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A Report on My Workplace, the Wright College Library (529 words, 2 pages)
Wright College library is the place where I work. It is a big library of three levels with over sixty thousands books. It also has a lot of computers and other facilities. Every day, hundreds of students come to the library for studying or to take out books. The books ... Read More
Wright College Library (523 words, 2 pages)
I work at the Wright College library. It is a big library of three levels and over sixty thousands books. It also has a lot of computers and other facilities. Every day, hundreds of students come to the library to study or to check out books. The books in the ... Read More
How Parks Library Impacts the Lives of Students (1166 words, 4 pages)
Parks Library is a place that people can go to get help in their classes, use the computer, print things off, study, and many more things. Parks Library is a place that everyone at Iowa State University will step into at one point or another along their adventure even if ... Read More
The Negative Effects in the Construction of the Three Gorges Dam (471 words, 2 pages)
While watching the video on the construction of the Three Gorges Dam I almost immediately believed that this construction was worthwhile and good. In this video they began by explaining how helpful this dam was going to be once it was built, and how it would drastically decrease or almost ... Read More
An Analysis of the Construction of the Celsus Library Ordered By Council Julius Aquila (592 words, 1 pages)
The Celsus Library The construction of the Celsus Library was ordered by Council Julius Aquila in the name of his father Julius Celsus Palemaeanus. It was built in 110 A.D. The Celsus Library is one of the most spectacular buildings in Ephesus. The tomb of Julius Celsus Palemaeanus can be ... Read More
An Observation on the Construction Project for the New ACES Library on the University of Illinois Campus (2318 words, 3 pages)
Project Description After several months of planning and design, excavation for the new ACES library on the University of Illinois campus began in May 1999. The project is sponsored and will be owned by the Board of Trustees for the University of Illinois. Six separate contractors are working together under ... Read More
The Construction of Pyramids by Ancient Egyptians (1178 words, 2 pages)
Within the hot, dry, desolate desert of Egypt west of the Nile River, lies a silent city. A city once existing during Biblical times before the years of Christ. Its' great temples hold the bodies of famous Egyptian pharaohs, queens and wealthy government officials. These temples, according to the Egyptians, ... Read More
An Introduction to the First Stage of the Design, Construction and Testing of a Balsawood Structure (2298 words, 9 pages)
Balsawood Structure Design 1. Introduction This report is the first stage of the design, construction and testing of a balsa wood structure. In April, the design will be tested against classmates designs, where the design with the highest loadweight ratio wins. The information gained from this report will be used ... Read More
The Construction of the Greek Theater (307 words, 1 pages)
Greek Theater Description The theatre of the Greeks was built on the a hill which sloped so everyone could see in the back rows. Greek Theater consists of three different parts the Orchestra, the Scene, and the main theater called Koilon. The Orchestra was the circular area, placed in front ... Read More
A Construction Observation Report: The New ACES Library of the University of Illinois (2305 words, 3 pages)
After several months of planning and design, excavation for the new ACES library on the University of Illinois campus began in May 1999. The project is sponsored and will be owned by the Board of Trustees for the University of Illinois. Six separate contractors are working together under one general ... Read More
A Description of the Differences Between Sustainable and Green Building Construction (1207 words, 5 pages)
Green building construction refers to an environmentally friendly style or design of building. These are the means of construction that tend to hinder or largely reduce the effect it may possess on the environment. There are different strategies involved in the green building construction. These strategies are applied in order ... Read More
The Significance of the Construction of Hoover Dam (2405 words, 10 pages)
The construction of Hoover Dam is considered to be one of Americas finestengineering achievements. However the dam that rose from the floor of Black Canyonwas not only a structural accomplishment, it was a proposition firmly rooted inpracticalities. The necessity of such a dam had been obvious for more than twodecades. ... Read More
The Three Major Reasons for Which People Choose to Build Tiny Houses (1242 words, 4 pages)
In recent years, green design and sustainable living communities obsessed with small residential area and tiny houses have occupied peoples attention. According to Gifford (2015), a tiny house is not a trailer home and on the top of our tiny house there are none of the materials you will find ... Read More
A Step Towards a Sustainable Future Through the Metro (883 words, 3 pages)
Transportation in Cincinnati Steps Towards a Sustainable Future Through the Metro The future sustainability of a city is impacted heavily by its transportation choices. The efficiency that people move from place to place determines whether the city will be able to meet the transportation needs of the population in the ... Read More
An Overview of Project 1060 (2517 words, 9 pages)
Project 1060We live in a transforming world. New technology and ideas are always being found, and innovations to society are helping to create a more sustainable world. In regards to sports, which seem to be a highlight of our society, I will turn to Project 1060 and how it benefits ... Read More
The Ineffectiveness of Market Mechanisms in the Allocation of Resources and Value to Environmental Issues (746 words, 3 pages)
Within the criticisms to the model development key, is usually accepted the argument about the ineffectiveness of market mechanisms in the allocation of resources and value to environmental issues. In the case of rural development. This argument is empirical evidence on the growing trends of degradation or overpressure of soils ... Read More
A Discussion on the Transitioning Into Wooden Construction Materials for Urban Planning (680 words, 3 pages)
Currently, the most common building materials used to construct commercial and residential complexes (not houses) are metals, like iron and steel, and concrete. As of 2005, the combined industries of iron, steel, and cement production accounted for 9 of the total global carbon emissions (Herzog). Today, about 50 of the ... Read More
The Importance of Using Environmentally Friendly Materials in Construction (964 words, 4 pages)
IntroductionThe use of environmentally friendly materials and design in the building and construction industry is a core goal in todays construction projects (Nayar, 2009, p.21). Consideration of environmental factors and surroundings during construction helps in ensuring that there is a peaceful coexistence of flora and fauna amid construction projects. This ... Read More
An Overview of Sustainable Construction (398 words, 3 pages)
Sustainable constructionSustainable construction is viewed as a way of building industry where it responds to implications of sustainable development. The primary objective of sustainable construction id to build buildings that are more efficient and profitable where variety of concerns are considered such as waste, pollution, quality, nuisance and satisfaction of ... Read More
A Report on Matthew Knight Arena, an Eco-Friendly Stadium (1000 words, 3 pages)
Essay 1 (The Problem)As far as eco-friendly stadiums go, Matthew Knight Arena is certainly one of the best. Clearly its no luscious paradise but for the context in which it was built Id argue those involved designed the area as well as one could expect. Minus the open field to ... Read More
Downsizing in America According to Nina Glinski (704 words, 3 pages)
Miniature LivingA tiny home, as described by Nina Glinski, is a home of 500 or fewer square feet. Darren Macca claims a tiny home to be a structure under 200 square feet (Mueller). Recently, these types of abodes have gained attention due to their ability to minimize expenses although downsizing ... Read More
An Analysis of the Second Chapter of the Book Cities of Tomorrow and First Chapter of the Book The Sage Companion to the City (1547 words, 6 pages)
Assignment OneIn this paper, I will analyze the second chapter from the book Cities of Tomorrow, The World City Hypothesis by John Friedmann, and chapter one from The Sage Companion to the City by Lily Kong. I will illustrate the main ideas and explain how these papers contribute to the ... Read More
The Technological Advancement in the Construction of Houses (364 words, 2 pages)
Advanced Houses Construction Advance in technology has significantly improved the construction ofhouses in terms of designs which have immensely rises in different forms.Numerous construction companies have advanced the mode scheme by shiftingit from normal BS codes to more economical codes. Consequently, the uses oflocally available materials are incorporated to enable ... Read More
A Report on the Disadvantages of the Proposed Cross Island Line in Singapore (1102 words, 4 pages)
The Singapores transport authority needed to construct a route cutting across the central catchment nature reserve. like all the other engineering jobs, the environmental impact assessment had to be done. On 5th February 2016, the land transport authority of Singapore released a phase one of the impact assessment for the ... Read More
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