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Adolf Hitler, A Prominent Villain (1590 words, 5 pages)
Adolf Hitler is one of the most prominent Villains in World War II. He had taken out all of the problems with his country all on one religion. Hitler did a horrifying job of trying to end a whole entire race, religion and culture. He had a way of talking ... Read More
The Roman Republic Was Built on Courage (1059 words, 4 pages)
The Roman Republic was quickly brought about in 509 BC, by the Roman people overthrowing their last king, Tarquinis Superbus. After the overthrowing, the civilians of Rome had a new journey to endure and it started organizing itself vastly. The new Roman Republic had to rebuild their culture from the ... Read More
How Did Roman Aqueducts Really Work? (692 words, 1 pages)
Ancient Roman Aqueducts An aqueduct is a water system in which water is channeled through tunnels, canals, ditches and structures guided to any place where it is needed. Ancient Rome had eleven aqueducts that were built between 312 B.C. and A.D. 226. The eleven aqueducts totaled over 260 miles in ... Read More
A Comparison on Ancient Rome and the Modern Europe (2257 words, 3 pages)
Ancient Rome, Compared With Early Modern Europe Throughout history, we have seen the rise and fall of incredible civilizations, societies and ideas. As the Romans prevailed over Europe for one thousand years (from roughly 500 BC to 500 AD), the early modern Europeans from about the 1400's to the 1800's ... Read More
Technology and Nuclear Bombs as the Downfall of Humanity in the WW II (753 words, 2 pages)
Technology is a great thing, it aids man in the exploration of the universe, and himself. But there are times when technology can be the greatest downfall of man. One such time was when the creation of the nuclear bomb. Which was to be used in the Was in efforts ... Read More
The Blood and Carnage of Gladiatorial Games in Ancient Rome (2800 words, 4 pages)
The Evolution of Gladiatorial Games throughout Roman History The Roman Civilization was a true depiction of duality the populace that was regarded as one of the most civilized in ancient history had a foundation built on blood, savagery, and slavery. The utter fascination of the Roman people with blood, carnage, ... Read More
A Paper on Romania and WWI (527 words, 1 pages)
World War I Romania World War I was said to be inevitable. For years there was controversy and quarrels between European countries. On June 28, 1914, in Sarajevo Gavrilo Princip, a young Serb belonging to the secret society of the Black Hand shot and assassinated Franz Ferdinand and his wife ... Read More
The Transformation of the Symbolism of the Temple of Athena Nike from Military Dominance and Power to Deterioration and Downfall (1152 words, 2 pages)
Intro In 479 B.C. the Athenian victory over the Persians in the battle of Plateia failed to quell fighting between the two sides. Athens began supporting Egyptian revolts, which were aimed at overthrowing the Persian rule and establishing a national dynasty. In 459 B.C. the Athenians supported the revolt of ... Read More
The Similarities between the Civilizations of Ancient Rome and Modern Day (627 words, 1 pages)
Bathing, wine, and Venus wear out the soul but are the real stuff of life. (Proverb in Sparta, A History of Private Life from Pagan Rome to Byzantium, 183) Civilizations of Ancient Rome and modern day are similar because entertainment is an important part of life. In Ancient Rome, the ... Read More
The Religion of Gods by the Romans in the Second Century BC (1626 words, 3 pages)
Introduction In the second century BC, the Romans conquered Greece and adopted lots of their culture, their myths, legends and gods. Religion was very important for Romans. It was a function of law. Religion for the Romans was not about their love for gods or of gods who loved them, ... Read More
The Traditional Heroes and Their Virtues During the Anglo-Saxon Period From 449-1066 (801 words, 1 pages)
The Anglo-Saxon period lasted from 449-1066. During this period, much emphasis was placed upon traditional heroes and their virtues. The Anglo-Saxon people admired men of courage and bravery, no matter where he hailed from. In the Anglo-Saxon epic Beowulf, the heroic traits of superhuman strength, personal courage or valor, and ... Read More
The Theme of Death of Roman Gladiators in Gladiator Battles (217 words, 1 pages)
"When a man sees his end he wants to know if there has been some purpose to his like"- Roman Gladiator How would you like it if you were a slave or a criminal and you were just offered a chance to be free? You would probably like it pretty ... Read More
An Analysis of Fashion Trends During the Ancient Greek and Roman Periods (1498 words, 2 pages)
In general, fashions from the Ancient Greek and Roman periods and before were simple, as clothing expressed practical function over stylistic form. Generally, women's garments were loose and flowing, never tight-fitting. Tunics often covered the wearer with layers of draped fabric, and were worn by both men and women. The ... Read More
The Role of Senate in Ancient Rome (1256 words, 2 pages)
In theory the Senate was a purely advisory body, but in practice it became a governing body in Rome. It was the legislature, executive and judiciary, all rolled into one. It was a permanent body with ultimate control in Rome and it governed Rome until 133 B.C., virtually unchallenged. The ... Read More
Death of Alexander the Great Left Greece in Ruins (1412 words, 3 pages)
Alexander was born in Pella, Macedonia, the son of Philip of Macedon, who was an excellent general and organizer. His mother was Olympias, princess of Epirus. She was brilliant and hot-tempered. Alexander inherited the best qualities of both his parents. But he was even more ambitious than his father. He ... Read More
An Analysis of the Theme of Religion in Ancient Greece (276 words, 1 pages)
Religion in Ancient Greece The ancient Greeks were a deeply religious people. For them, religion was important because they believed that it would make their lives better while they were living. They also worshipped many gods whom they believed appeared in human form and yet were gifted with superhuman strength ... Read More
The Origins of the Ancient Greek Drama (2000 words, 3 pages)
ORIGINS OF ANCIENT GREEK DRAMA The roots of ancient Greek theater lie in the religion of Dionysus, the god of wine, who was one of the Olympian deities honored at Athens and somewhere else in the Greek world. In myth, Dionysus' followers were satyrs, drunken half-animal, half-human creatures, and mainades, ... Read More
A Discussion of the Features of Caesar's Policy and Strategy (826 words, 2 pages)
Caesar the PoliticianCaesarRonald Syme, the author of the assigned passage, is one of the leading ancient historians of the present. He was an Oxford professor, and wrote the Roman Revolution in the late 1930s. To Syme, one-person rule was not appealing to him. He lived in a time of WWII, ... Read More
An Examination of Brutality of Roman Civilization (1064 words, 4 pages)
In many modern books written about Ancient Rome and its people, The Romansare often portrayed as brutal and unforgiving people who enjoy violence and though it isamusing to see people being injured and killed to the point of obsession. It is my goal toestablish wheather this classification is justified or ... Read More
An Examination of Roman Civilization as Sophisticated Society (785 words, 2 pages)
Rome EssaySophisticated civilizationThere are many ways in which Rome was a sophisticated society. Many civilizations and even today we use the Roman Government as a benchmark for our society.The Romans were a very clean people they had Thermae or the public baths, as we know them. They went to the ... Read More
An Analysis of the Free Time Activities in the Ancient Roman Empire and the City of Rome (1364 words, 2 pages)
of all time. The city of Rome once was home to more than one million residents in the early centuries. The Romans had a fine selection of building monuments in the city of Rome including the forums for civic services, temples of worship, and amphitheaters for recreation and play. The ... Read More
The Ways Which Led to the Rome's Fall in History (631 words, 1 pages)
A deserted street lay before me (Empty of any trace of humanity except for the darkened buildings on either side and the debris that littered the street). I stumbled through the maze of abandoned carts, toppled market stands, and the rubble that used to be parts of the city. As ... Read More
The Situation of Athens in the 5th Century BCE (946 words, 2 pages)
In the 5th century BCE Athens was thriving. At the time the Parthenon was built, in the 440s and 430s BCE on the Acropolis at Athens, Athens had more wealth and more subordinate allies than any other Greek city had ever had before. With a bit of arrogance, they decided ... Read More
The Fall of the Roman Empire (319 words, 1 pages)
The Fall Of Rome The Roman Empire was strong for a time. It was founded on geography, family values military strength, and wise leadership. It flourished because of social, economic, political, military and religious strengths. However, when the very things that make a civilization flourish start to decline, the civilization ... Read More
Types of Roman Marriage and Their Typical Wedding Ceremonies (1252 words, 2 pages)
Consideration for MarriageMarriages in matrimonium iustum (a legal union) had three requirements both partners must have coniubium, and age and consent. A valid marriage was very important because it would affect the inheritance rights of both the children produced and husband to wifewife to husband inheritance. Coniubium was the right ... Read More
An Introduction to the History of Greece (2893 words, 4 pages)
No matter what you think the ancient Greeks were not on drugs. The people of ancient Greece had an extremely intelligent society. They had sophisticated architecture and a very high level of mathematics in their culture. These areas of life dealt with real things that could be controlled. When it ... Read More
The History of the City of Rome (550 words, 1 pages)
Numitor, King of Alba, had been ousted by his brutal brother, Amulius. Amulius made sure Numitor would have no heirs by forcing Numitor's only child, his daughter, Rhea Silvia, to spend her days as a vestal virgin, serving in the temple of Venus, goddess of the hearth.Nevertheless, Rhea subsequently gave ... Read More
An Introduction to the Reasons for the Downfall of the Western Roman Empire (594 words, 1 pages)
Question What caused the fall of the Western Roman Empire?There were many reasons for the decline and fall of the Roman Empire. Each document in this essay explains a different reason. Some causes were political, economic, social, and military differences and problems. Basically, the problem was that the gap between ... Read More
The Changes in People's Feelings Towards the Government During Julius Caesar's Era (945 words, 2 pages)
The era of Julius Caesar was a time when many peoples feelings toward the government began to change. This was one of the first times in Roman history when people began to question the power of their ruler. In the play, The Tragedy of Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare, we ... Read More
The Changes That Happened During the Age of Diocletian in History (592 words, 4 pages)
History has shown us how civilizations evolve over time. Broadly interpreted, the age of Diocletian marked a decisive stage in the transition from the classical, the Greco-Roman, civilization of the ancient Roman Empire to the Christian-Germanic civilization of the early Middle Ages. Similarly interpreted, "the age of the Renaissance marked ... Read More
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