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Published: Friday 25th of January 2013

The Value of Integrity (Essay Example)

In the contemporary business world, one of the most endeared quality is integrity. This integrity should be reflected at both the individual and corporate level. It even supersedes all professional and academic qualities that a person may have. As much as it is important, many people don’t understand it and neither do they practice it. Integrity can be defined as being honest and performing activities with consistency. It brings about the aspects of morality and ethics in both personal and professional lives. In the most simplistic terms, a person with integrity is one who is said to do the right things when no one is looking. It is the person who does what is good without being coerced. Thus, it can be seen as to why integrity is of great interest to business people. It is a trait that cuts across every person involved in a business; whether you are the janitor, the CEO, supplier or just a customer. Business relationships are founded on one thing; trust. In order for a successful business transaction to take place, there has to be some confidence that it is built and some trust that has been earned between the transacting parties. This is essential and it is the basis for which parties to a transaction ascertain that the business deal will push through and the other party will act responsibly. This applies also to an employer-employee relationship. When this relationship is based on integrity, both parties create a conducive environment that fosters personal growth and development. Employers enable their employees to pursue their initiative and attain self-actualization. This has tremendous benefit to the employees and in extension, the whole business. This, in the long run, boosts business productivity and contributes to the overall success of the business. In another sense, integrity is vital to maintaining a good business image. A business will always be on the look-out to have the best reputation. What the public perceives of them has a bearing on major parts of their operations. To illustrate: If a company has a reputation for selling sub-standard products, it will ultimately lose customers. It will prove to be difficult to retain existing customers and to attract new customers when the reputation is unpleasing. The converse is also true. When the reputation of a company is appealing, then it attracts many people as possible. When integrity underpins business dealings, it builds customer and employee relationships that last. It is the driving force of more sales. Thus, as far as reputation is considered, integrity is a catalyst that can bring businesses to the best perception. Another aspect that is greatly influenced by integrity is stability. This stability is closely tied to leadership. The people who provide this leadership in the business environment are the employers. Employees normally look up to these employers to provide the best working environment. When the employer acts in a morally upright manner, they gain confidence and become more convinced that they are in a stable environment. This is the assurance that gives the employees a sense of stability. When they know that the integrity of the business can never come into question even the hardest tide hits them, it gives real hope. When stability lacks, it ultimately reduces the productivity of employees as they would always be tensed. They would lose hope and would never picture themselves staying for the long run. All this is tied to integrity. If at all, stability is to be achieved, it should start with the leadership. When the leaders embrace it, the systems that they manage also follow suit. Without any doubt, businesses that practice integrity are bound to be successful. The linguistics that should surround any business as of now is how to increase their level of integrity. More important is how they will maintain and retain the level of integrity. To effectively do this, an individual or business has to do some vital things. First, they should define their central values. No one can live a satisfying life when there are no values. No business too can thrive when there are values to follow. And where these values are present, no one can truly adhere to them if they don’t believe in them. Hence, one should identify the key values that they believe in and would want to subscribe to in the long run. Integrity is all about making the right decisions all by yourself without being monitored. It is a mix of knowing what to do and what not to do in certain situations. It is being responsible for our own actions. Even when mistakes are made, a concession is made and corrective action is taken immediately.


Integrity cannot be imposed. It is a choice that every person makes. For the success of your company, cultivate integrity. The benefits that will accrue are much more than the possible costs. Better yet, you will live a life that is rich and meaningful.