or small political factors of the country it is located in will have an impact on it. ... Read More
An Analysis of the Topic of the Political Action Committees (1216 words, 3 pages)
Political Action Committees by definition are "associations of individuals who, exercising the First Amendment rights of political speech and association, advance their political andor ideological goals by pooling their resources to make contributions andor expenditures to affect the outcome of an election" (www.pacfinder.com).The fact that corporate America determines the outcomes ... Read More
The Difference Between the Platforms of George Bush and Al Gore (828 words, 2 pages)
Considered perhaps the most important concerns in any presidential candidates political platform is that which addresses economic policy and, this is certainly the case with regard to the current stance between George W. Bush and Al Gores candidacies. With Bush successfully appeasing his loyal followers and Gore effectively accommodating his, ... Read More
The European Union and the Question of Cyprus' Membership in the EU (1341 words, 4 pages)
The European Union is a union of fifteen independent states bases on the European Communities that was founded in 1993 in order to enhance political, economic and social co-operation.The 15 participating countries are the following- Austria - Germany - Holland- Belgium - Greece - Portugal- Denmark - Ireland - Spain- ... Read More
How Money Is Used, Raised and Wasted in Washington (2648 words, 3 pages)
How money is used, raised, and wasted in WashingtonAs many Federal departments and agencies lurch into an era of running without funds, the leaders of both parties of Congress are spending less and less time searching for a compromise to balance the budget, and more and more time deciding how ... Read More
The Complexity of Political Institutions Lies in the People, Laws and Political Order (800 words, 2 pages)
InstitutionsThe main idea in this essay, I believe, is how institutions can be so complex with their chain of laws, traditions, custom ideas that provide structure and order of political life. Civilization evolves and changes, and crafted by people who would mold institutions by their own ideology or philosophical view ... Read More
An Introduction to the Key to Successful Foreign Policy: The Cuban Embargo (1747 words, 7 pages)
The Cuban Embargo Punishing the Children for the Sins of the FatherThe key to understanding the foreign policy of a nation state is understanding thatstates national interest. The key to successful foreign policy is, as Henry Kissingerstated in 1998, defining an achievable objective. Thus United States policy towardsCuba fails because ... Read More
Stephen Gill's View on Civilization, Eco-Humanism and Neo-Liberalism (2624 words, 4 pages)
In an effort to dramatize his neo-Polanyian critique of neo-liberal global capitalism, Stephen Gill questions the tenability of his own term market civilization, proposing it as oxymoronic in that a market civilization qua the neo-liberal order contradicts Gill's view of civilization qua democratic eco-humanism (i.e. representation, civility, social well-being and ... Read More
An Introduction to the Negative and Positive Role of the Government in Business in Our History (429 words, 2 pages)
The government has played a role in business in our history. They have hadpositive as well as negative effects on business in America. That is what I am going to belooking at for this essay. The government has played a vital part in issues such as theexcessive power that businesses ... Read More
A Discussion of the Deregulation of the Electrical Industry (2226 words, 11 pages)
Deregulation of the Electrical IndustryThe roots of modern day regulation can be traced all the way back to thelate 1800's and found in the form of antitrust. By the beginning of the 20th century, the U.S. government had formed the interstate Commerce Commission to regulate the railroad industry, and shortly ... Read More
A Discussion on the Campaign Finance System (720 words, 3 pages)
Is the campaign finance system an important issue or just another made up problem. Well,it is an important issue and must be dealt with. Many groups have tried to set upproposals to alleviate the increase spending on campaigns. The latest shot was introducedby Senator John McCain, Republican of Arizona, and ... Read More
A History of Federalism and Poverty in the United States (1987 words, 4 pages)
Federalism and Poverty in the United StatesDonna E. StoddartPolitical Science 84-105-5Many Americans believe that the federal government is too big, both in the number of agencies it directs and in the scope of its powers. Some people also think that the daily business of Capitol Hill has no effect on ... Read More
The Development of Civil Society in Ghana, South Africa and Uganda (1662 words, 4 pages)
Since the 90s, the Western governments have increased their interest in funding civil society in Africa to promote democratization. This discussion paper examines how arange of foreign donors, including Western Governments, multilateral agencies and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) have developed civil society in Ghana, South Africa and Uganda. Other important assistance ... Read More
A Critical Analysis of the World Bank's and IMF's Influence on World's Poorest Countries (3489 words, 7 pages)
Debt repayments divert money away from basic life-saving health care in the world's poorest countries. The UN estimates that if funds were diverted back into health and education from debt repayment, the lives of seven million children a year could be saved. That is 134,000 children a week. In todays ... Read More
An Analysis of the Budgetary Process (454 words, 1 pages)
Budgetary ProcessThe federal budget runs in a fiscal year, which last from October 1 to September 30. The Office of Management and Budget first helps to create the federal budget. It is then sent to the president, the central part of the budgetary system, and he must check it, and ... Read More
A Literary Analysis of the Prince and His Discourses by Machiavelli (286 words, 1 pages)
MACHIAVELLIWhen reading and interpreting Machiavelli?s, The Prince and his Discourses, one must consider the time and motive for Machiavelli?s words. He is trying to explain how to be an effective and great leader, while trying to restore Roman ancient virtue. Machiavelli believes that one may use whatever means necessary in ... Read More
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