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How Hydrogen Peroxide Affects the Growth of Tomato Plants (2328 words, 27 pages)
For many years, farmers have been using hydrogen peroxide to increase crop yields. They suggest mixing five to sixteen ounces of 35 hydrogen peroxide with twenty gallons of water for every acre of land. Botanists suggest mixing one ounce of 3 hydrogen peroxide with a quart of water to improve ... Read More
The Use of Hydrogen Peroxide to Increase Crop Yields (467 words, 2 pages)
For many years, farmers have been using hydrogen peroxide to increase crop yields. They suggest mixing five to sixteen ounces of 35 hydrogen peroxide with twenty gallons of water for every acre of land. Botanists suggest mixing one ounce of 3 hydrogen peroxide with a quart of water to improve ... Read More
A Personal Narrative About Attending a NASA Summer Program and Incorporating it Into Math and Science Lessons (430 words, 2 pages)
I was not one of those people, which knew since they were in first grade, that they wanted to be a teacher. After twenty-five years of a career in customer service, I didnt feel challenged or mentally satisfied anymore. After I raised my son, I realized that I had become ... Read More
Why Water is Important to Life (564 words, 2 pages)
Water has many properties. Some of these properties are cohesion,adhesion, temperature, and specific heat. Also water is known as theuniversal solvent because it dissolves many things. Some substances likeoil are hydrophobic. Since water is such a universal solvent, that makes itessential to all living things. To begin, one of waters ... Read More
Marine Biology and Conservation (947 words, 5 pages)
Marine biologists have the sincere interest in the marine environment(URI FAQ 2011). Marine biology is a multi faceted science. The marine worldoffers so much to scientists researching all levels of organisms studyinggenetics cell and molecular biology (URI FAQ 2011). With all of the thingsto study, biologists also research and study ... Read More
The Risks and Benefits of Xenotransplantation (1677 words, 6 pages)
Millions of people around the world are put on the waiting list for an organ transplant. Sadly, some die before they can receive the transplant. Why are so many dying? The answer is simply because there are not enough organ donors to meet the demand. To solve this problem, xenotransplantation, ... Read More
Challenge Faced Fire Investigators: The September 11 Attack (1742 words, 6 pages)
On September 11, 2001, the United States came under attack by a foreign terrorist group named Al-Qaeda, an organization headed by a known terrorist Osama Bin Laden. Upon his orders, two high-jacked passenger airplanes descended on the World Trade Center Towers on an approach to terrorize and victimize Americans. Upon ... Read More
Formula for Success (1037 words, 4 pages)
My personal philosophy of success is to use the following threeprocesses self-motivation, self-responsibility, and self-management. Ialways try to tell people to discover self-motivation because if you arealways depending on someone else to get your responsibilities done thenwhen you are in a setting that involves you being the source of yoursuccess ... Read More
Life at Maruti Engineering (908 words, 2 pages)
Its not the company but the people working within who create the brand image an adage wisely verbalized by a visionary. After spending a half year and having confronted a department shift, the proverb is very well received by my conscience, for all, that has always mattered is people. The ... Read More
Sir Issac Newton (1929 words, 8 pages)
In July, I had the privilege of visiting our nation's capital and several of the Smithsonians. While hunting for a suitable subject for my paper, I came across a replica of Sir Isaac Newton's reflecting telescope (Explore The Universe). Immediately, I was dumbfounded by the thought that this was one ... Read More
Mapping Electrical Power across Nigeria (2212 words, 9 pages)
AbstractInfrastructure monitoring via information systems is a developing concept to allow automatic analysis of structures such as bridges and systems such as electrical power grids. The scale of these systems calls for effective and low-cost monitoring in order to provide an efficient method for discovering problems and failures. A low-cost ... Read More
Do Aliens Live among Us? (476 words, 2 pages)
When I asked my friends if they believed if we had already been visited by extraterrestrials, I was met with a different assortment of answers. About 63 agreed that we have, while 12 could not give me a straight answer, and the rest (25) did not believe so. Of those ... Read More
Genotypes in Organisms (377 words, 1 pages)
Genotype is the name given to genes. The genotype is the set of genes in an organism. They are the genes that determine the phenotype. The trait can be expressed either as homozygous dominant, homozygous recessive or heterozygous. Three possible genotypes can be formed from this, AA (homozygous dominant), Aa ... Read More
The Role of Chlorophyll in Plant Growth (688 words, 5 pages)
Introduction The genes of an offspring can be determined by the characteristics shown which are called phenotypes. Once the phenotypes have been observed then the genotypes of the offspring can then be determined. These traits or characteristics are inherited from the parent. The different genes that are given to the ... Read More
The Theoretical and Practical Genotypic and Phenotypic Ratios of the Barley Plants (1456 words, 5 pages)
Genetics is a discipline of biology of which explores the hereditary of living organisms. Hereditary is the process by which an offspring 'inherits' certain traits of its parent cell (Wikipedia, 2011). Dominant Recessive inheritance describes the manner in which recessive alleles are masked by the expressed, dominant alleles. It will ... Read More
The Biologist for the Day: An Ecologist (667 words, 3 pages)
Ecologists study interactions among organisms and between organisms andtheir physical environment. They also teach others to understand andappreciate the natural world we live in and depend on. Ecologistsprovide information about the way the world works and provide evidenceon the interdependence between the natural world and people. A betterunderstanding of ecological ... Read More
THe Life and Work of the Astronomer Joseph Locker (414 words, 3 pages)
There were many astronomers that we could choose from, and I choseJoseph Locker. I selected him because I wanted to learn more about him. Inthis research, I have learned many things about this person. He was born onMay 17, 1836, in Rugy, Warwickshire, England. He was mostly known as NormanLockyer. ... Read More
Learning about Family (1350 words, 4 pages)
Bertolt Brecht in his historical fiction, Life of Galileo, focuses in on the life, struggles and convictions of the famous 17th century scientist, Galileo Galilei. Brecht specifically uses the persecution of Galileo by the Catholic Church and the imagined discussions between Galileo and Andrea Sarti to raise questions about the ... Read More
Chaos as a Fully Licensed Logistician (436 words, 1 pages)
Chaos was a logistician, fully licensed. He was also relieved that to have just received the news that he, along with the rest of this profession, wasn't be rounded up and killed for the safety of the planet. A hundred and fifty years of careful education, detentions, massed government sponsored ... Read More
Bioengineering to Generate Healthy Skin (452 words, 1 pages)
Do you have a skin disease?Really bad dry skin? How about just a spot or patch of skin that just doesnt look like all the rest of your skin? Well I have great news for you!! Scientist may have found a way to regenerate healthy skin to replace unhealthy skin!! ... Read More
Why Evolution of Ideas Infuriates (365 words, 2 pages)
1. Richard Sternberg works in the Evolutionary Biology field. In the field of Biology biologists believe in evolution in regards to lifes origins.2. Sternbergs treatment at The National Center for Science Education does alarm me because NCSE is treating Sternberg unfairly due to his own beliefs.3. National Museum of Natural ... Read More
Overview of Different Magnets (249 words, 1 pages)
After reading the article Magnets from Mini to Mighty (Coyne)A lot of us believe that magnets or for toys and mirrors and refrigerators. This is simply not true. Magnets are used for a number of things from car motors to computers. And comes in different shapes and sizes. There are ... Read More
Embracing Diversity (271 words, 1 pages)
Yanlin always praised the lord, day and night. At the parks,schools, and the restaurants. Everyone made fun of her becauseshe prayed, didn't dress well, and couldn't speakEnglishfluently. But, many people never dared to ask her whyshe acted that way. Until she killed herself leaving a note." Today I have decided ... Read More
Nitration of Bromobenzene (843 words, 2 pages)
One method of nitrating bromobenzene involves mixing HNO3 and sulfuric acid with bromobenzene. The reaction mechanism involves protonation of nitric acid by sulfuric acid (stronger acid) and subsequent dehydration to generate nitronium ion, which is attacked by the benzene ring to form a nitrobromobenzene. Although bromine is a weak ring ... Read More
A Study on Shigellosis and Related Animal Models (2057 words, 8 pages)
Shigellosis and Related Animal ModelsKey Words shigellosis, bacterial dysentery, shigella dysenteriae, vaccination shigellosis, animal models shigellosisLindsay HolmesCited using Clinical BiochemistryLindsay Holmes16 November 2011Shigellosis and Related Animal ModelsIntroductionThroughout the world, shigellosis, or bacterial dysentery, plagues societies due to its presence in unclean drinking water and poor hygiene habits making a rather ... Read More
Advantages of Genetic Engineering (1644 words, 7 pages)
The purpose of this research is to identify the different opinions regarding the main points of genetic engineering. By identifying the four major types of genetic engineering that scientist had been alreadyinvestigated. And how these topic amount person has concluded positive effects and the concerns that regard their different opinions, ... Read More
How Hair Color Can Affect the Amount of Static Electricity It Creates (1513 words, 5 pages)
My topic is all about how hair color could affect the amount of static electricity it creates.Static electricity is very important to us because we see it, make it and pass it on. Static electricity is everything we see is made up of tiny little parts called atoms. The atoms ... Read More
Studying Biology as the key to Science (597 words, 1 pages)
STUDYING BIOLOGY AS THE KEY TO SCIENCE Everybody intends to have good results in school life and reach to success. The most important requirement in order to succeed is studying the lessons well. Every subject has an importance and can affect our lives in different ways. Biology is one of ... Read More
Brains versus Brawns: The Differences between Scientists and Engineers (2685 words, 9 pages)
On January 28, 1986 the space shuttle Challenger rested in the launch pad at the Kennedy Space Center, Florida. The crew had no idea what they were going to experience as they went over their last pre-flight checks. The countdown began and the shuttle took off. However, 73 seconds later ... Read More
What Is Genetic Engineering? (3147 words, 10 pages)
Engineering is generally thought of in terms of people working with trains, mechanical operations, or different types of construction. When one hears the word engineer, the term isusually associated with a mechanical engineer or a civil engineer. However, there is a specific type of engineering that is not directly affiliated ... Read More
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